Real Estate Friday Follow Up Template | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/5/24

Introduction to Follow-Up Friday

Good morning everyone! Welcome to our first Follow-Up Friday of the new year. Today’s show is sponsored by the tasty Mountain Trail Mix from Great Value. Big thanks to Mike for the Christmas gift. Although it doesn’t directly support the show, it sure gives me a bit more energy to share some cool stuff with you all!

Today’s Agenda

We have some interesting things lined up for today:

  • Social Media Post of the Day
  • Weekly Email Newsletter Highlight
  • A Quick Email Script That Worked Wonders

Social Media Updates

Let’s dive into the social media updates first. I’ve been busy linking up things and stumbled upon a great email script. Although today, I’ll focus more on a simple yet effective open house post. I’ve tried to make it engaging by tying it into the football weekend. Remember, posting about open houses regularly is a good strategy as the listings change, giving you fresh content to share.

Email Insights

Moving on to emails, I want to share a follow-up script that has shown great results. It’s a simple but beautiful way to reconnect with your contacts. And if you’re not already subscribed to our channel, please do and check out our website for more resources.

Interactive Content Ideas

I also created a unique Facebook post this morning. It involves a simple text image that I made to look native to Facebook. It’s designed to help people with VA or FHA loans save money. I’ve already boosted this post, and it’s starting to get traction.

Community Interaction and Content Sharing

It’s important to engage with your community online. For instance, sharing posts that encourage your friends to tag others can increase visibility and help more people. Also, consider boosting posts on your personal profile for wider reach.

Email Marketing Tactics

Email marketing can be really effective. For example, a well-crafted email sent to someone who revisited your site can reignite their interest in your services. Also, keeping an eye on your activity dashboard helps you personalize follow-ups, which can be more engaging than automated messages.

Video Content Creation

Lastly, let’s talk about creating content. Next Wednesday, during our Mastermind session, I’ll share different ways to create short video content. Whether it’s using a green screen or simple live recordings, these tips will help you produce engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Bonus: Upcoming Training Sessions

Don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming training sessions where I’ll dive deeper into content creation strategies. It’s a great opportunity to learn and apply these techniques to your own business.


That’s a wrap for today’s Follow-Up Friday! We discussed a lot of useful strategies to improve your real estate and online marketing efforts. Remember, consistent follow-up and engaging content are key to staying top of mind with your clients and prospects.

Don’t miss out on our next session for more insights and tips. Subscribe to our channel and join our community to keep learning and growing. Have a great weekend, and stay safe, especially those in the Northeast expecting snow!

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