Productivity “Tech Tip Thursday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/18/24

Introduction to the Show

Welcome to another episode of Tech Tip Thursday on the Wake Up Real Estate Show, recorded on January 18, 2024. The hosts start off with a light-hearted suggestion to “smash the bell” for notifications, humorously mentioning you could even use a prosthetic leg to do it! They introduce the topic of the day—productivity—and hint at a useful online calendar hack inspired by a Tim Ferris video, which is detailed in the video description for later viewing.

Calendar Productivity Hack Discussion

One of the hosts, Ryan, elaborates on the teased productivity hack involving Google Calendar or any online calendar. This hack, initially spotted in a Tim Ferris video, advocates for a method of scheduling tasks directly onto the calendar rather than keeping a traditional to-do list. This approach emphasizes efficient email management by blocking time for processing emails and integrating tasks directly into the calendar.

Alternative Productivity Tools and Personal Preferences

The conversation shifts to personal productivity tools. The hosts discuss their preferences for combining digital tools with traditional paper notepads. They share personal anecdotes about their journey to find the most effective productivity tools, reflecting on their experiences since 2008. The discussion is casual and relatable, comparing different strategies that might work depending on individual needs.

Sponsorship and Viewer Engagement

The show takes a moment to acknowledge sponsors, including a real estate tool called Just Listed Just Sold, and a mortgage team at Nexa Mortgage. They highlight the lively activity with home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) and other non-traditional mortgage products. The hosts also give a shout-out to viewers like Frank and Tracy, who have recently updated their YouTube channel name.

Real Estate Specific Tech Tips

Ryan introduces another tech tip related to real estate. He describes using ChatGPT to create content that explains real estate concepts, like the benefits of owning versus renting, in the style of various characters or themes, such as Winnie the Pooh, given that the day of the show happens to be Winnie the Pooh Day. This segment highlights how real estate professionals can leverage AI tools and thematic content to enhance their marketing strategies.

Productivity Discussion Continued

The hosts delve deeper into productivity strategies, discussing the benefits of time-blocking and calendar management specifically tailored for real estate tasks. They explore how handling emails and scheduling can streamline workflow, using tools like Sky Slope for managing real estate transactions directly from calendar alerts.

Personal Productivity Strategies

In a more personal discussion, the hosts share their own daily routines and how they structure their time. They emphasize the importance of having structured schedules that allow for flexibility. The hosts also touch on the psychological benefits of small daily rituals like making the bed, which they relate to maintaining a sense of order and accomplishment.

Preparing for Productivity

The conversation concludes with advice on preparing for a productive day the night before. They stress the importance of planning and having a clear agenda to maximize efficiency and minimize morning chaos, especially for those with families.

Call to Action

As the episode wraps up, the hosts encourage viewers to share their own productivity tips in the comments. They remind everyone to tune in for the next episode, where they will continue to explore practical tips for enhancing productivity in real estate and beyond.


This episode of Tech Tip Thursday not only offered insights into practical productivity hacks but also provided a platform for real estate professionals to learn and share effective strategies for managing their workflows. The blend of personal anecdotes with professional advice made the episode relatable and informative, fostering a community of learning and improvement among viewers.

Want to boost your productivity? Don’t forget to check out the resources mentioned in today’s show and share your favorite productivity tip in the comments below! Let’s grow together!

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