Quick Chat Text & Email Script (Texting Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 12/12/23

Quick Chat Text & Email Script (Texting Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 12/12/23


Good morning! Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate on Tuesday, December 12. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away. Today, Ryan is wearing a mix of Wake Up Real Estate merch and a New York Giants jersey. He was telling me how he and Charlie treated the game like a playoff. It’s been a while since the Eagles were on a losing streak and the Giants were on a winning streak, so this was necessary today.

Football Talk

Giants vs. Eagles

I love the Eagles, but I can’t imagine what the sports radio in Philadelphia sounds like this week. The best part of the Giants game last night was Tommy DeVito’s agent, who looked like a character from The Sopranos. If you have any football comments, share them below, and then we’ll get to business.

Social Post and Script

Ryan’s Social Post

Ryan shared a social post with a video about buying your first rental property from Bigger Pockets. The call to action is to visit his landing page for lists of local investor properties. It’s a trusted source and an easy way to provide valuable content without creating your own.

Housekeeping Items

We talked about the 5-day HELOC yesterday and are doing a deeper dive info session today at 1 PM Eastern. If you miss the live session, you can watch it on-demand at HELOCclass.com. We’ll discuss why real estate agents should care about this and how it can help with mortgage revenue streams in 2024.

The Quick Chat Script

Introduction to the Script

We have a script that we’ve recycled because it works well. Mike and I loaded this script into our mortgage CRM to drip out texts throughout the day. It resulted in a bunch of appointments and several applications. Revisiting successful scripts every 30, 60, or 90 days is a good strategy.

Script Variations

The template is simple: “Morning [Name], would you be open and available for a quick chat with one of our zero down Specialists? Let me know. Thanks.” This works for texts and emails, with slight adjustments. For example, you could offer a quick chat about new construction homes or any other topic relevant to your leads.

Email Subject Lines

When sending this script via email, use subject lines like “Quick Chat?” or “Good News” to increase open rates. You can also personalize it with the recipient’s name for a more engaging touch.

Using the Script in Different Formats

This script is versatile and can be used in automated campaigns, retargeting ads, and even sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger. It’s a great way to initiate conversations and engage with potential clients.

Additional Tips and Ideas

Retargeting Ads

Using the quick chat script as a retargeting ad can be effective. For instance, “Hey [Name], would you be open and available for a quick chat about the current value of your home?” This works well after the holidays when people are more available to discuss their real estate needs.

Housekeeping for the Week

We’re live this week, but there won’t be any live shows next week or the following. We’ll be back on January 2nd for the first Texting Tuesday of 2024. Today at 1 PM, we have the 5-day HELOC deep dive. Tomorrow, Elliot Thomasi from Zilio will join us for a Mastermind session. Ryan might cover Facebook group ads for Tech Tip Thursday.


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Call to Action

Join us for the HELOC class today at 1 PM Eastern at HELOCclass.com. If you can’t make it live, the on-demand version will be available immediately afterward. See you tomorrow morning or this afternoon!

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