Online (& Offline) Retargeting- Follow Up Friday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 10/13/23

Introduction to the Show

Good morning, it’s Friday, October 13th, and welcome to “Wake Up Real Estate.” It’s a special day, not just because it’s Friday the 13th, which is a bit spooky and exciting, but because today we’re focusing on follow-ups in real estate marketing, specifically retargeting campaigns. Retargeting means reaching out again to people who have shown interest in what you have to offer.

A Nostalgic Start

The hosts start off by reminiscing about a haunted house video one of them made a decade ago. They think it would be fun to find and share it again with their audience, especially since it’s Friday the 13th.

Discussing Retargeting Strategies

Today’s main topic is about retargeting strategies in marketing. The hosts discuss how retargeting is a way to follow up with people who have already shown some interest by engaging with you in some way.

Online Retargeting

The discussion begins with online retargeting. They talk about different online tools and strategies to keep in touch with potential clients or leads. This includes setting up ads targeting people who have previously interacted with your online content, like scanning a QR code from a postcard.

Offline Retargeting

The conversation shifts to offline retargeting. They mention a sponsor, “Just Listed Just Sold,” which helps in sending postcards to potential clients, making it another method to follow up with them outside the internet.

Practical Demonstrations

One host decides to show a live example of how he retargets people. He explains setting up various ad sets in the morning and how these are already reaching people. This shows how quick and effective online retargeting can be when done properly.

Highlighting a Specific Example

The example focuses on a postcard that has been used in a campaign targeting baby boomers. They have received some responses (scans) from this campaign, and now they plan to follow up with a more direct message to those who showed interest.

Discussion on Automated Follow-Ups

They also discuss the power of automated follow-ups, like search alerts, which are emails sent to potential clients featuring real estate listings. Customizing these alerts can make them more relevant and effective.

Engaging with the Audience

They discuss changing the subject lines of emails to make them more personalized and engaging, using specific examples to illustrate how this can be beneficial in staying top of mind with potential clients.

Interactive Q&A

The hosts engage with live questions from the audience, offering a more dynamic and interactive experience. They respond to queries about various marketing strategies and discuss upcoming topics like changes in mortgage guidelines.

Preparing for Future Episodes

As the show wraps up, they tease future content about significant updates in the mortgage industry, encouraging the audience to tune in for valuable insights that could help in real estate transactions.


The show concludes with a reminder of the importance of consistent follow-up and engagement in marketing. The hosts emphasize how these strategies help maintain a connection with potential clients and keep you top of mind.

If you’re curious about how to use these marketing strategies in your own business or just want to learn more about real estate, don’t forget to tune in to the next episode!

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