QR Code Scan Rates! (Mortgage, Motivation & Marketing) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/11/24

Welcome and Updates

Welcome to a new episode of the Wake Up Real Estate show! It’s Monday, so today is all about motivation, mortgages, and marketing. Ryan had to step out briefly to meet with a contractor, but he’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, we have some exciting news: our team is now officially licensed in Texas, which means we’re ready to help more people in the Lone Star State with their mortgage needs. If you’re in Texas and want to chat about mortgages or marketing, please reach out!

QR Code Scan Rates Discussion Begins

Ryan returns and they begin discussing QR code scan rates for different types of direct mail. An infographic Ryan shared on social media sparked this topic, showing how effective QR codes can be in getting potential clients’ attention and interaction. They explore the data behind the scan rates and discuss strategies for using this information to attract more clients.

Sharing Mortgage Market Insights

It’s Mortgage Monday, and Ryan shares insights from the mortgage market, including recent data from the Mortgage News Daily and the CME Group FedWatch Tool. He highlights that current interest rates are stable and provides tips on how to use this information to inform clients and look knowledgeable about future rate changes. This segment is rich with advice for those waiting for rate changes and looking for good deals in the current market.

Motivation and Lifestyle Tips

Before diving deeper into marketing strategies, there’s a motivational moment. Ryan and the host discuss the importance of winning the day, sharing personal stories and simple daily goals like doing push-ups or making your bed. They emphasize the value of surrounding yourself with positive influences and avoiding negativity.

Detailed Discussion on Direct Mail QR Code Scan Rates

The conversation shifts back to QR code scan rates. Ryan explains the differences in scan rates among various direct mail formats, such as postcards and letters, and what factors might influence these rates. They debate the effectiveness of different sizes of postcards and the clarity of their messages. This detailed analysis provides listeners with a deeper understanding of how to tailor their direct mail campaigns for better results.

Exploring Advanced Marketing Tactics

They also discuss more advanced marketing tactics, such as using personalized QR codes and integrating them with specific marketing tools to track engagement and conversions. This part of the show is packed with technical advice on enhancing direct mail strategies and using data to refine marketing efforts.

Conclusion and Future Plans

The episode wraps up with plans for upcoming sessions, including a focus on specific marketing offers that have proven effective. The hosts encourage listeners to tune in for future episodes to learn more about leveraging marketing tools and strategies to enhance their real estate businesses.

Call to Action

Don’t forget to check out our next episode for more insights and tips on real estate marketing and mortgage management. Stay motivated, and let’s make today a winning day together!

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