Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update For 5/9/23 (brought to you by WakeUp.RealEstate)


Welcome to the real estate marketing and strategy update for Tuesday, May 9th. This update is brought to you by Wake Up Real Estate. Today, we’re going to talk about a simple but effective strategy for engaging potential homebuyers.

Texting Tuesday

The Text Script

For today’s Texting Tuesday, we’re using a very straightforward text script: “Hey [First Name], what’s the one thing stopping you from buying your dream home right now?” This simple question is designed to start a conversation and find out what’s on people’s minds when it comes to buying a home.


Behind me, you can see a scrolling list of replies we’ve received from people. They are sharing all kinds of personal information, like pictures and credit scores. I’ve got it scrolling fast to protect their privacy, but it’s clear that this script is getting people to open up and share their thoughts.

Creating Conversations and Appointments

If you want to use this script for yourself, just go to, create a free account, and find it under the swipeables tab. Using this script can help you start conversations and set up appointments. In fact, we’ve already scheduled several appointments within just an hour of sending out this text!


Thank you for checking out today’s show. We hope you find this strategy useful in your own real estate marketing efforts. Remember, a simple question can go a long way in starting meaningful conversations with potential homebuyers.

Call to Action

If you haven’t yet, go to and create your free account. Check out the swipeables tab for more helpful scripts and start engaging with your clients today!

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