Quick Question About Old Real Estate Leads


Once upon a time, in the busy world of real estate, a great agent named Waverly Roberts from Maryland had a question. Waverly worked with an expert team for many years and needed some advice about old leads. Now, let’s dive into the story and see what happened!

Waverly’s Question

Finding Old Leads

Waverly was going through some old leads, which are like old phone numbers and emails of people who showed interest in buying or selling homes a long time ago. She wondered what to do with the information if the people already own a home and aren’t interested in selling, buying, or investing anymore.

What to Do with the Information

Waverly asked if she should keep their name, email, and phone number to market to them later, or just delete them since they aren’t past clients or part of her SOI (Sphere of Influence). This was a tricky question, but luckily, she got some great advice!

The Expert Advice

Getting Permission

The expert team advised Waverly to get permission from these people to stay in touch with them. It’s always important to ask nicely! They suggested saying something like, “Would it be okay if we keep you updated on the value of your home and what’s going on in the market here in [your area]?”

Adding Them to Reports

If the people said yes, Waverly could add them to a listing valuation report, which tells them how much their home is worth. She could use tools like KB Core or iList for this. It’s like giving them a special report card for their house!

Market Updates

Waverly could also add them to a market update list, which tells them what’s happening in the real estate market. This helps people stay informed about changes in their area. Again, tools like KB Core could help with this.

Weekly Email Newsletter

If the people gave permission, Waverly could even include them in her weekly email newsletter. This is like a fun letter she sends out every week with all the latest news and tips about homes and real estate.


So, in the end, the expert team helped Waverly figure out what to do with her old leads. She learned that by getting permission and using helpful tools, she could stay in touch with these people and keep them informed about the real estate market. It’s always good to stay connected and provide valuable information!

Call to Action

Hey kids, if you ever have a question, don’t be afraid to ask for help, just like Waverly did. And remember, staying connected with people is always a good idea. If you know someone who’s curious about homes, tell them to ask an expert!

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