New Seller Lead Ad, Attracting VA Homebuyers & Zero Down Conventional! | Wake Up Real Estate

Welcome Back to Wake Up Real Estate!

Hey there! After a short break, the “Wake Up Real Estate” show is back. The host is excited to catch up with everyone and talks about taking a long weekend soon. They mention that a viewer named Jim is watching, which seems to make them pretty happy!

Introducing New Seller Lead Ads

Trying Out New Ad Copies

The show dives into some cool new stuff about seller lead ads. They’re testing out a new type of ad copy that seems to be working really well. It’s about helping people see what their home might be worth using a special tool on a website.

VA Homebuyer Campaign Launch

Next up, they talk about a new campaign they’re launching for VA homebuyers. This is specially designed for veterans, and they’re starting this in Texas. They plan to give more updates on how this goes next week.

Zero Down Conventional Financing

The host also mentions a program for buying homes with zero down payment. They had an information session about it yesterday and promise to share how you can find out more about this later in the show.

Fun Time: Engage and Win!

Now, here comes the fun part! The show is trying something new to get more people to watch and interact. They’re even ready to give away a $20 Starbucks gift card as a bribe! All you have to do is comment on the show, share your real estate website, and make sure you like the video and turn on notifications.

A Little Hiccup

There’s a funny moment when Ryan, who’s supposed to talk about the giveaway, freezes on the screen. But don’t worry, the other host fills in while waiting for Ryan to come back.

Showcasing the Ad Campaigns

Effective Seller Lead Offers

They share details about an ad that’s getting a lot of clicks for a good price. It’s about getting an instant home valuation, and Ryan demonstrates this with a video of him adjusting sliders to change the home price, which seems to really draw people in.

Preparing for the VA Homebuyer Campaign

Before the show ends, they give a sneak peek at the upcoming VA homebuyer ad. It’s tailored for veterans and highlights the special benefits available to them. They’re excited to see how it will perform and promise to follow up with data soon.

Wrap-Up and Call to Action

The hosts wrap up the show by reminding everyone about the giveaway. They encourage viewers to participate by sharing their real estate website, liking the video, and turning on notifications. They hint at maybe doing an even cooler giveaway tomorrow, so they urge everyone to tune in again.

Don’t forget to join the fun and maybe even win a gift card! Check out their next episode for more helpful tips and updates on real estate. See you there!

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