Orphan Adopter Real Estate Letter Template

🏑Orphan Adopter Real Estate Direct Mail Letter TemplateπŸ“ƒ

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Introduction to the Orphan Adopter Letter Concept


Ryan’s excited to share a clever Thanks.io marketing template called the “real estate orphan adopter letter.” This concept targets homeowners who are celebrating the anniversary of their home purchase, which was handled by a different real estate agent. Ryan explains that the data for these homeowners can be found in local tax records or MLS listings.

Setting Up the Letter


Ryan demonstrates how to use a digital platform to fetch the names of homeowners who closed on their homes several years ago. He suggests selecting anniversaries like three, five, or seven years to customize the outreach.

Writing the Letter with AI Assistance


With the target homeowners identified, Ryan proceeds to write the letter. He uses an AI-powered tool to generate a draft. The AI suggests starting the letter by congratulating the homeowner on their upcoming home purchase anniversary and offering assistance in refinancing or purchasing an investment property.

Personalizing the AI-Generated Letter


However, Ryan feels the initial draft is too generic and lacks his personal touch. He pauses the video to revise the content, aiming to make it resonate more with his voice and style.

Final Touches to the Letter


After tweaking the letter, Ryan shares the revised version. He has personalized it by merging specific details like the exact date of the homeowner’s purchase, making the letter more relevant and engaging. He mentions adding a QR code at the end of the letter, allowing homeowners to easily check their current home’s value.

Strategy Behind the Orphan Adopter Letter


Ryan explains the strategic purpose behind the orphan adopter letter. The goal is to re-engage homeowners who might not have had continued contact with the agent who originally helped them purchase their home. By acknowledging their home purchase anniversary, Ryan aims to establish a new connection and offer his real estate services.

Conclusion and Call to Action


Ryan wraps up by highlighting the potential benefits of this approach, especially in areas where he has already established a market presence through advertisements or previous sales. He encourages viewers to try adapting this template for their own use to see how it enhances engagement with potential clients.

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