Ready To Get Started (Text / Email Script) Traffic & Texting Tuesday | Wake Up Real Estate 2/6/24


Good morning everyone! Today is Tuesday, February 6th, and you’re watching “Wake Up Real Estate: Texting and Traffic Tuesday.” We’re a little late starting because Ryan was working hard on a social media post. Today, we have a lot of text scripts to share that you can use in your work. Whether you’re listening to us on your favorite podcast platform or watching on YouTube, we’d really appreciate it if you could leave us a review or subscribe to our channel. Oh, and don’t forget to hit the like button!

Sponsorships and Promotions

Our show today is sponsored by a direct mail service for real estate and other businesses, showcasing some interesting examples that Ryan will share. We’re also proudly supported by our mortgage team at Nexa Mortgage. They’ve been really busy helping people with mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and pre-approvals. It’s a bustling time, and Cozette, from our team, is managing multiple clients who are ready to buy homes.

Keep Your Spirits High

Despite what the news or other real estate professionals might say, the market is still active. There’s demand out there, so don’t get discouraged!

Engagement Strategies on Social Media

We discuss a really simple yet effective strategy for social media engagement. It involves posting an image asking your followers to choose between two options, like two different kitchen styles. This not only boosts engagement but also helps your other posts get more visibility. Ryan demonstrates how to create these posts quickly using a tool called Canva, selecting images from its library.

Boosting Personal Profiles

Speaking of social media, Ryan shares a new feature he noticed on Facebook where you can boost your personal profile to increase engagement. This is something you might want to try out, and we hope LinkedIn offers something similar soon. Boosting posts on LinkedIn is available but tends to be more expensive compared to Facebook.

Today’s Main Content: Text and Email Scripts

We dive into the main topic of today’s showβ€”text and email scripts that you can use right away. We review several scripts designed to engage potential clients, asking if they’re ready to start the home buying or selling process. There are different variations of these scripts, and we encourage tweaking them to fit your style.

Utilizing Direct Mail and Online Tools

We also talk about the effectiveness of direct mail in today’s digital age and how you can integrate online tools into your strategy. Ryan shows off some resources on the “Wake Up Real Estate” website, where viewers can find scripts and templates for their own use.

Viewer Interactions and Questions

We take some time to answer questions from our viewers. Topics range from financing mobile homes to the best times to post on LinkedIn for maximum engagement. We also discuss the ‘Buy Before You Sell’ program, providing insights on states where it’s available and alternatives like bridge loans.

Wrapping Up with Future Plans

Before we end, we talk about what’s coming up in future episodes and some additional resources that will be available on our website. We also hint at a forthcoming session on business funding options, which could be particularly useful for viewers looking to expand their businesses or start new ventures.


Thanks for joining us on this episode of “Wake Up Real Estate.” We hope you found the information useful, especially the text and email scripts that can help you engage more effectively with your clients. Don’t forget to check out our website for more resources, and we look forward to seeing you in our next session!

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