Postcards For Farming! “What’s Working Wednesday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/24/24

Introduction to “What’s Working Wednesday”

Welcome to another episode of “What’s Working Wednesday” on the Wake Up Real Estate Show! Today is January 24, and we are excited to share a special strategy involving postcards that has been very successful. These aren’t just any postcardsβ€”they are designed to help real estate agents find new listing opportunities through strategic farming rather than just blanket advertising.

Successful Strategies and Community Support

Our show is proudly supported by Nexa Mortgage, and we had a productive discussion about fixer-upper financing in our latest call. For those who missed it, you can find the replay on our website or YouTube channel, which provides valuable insights for real estate agents and potential borrowers.

Engaging with Our Audience

We started the day with a shoutout to real estate Richie, who is actively making calls and ready to learn. We share a simple yet effective tip on using social media posts to highlight local real estate markets, which can easily be adapted for different platforms.

Exploring Effective Marketing Techniques

We introduced a new campaign targeting starter homes, which has shown promising early results with a good conversion rate and cost-effective leads. This demonstrates the potential of targeted online advertising in real estate.

Diving Deeper into Digital Marketing

Today’s main topic focuses on the strategic use of postcards for real estate marketing. We discuss how postcards with QR codes can drive potential sellers to your website, offering them valuable property valuations and catching their interest with highly relevant content.

Interactive Q&A Session

We opened the floor to questions from our audience, addressing various topics from the effectiveness of Local Services ads to leveraging down payment assistance programs. These discussions highlight practical strategies that agents can implement to enhance their marketing efforts.

Postcards as a Powerful Tool

We delve into how specific postcards can be used effectively to target potential sellers in your area. By sharing examples of successful postcards, we offer viewers actionable insights into creating compelling and effective marketing materials.

Concluding Remarks and Call to Action

To wrap up, we encourage our audience to consider the techniques discussed and explore how they can be adapted to their marketing strategies. We remind everyone about the importance of growing and nurturing their client database as key to success in real estate.

Invitation to Next Episodes and Events

As we conclude today’s session, we invite our viewers to join upcoming events and mastermind sessions where we’ll continue to explore effective real estate marketing strategies. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Tech Tip Thursday!

Thanks for joining us today on “What’s Working Wednesday”! Remember, the strategies we discuss here are designed to help you grow and succeed in the competitive world of real estate. Keep exploring, learning, and applying these techniques, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need guidance or support. See you at the next show!

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