Rocket Pro Originate SHUT DOWN (Tech Tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate 2/29/24


Skipping the Social Post

Good morning, everyone! Today is Thursday, which means it’s time for our Tech Tip. But first, a quick update—there’s no new social post today. However, you can still check out previous ones for some cool ideas.

Recaps and Resources

Exciting News from Yesterday

We had some really interesting shows yesterday. If you missed them, don’t worry! You can still watch the replays on our website or YouTube channel. Also, don’t forget about the Mastermind replay with Chris Durban—it’s packed with great info about Google Local Services ads.


Rocket Pro Originate Shutdown

Big news, folks! Rocket Companies is closing down its Rocket Pro Originate program on March 29th. So if you’re involved with that, make sure any pending transactions are completed before then. But no worries, there are still plenty of opportunities in similar programs that you might find useful.

Tech Tips

Ryan’s Handy Tech Tips

Ryan has a funny tech tip today. Imagine using an old-school phone handset to make your calls—it’s a real throwback and can make you stand out in a fun way, especially when you’re in traffic! Plus, it’s only $26, so why not give it a try and have a little fun?

Marketing Strategies

Streamlining Campaigns

Today we’re also talking about streamlining your marketing campaigns. By focusing all your efforts into one well-organized campaign, you can give Facebook better data, which helps improve your ads’ performance. It’s all about making things simpler and more effective.

Upcoming Topics

What’s Next?

We have more exciting topics lined up for you, including a deeper dive into Facebook ad campaigns and some upcoming local events in March. So stay tuned!


That wraps up today’s episode. We’ve covered a lot, from important announcements to tech tips and marketing strategies. Remember, whether it’s getting new licenses or optimizing your ad campaigns, there’s always something new to learn and ways to grow in real estate.

Call to Action

Don’t forget to check out the replays of our past shows and the Mastermind session with Chris. They’re filled with valuable insights that can help you boost your business. See you next time for more great tips and updates!

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