Real Marketing Podcast With Josh Schoenly and Cameron Evans

Introduction and Background

Josh’s Journey from Teaching to Real Estate

Josh begins by sharing his initial career as a health and physical education teacher, which he thought would be his lifelong profession. However, life had different plans. After having his first child, Josh left teaching and entered the real estate world. His interest in real estate sparked when he and his wife, still early in their careers with modest incomes, managed to buy a house and profit from it significantly by doing minor upgrades. This success prompted Josh to delve deeper into real estate investment.

Transition to Real Estate

First Steps and Early Success

Josh explains his transition into real estate, starting with his first home purchase which turned out to be a profitable investment thanks to some basic renovations. This experience showed him the financial potential outside of teaching. He continued with real estate, buying and selling homes and gradually moving towards real estate investment as his primary business.

Learning and Growth in Real Estate

As Josh’s family thought of expanding, he decided to move back to his wife’s hometown, where they continued investing in real estate. His career took a significant turn as he began focusing not only on buying properties but also on understanding market dynamics and investment strategies, greatly influenced by real estate gurus like Russ Whitney and Robert Kiyosaki.

The Shift to Real Estate Marketing

Discovering a Passion for Marketing

Josh found his true calling within the real estate sector—marketing. He realized that while he was good at real estate investment, he was even better at marketing. This revelation came about as he experimented with different strategies to attract clients, especially through online platforms like Craigslist, which was less regulated back then.

Expanding His Marketing Techniques

He discusses how he started generating leads by offering valuable information, such as lists of foreclosed homes. This approach not only filled his teaching void by educating others but also significantly amplified his income, highlighting the limitations that his teaching salary once imposed.

Current Endeavors and Future Aspirations

Building a Team and Sharing Knowledge

Today, Josh leads a small but efficient team in Central PA and also manages a mortgage team operating in over 20 states. He emphasizes the importance of not relying solely on past clients but rather continuously seeking new opportunities and maintaining a robust marketing strategy.

Impact of Teaching on His Current Role

Josh draws a parallel between his past teaching career and his current role. He finds joy in coaching and teaching, not just in the realm of sports with his children but also in real estate marketing. The fulfillment he gets from helping others succeed in real estate, understanding marketing strategies, and implementing them effectively is profound.

Conclusion: The Everlasting Impact of Fundamental Skills

The conversation wraps up with Josh reflecting on the importance of mastering fundamental skills, whether in sports or in marketing. Just like a sports coach emphasizes basic skills, Josh highlights the consistency in marketing fundamentals over the years, despite changing platforms and technologies.

If you found this podcast summary helpful and are curious about more stories or tips on real estate and marketing, consider exploring other episodes or reaching out for more personalized advice.

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