REI Convo Starting Text Script “Texting Tuesday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/9/24

Welcome and Introduction

Hi there! Today is Tuesday, which means it’s “Texting Tuesday” on the Wake Up Real Estate Show. The host is back and ready to dive into today’s topic even though it’s a chilly morning. Unlike the sunny skies in Florida where Ryan, a regular guest, is from, it’s a bit cold where the show is taking place.

Brainstorming Session

Today’s Focus: Real Estate Text Scripts

The show starts with a brainstorming session about text scripts. These are special messages you can send to people to find out if they are interested in investing in real estate. The host and Ryan want to make these scripts really good so they can help people start conversations about real estate investments.

Engaging the Audience

They’re hoping to get lots of ideas and comments from people watching the show. It’s all about sharing and learning from each other.

Social Media and Video Tools

Using Canva for Real Estate Promotions

The host shares how he used Canva, a tool for making videos and images, to create a quick promotional video. He just picked a template, changed some text, and boom—a new video was ready! This video can help people thinking about buying their first house in 2024.

Collaborating with Partners

The video could be used alone or with a lender partner to reach more people. It also ties into different themes for the day, like buying your first investment property.

Mastermind and Content Creation

Preview of Tomorrow’s Mastermind Session

The show will have a special session tomorrow where they’ll talk about making videos. They’ll cover everything from shooting the video to posting it online. If you like making videos or want to learn, this could be super helpful!

Demonstration of Content Creation

Just before the show, the host made a short video. He plans to show everyone how he did it and how he shares it with people all over the internet.

Generating Real Estate Leads

Creating Text Scripts Live

Next, the host and Ryan start coming up with text messages that you could send to find out if someone is interested in real estate investing. They think of different ways to ask questions that are easy to understand and respond to.

Discussion of Responses and Strategies

They discuss how people might respond to these messages and what to do next. Whether someone is interested or not, there are ways to keep the conversation going and possibly help them with real estate.

Interactive Feedback and Ideas

Asking for Audience Participation

The host encourages everyone watching to share their ideas or changes to the scripts. This makes the show more interactive and fun because everyone gets to contribute.

Planning to Share the Final Scripts

At the end of the session, they plan to put all the good ideas together and share them with everyone. This way, anyone can use these scripts to help with their real estate needs.

Conclusion and Motivation

The show ends with a motivational quote about making the most of today, not waiting for tomorrow. It’s a nice reminder to do something meaningful each day.

Call to Action

If you enjoyed learning about real estate and how to make cool videos, don’t forget to tune in to the show again! They have lots of great tips and are always happy to help you learn more about real estate and marketing.

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