Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update 5/5/23

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Today’s Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update is special because it’s Cinco de Mayo! We’re going to talk about some fun and easy ways to help you sell houses faster and get more people interested in what you’re doing.

Social Post of the Day

Open Houses Near Water

The big idea today is to tell everyone about open houses near water, like lakes or rivers. You could do this any day of the week, but today’s a good day to start. It’s super easy and only takes two minutes! Just find the houses, take a picture, and share it on Facebook. This helps you stay in the minds of many people and doesn’t cost anything.

Mortgage Rates Update

Today, the rate for borrowing money to buy a house for 30 years is 6.45%. If you want to borrow for 15 years, it’s a little less than 6%. These rates change every day, so it’s good to keep up with them!

Featured Mortgage Program

Independent Contractor Program

Josh made a video about a special program for people who work for themselves. This is great if you don’t fit into the usual way of getting a loan. You can find more about this on the Wake Up Real Estate website.

Tools to Use

Open House Flyer Tool

There’s a tool that helps make flyers for open houses. It might not look pretty—it’s called the “ugly open house flyer tool,” but it works! It uses QR codes that lead people to more info, and it helps you get more leads without having to ask everyone who comes in to sign up.

What’s Working Now

Waterfront Renovation Walkthrough

We had a webinar yesterday where we talked about fixing up houses near the water. This is part of a bigger project to make special systems just for selling these kinds of houses. If you’re interested in joining, you can check out the co-marketing program. It’s free, but not everyone can join.

Daily Motivation

Even though updating you every day can be tough, remember, it’s important to keep going! If you’re feeling stuck, just keep trying new things and stay positive. This is a great business to be in, and you’ll be happy you didn’t give up.


That’s all for today’s update! Remember, if you keep trying and use these tips, you’ll see great results. Make it a great real estate day!

Want to learn more cool tips? Check back every day for new ideas and updates to help you succeed in real estate!


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