“Pending” (Under Contract) Postcard Template – Wake Up Real Estate!

Why Send a “Pending” Postcard?

Time Range: 0:46-1:20

Josh got the idea for the “Pending” postcards from conversations his wife had with their neighbors, revealing that two nearby homeowners were planning to sell their houses soon. This inspired him to use the postcards as a proactive step to attract these potential listings.

Creating and Sending the Postcards

Time Range: 1:21-2:15

Josh shows an example of a postcard he sent out, which features the address of the listed property now pending sale. It includes a QR code that when scanned, leads to a dashboard where neighbors can estimate the value of their own home and explore selling options without needing to register.

Details on the Postcard’s Design

Time Range: 2:16-3:00

The front of the postcard directly addresses the recipient and provides information about the pending sale. The back of the postcard invites the recipient to contact Josh if they want more details about the final sales price, which isn’t public yet, or if they have any other inquiries about the property.

Technical Aspects and Costs

Time Range: 3:01-3:45

Josh mentions using a service called PropStream to build the list of recipients for his postcards. He highlights the ease and low cost of the campaign, noting that it only took him about 15-20 minutes to set up while he was at the pool. The total cost was $147 for 184 postcards.

Tools and Resources for Effective Real Estate Marketing

Time Range: 3:46-4:30

Josh provides insights into various tools and platforms he uses for his marketing efforts, including iList for interactive dashboards and GrowWithJo for free trials on real estate tools. He encourages viewers to explore these resources to enhance their own marketing strategies.

Personal Assistance and Strategy Sessions

Time Range: 4:31-5:15

Towards the end of the video, Josh offers personal help and free strategy sessions through Wake Up Real Estate. He invites viewers to fill out a form on the website to get personalized advice tailored to their market and needs.

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