Reels For Real Estate Leads! (What’s Working Wednesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 3/27/24

Introduction to the Show

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to “Wake Up Real Estate.” This is where Josh and Ryan hang out every morning at 10 AM. Today is Wednesday, March 27th, and itโ€™s special because it’s “What’s Working Wednesday!” We’re going to talk about how using short videos, like Reels on Instagram, can help real estate agents find new people who might want to buy homes. Itโ€™s not just kids who watch these videos; adults do too!

Using Reels for Real Estate

The Power of Short Videos

Did you know? You can post these tiny videos not only on Instagram and Facebook but also on TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. This is great because lots of different people can see them, and it helps real estate agents get noticed by more people.

Debunking Myths

Josh chats about how some folks think only kids watch these videos. But nope, that’s not true! Even grown-ups like to watch, and they often send messages or leave comments on the videos. This shows they are interested!

Today’s Special Examples

Sharing Success Stories

Today, Josh and Ryan are going to share some stories about how these videos have helped them connect with people. They also remind everyone watching to like and subscribe to their channel so they won’t miss other cool videos.

New Audience Participation

They also have some new viewers from a Facebook group about real estate. They’re testing to see if those new friends are watching. So, if you are, say hi in the comments!

Creating Effective Reels

Learning the Tools

Ryan talks about trying to make a Reel and finding it a bit tricky at first. But with some practice and good tips from Josh, like making videos directly in Facebook, it gets easier.

Using Cool Apps

Josh mentions using the Google Earth app on his phone to make his videos more interesting by zooming into places like swimming pools in homes. They think using tools like this can make their videos stand out and grab more attention.

Boosting Engagement

Driving More Views

They discuss ways to make these videos reach even more people, like using some money to promote them or “boost” them, which helps even more people see them.

Real Examples in Action

Josh shares a specific video he made to show homes in a particular area. He explains how he talks in the video to make people interested and how he gives them easy ways to get more information by visiting a website or sending a message.

Q&A Session

The show wraps up with Josh and Ryan answering questions from the audience. They talk about everything from how much money to spend on promoting videos to how to make videos that teach people interesting things about buying homes.


Wow, we learned a lot today about how short videos can help real estate agents find new friends and help people learn about homes! Josh and Ryan shared lots of tips and tricks, and they even answered lots of questions from viewers like you.

Call to Action

If you found this show helpful and want to learn more about buying or selling a home, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to the “Wake Up Real Estate” show. See you next time!

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