Reels Style Video Ads (on FB &IG) “What’s Working Wednesday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/7/24


Today on “What’s Working Wednesday,” we’re at the Wake Up Real Estate show. The host starts by sharing a personal success story of receiving a referral from an agent in South Carolina, emphasizing the power of referrals in real estate.

The Power of Facebook Boosts

The host discusses how using Facebook boosts on personal profiles can help real estate agents remind their network about their services and areas they cover, potentially leading to more referrals.

Sponsorship and Affiliate Links

We then hear about the show’s sponsors, including a humorous mention of an affiliate link and Walmart’s omega-3 Great Value trail mix. The host playfully invites Walmart to sponsor the show, highlighting the health benefits of omega-3.

Exploring Real Style Ads

The focus shifts to real style ads that the host finds effective. Before diving into the specifics, the host checks a social post of the day, which humorously involves a big house, linking to listings in Florida.

Engaging Through Curated Lists

The host talks about creating targeted lists for potential buyers, like homes with pools or larger properties, and how these can be powerful tools for attracting clients.

Using Facebook for Promotion

Discussion continues about the versatility of Facebook for boosting posts, both from personal and professional pages. The host shares insights on how professional mode enhances the reach beyond traditional limits.

Improving Social Media Images

The host critiques a social media post, suggesting it could better convey the message with an image of a big house to match the text, emphasizing the impact of visuals in social media marketing.

Delving into Real Estate Marketing

The main topic of the show is explored further as the host plans to share specific strategies and examples of real style video ads that have been successful in the real estate and mortgage sectors.

Effective Short Form Videos

The host explains the process of creating engaging short form video content, like Reels or TikToks, and how these can be effectively turned into ads to amplify their reach and impact.

Strategic Advertising Insights

The host shares three examples of ads he’s currently running, discussing the strategic elements that make them effective, such as addressing the viewer directly and offering clear calls to action.

The Ingredients of Successful Ads

Detailed explanation is given about the components that contribute to a successful ad, including engaging content, multiple engagement pathways, and strategic use of lead ads.


The show wraps up with a Q&A session where the host answers questions about editing tools, dual licensing benefits, and strategies for targeting specific geographic areas through Facebook ads.

Call to Action

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