Pre-Foreclosures (What We’re Working On Wednesday?) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/31/24

Welcome and Introduction

Good morning! Today on “Wake Up Real Estate,” instead of our usual “What’s Working Now” segment, we’re switching things up a bit. Ryan will share what he’s currently exploring in the world of real estate. He’s diving into the niche of pre-foreclosures, aiming to attract listings in that area. This isn’t just about theory; it’s about putting ideas into action to see what really works. The plan is to develop this into a mini-course that we’ll share on YouTube and our website, so don’t forget to subscribe and check out the resources we’ve already posted!

Previous Episode Reminder

If you missed yesterday’s episode about texting and driving traffic, go back and watch it! There were some technical hiccups with creating a boost for a video, but those will be addressed later today. Ryan also shared some great script variations that could help you generate leads, whether you’re focusing on buyers or sellers.

Today’s Focus: Pre-Foreclosures

Ryan has teamed up with a broker in Florida to tap into the pre-foreclosure market. Using tools like PropStream, they’re pulling data to target homeowners who might be on the brink of foreclosure. The aim is to provide these homeowners with valuable resources that could help them avoid losing their homes. This includes guides on avoiding foreclosure, short sales, and even direct cash offers as potential solutions.

Building the Marketing System

The first step in targeting pre-foreclosures is to establish a solid marketing system. Ryan has mapped out a plan that includes identifying the right audience (homeowners in pre-foreclosure in Miami), creating lead magnets (like a foreclosure avoidance guide), and setting up a lead generation page to capture contact information. They’re considering various methods to drive traffic to this page, including direct mail and Facebook ads tailored to this specific audience.

Creating Content and Engaging the Audience

Once the initial setup is complete, the next phase involves engaging with the audience. This includes sending out informative emails, setting up drip campaigns, and providing ongoing value through additional guides and market reports. The focus is always on adding value and building trust, ensuring the homeowners feel supported and informed.

Long-Term Strategies and Follow-Ups

The real power of this system lies in long-term engagement. Automated follow-ups will help sift through the prospects and identify those who are most in need of help. The team plans to use a variety of communication methods, including email, text messages, and possibly even personalized videos, to maintain contact and provide continuous support.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

As the episode wraps up, Ryan and Josh remind viewers of the resources available on their website and encourage everyone to participate in upcoming events and masterminds. They emphasize the importance of feedback and community support in refining and improving their strategies.

Call to Action

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