“Ready To Get Started” Text & Email Script (Texting & Traffic Tuesday) | Wake Up Real Estate 2/27/24

Introduction to the Wake Up Real Estate Show

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another episode of Wake Up Real Estate. Today is Texting and Traffic Tuesday. The host starts the day by sharing that they have several text and email scripts ready for the audience to use. These scripts are available for free on their website, and they’ve been sharing these helpful resources for months now.

Special Mention of Ryan

The host mentions Ryan, who is busy working in a settlement room today. Ryan has dressed up nicely for the occasion, and there’s a light-hearted moment where the host teases him about getting dressed up for the session.

Discussing Marketing Strategies

The conversation shifts to marketing strategies. Ryan has posted a social media post, which they try to display during the live session. The host discusses a new series of home seller Q&A they plan to start, which will build up a library of frequently asked questions for home sellers. This is the 23rd Q&A in the series, and they humorously mention how numbering the series can create intrigue as people might wonder where the previous ones are.

Using Tools for Content Creation

Ryan explains that he used ChatGPT to generate some content for his Q&A post and then used Canva to create an image for it. This image is used repeatedly in the series by changing the title for different posts. They believe this series will be a useful resource and plan to continue it for a few weeks.

Upcoming Sessions and Resources

The host tees up an upcoming session with Jordan, set to take place at 1 PM Eastern. They encourage viewers to join live if possible, as there will be an opportunity to ask questions directly. However, if they can’t join live, they can watch it on-demand later using the provided link.

Resource Availability

They also discuss the availability of resources on the Wake Up Real Estate website and their YouTube channel, where viewers can find a playlist of all the mortgage mastermind sessions. This is highlighted as a valuable resource, especially for understanding financing, which can help real estate professionals close more deals.

Discussion on Text and Email Scripts

The host then displays some text and email scripts that viewers can use to engage potential clients. These scripts are designed to identify and engage those who are most motivated and ready to proceed in the home buying or selling process. There are variations of the script to address different scenarios, like starting the home buying or pre-approval process.

Optimizing Communication Strategies

There’s a brief discussion on how to avoid messages getting flagged by carriers, suggesting “pre-approval” as a safer term to use instead of “mortgage.” This part of the discussion highlights the practical tips they provide to help real estate professionals communicate more effectively without running into technical issues.

Abstract Marketing Strategies

The conversation takes a more theoretical turn as they discuss abstract marketing strategies using Facebook and Instagram ads. They talk about consolidating different campaigns into one for simplicity and efficiency. This approach is still being tested, but initial results are promising.

Final Thoughts and Upcoming Plans

They conclude the session by previewing upcoming topics, including Google Local Services ads and how to optimize a Google Business listing. Additionally, there’s a personal note about the host’s son going on an official visit for baseball, showing a lighter, more personal side to the session.


Today’s episode of Wake Up Real Estate was packed with practical tips, ranging from how to use social media effectively to specific strategies for text and email communication. They’ve also shared valuable resources available on their website and discussed upcoming sessions that viewers can look forward to.

Call to Action

Don’t forget to check out the scripts we shared today and join us for the upcoming live sessions. Whether you’re tuning in live or catching up later, there’s always something new to learn that can help you in your real estate journey. Keep engaging and implementing these strategies, and let’s make the most of our real estate opportunities together!

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