Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update – Deal Life Support – Wake Up Real Estate 5/15/23


Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate! It’s a beautiful Monday morning, May 15th, the day after Mother’s Day. Ryan and I are live again. Good morning to everyone joining us, including Mike Smith and Mark Webster. We have some exciting topics to discuss today!

Social Post of the Day

Neighborhood Page Feature

Ryan shared a social post of the day featuring a neighborhood page from his KV Core website. These pages can pull in all the listings, stats, and other details about any neighborhood. It’s a great way to create interesting content. Ryan’s post highlighted South Pasadena, inviting people to check out the listings and stats, and to comment if they live there.

Weekend Activities

Open House

Ryan had an open house in his neighborhood on Saturday from 10 AM to 1 PM. It was quiet from 10 to 11, but got very busy from 11 to 1. He even had a last-minute showing on Sunday afternoon. Ryan mentioned that they have five offers on the house and are expecting more, with the deadline being today at noon.

Nextdoor Event Promotion

Ryan shared a tech tip about using Nextdoor to promote open houses. He created an event for the open house and got a notification to invite neighbors. This free advertising brought extra exposure. Ryan recommended using Nextdoor for other events like new listings or first-time buyer events.

Tech Tips and Social Media Strategies

Posting on Nextdoor

Ryan and Mike discussed the benefits and limitations of using Nextdoor. While paid ads may not always be worth it, posting events for free can still provide valuable exposure. Ryan shared his experiences with using the platform and encouraged others to do the same.

Daily Posts on Social Media

Ryan mentioned that he posts daily on social media and shared some tips. He suggested making a meme around a popular script from last week and using Canva to create templates. He also talked about a real estate seller lead template that works well.

Using TikTok for Real Estate

Ernest Enriquez shared his success with using TikTok to gain traction with home buying humor videos and daily market updates. Ryan and Josh discussed the benefits of short-form video content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Mortgage Market Update

Current Mortgage Rates

The current mortgage rates are in the mid-6.5% range for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. This is not too high compared to historical rates. They also discussed how changes in medical debt reporting can positively affect credit scores, potentially helping more people qualify for loans.

Real Estate Life Support

Ryan introduced a new concept called Real Estate Life Support, a resource on Wake Up Real Estate for agents needing help with mortgage issues or generating leads. This service aims to provide quick support and solutions for real estate professionals.

Wrap-Up and Call to Action

Dead Lead Boot Camp

The Dead Lead Boot Camp starts today at 1 PM Eastern. This event will help agents learn how to revive dead leads and turn them into active clients. Ryan and Josh encouraged everyone to sign up and participate.

Final Thoughts

Ryan and Josh wrapped up the show by reminding viewers to create a free account on Wake Up Real Estate, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and join the Facebook group. They also encouraged everyone to try the social post of the day challenge by picking a neighborhood and posting about it.

Watch Our Funny Video

As a fun way to end the show, Ryan shared a funny video to motivate the team, which also tied back to the theme of having a case of the Mondays. It was a light-hearted conclusion to a value-packed session.

Stay Tuned for More

Join us tomorrow for Texting Tuesday, where we will share more valuable content and strategies to help you succeed in real estate. If you need any assistance, use the widget on the Wake Up Real Estate website.


Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Wake Up Real Estate! Remember to stay active on social media, utilize the tools and tips shared, and keep pushing forward with your real estate marketing efforts.

Call to Action

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