Real Estate Seller Report Direct Mail Follow Up Friday | Wake Up Real Estate 12/8/23

Real Estate Seller Report Direct Mail Follow Up Friday | Wake Up Real Estate 12/8/23


Happy Friday morning! Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate. Fridays are for follow-up, and today we’re going to talk about how you can use direct mail to send out great content, like PDF reports, to get more listings. We want to help you fill your pipeline with potential listings for the spring and summer.

Ryan’s Social Post of the Day

Ryan shared an interesting social post of the day about how sports betting is affecting the housing market. Young people are spending so much time betting on sports that they aren’t dating or starting families, which means they aren’t buying houses. It’s a funny and surprising video that you should check out on CNBC’s real estate page. It shows how wild and sensational some content can be these days.

Deep Dive Demo with Listings to Leads

This week, we did a deep dive demo with Listings to Leads. On Wednesday, we had a session with Scott Pierce where he showed us a listing presentation, a pre-listing packet, and a 100-point marketing plan that you can start using immediately. You can check out these sessions on our YouTube channel, Wake Up Real Estate.

Using the Pre-Listing Packet

One idea we discussed was sending out a four-page branded pre-listing packet to seller leads. This could replace the initial mail piece we’re currently sending. We brainstormed whether to send this packet alongside the reports or as a separate piece. The goal is to provide more information and options to potential sellers.

Creating and Sending the Packet

With Thanks.io, you can send not just postcards and note cards, but also letters and up to 10-page PDFs. Ryan demonstrated how to create a message template, write your script, and attach the pre-listing packet. It’s important to rewrite any AI-generated text to make it sound natural and like something you would say.

How to Get the Pre-Listing Packet

To get the pre-listing packet, you need a free trial with Listings to Leads. Once you set up your profile, you can download the pre-listing packet and upload it to Thanks.io. This packet includes your photo, logo, contact information, and teaser content. It also has QR codes for additional resources.

Additional Uses for the Packet

The pre-listing packet can also be used for cold prospecting, like sending it to absentee owners. It’s a great way to pre-sell yourself and make a strong impression. Thanks.io also offers other guides you can send, such as “The Five Dangers of Overpricing” and “The 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home.”

Planning Ahead

Next week, we will be live, but we will have a two-week hiatus during the holidays. We’ll be back on January 2nd for Texting Tuesday. If you want to join us or have a recommendation for a guest on What’s Working Wednesday or Tech Tip Thursday, let us know. We love having guests on the show!

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We hope you have a great weekend! If you’re working today or this weekend and need help with a quick pre-approval or exploring creative options, you can text or call 888-403-MORT. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

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