Seller Appointments For FREE – Listings To Leads (Tech Tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate 12/7/23

Seller Appointments For FREE – Listings To Leads (Tech Tip Thursday) | Wake Up Real Estate 12/7/23


Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate! It’s Tech Tip Thursday, and we have a very special guest today. We’re excited to have Scott with us. I’ve been teasing this session for over a week because I messed up my calendar last week, but Scott is here today to show us how to generate listing appointments using Listings to Leads, even during the free trial period.

Getting Started with Listings to Leads

Setting Up Your Profile

Scott will show us how to set up our profile on Listings to Leads. This involves adding your profile photo, logo, and brand colors. Once you sign up for a free trial, the platform provides a 26-page branded 100 Point marketing plan that is ready for you to use.

Creating Listing Appointments Quickly

Scott explains that we don’t need a million seller leads to make this happen. For best results, repeat this process every one to three months. The goal is to offer all the seller leads in your database a 100 Point home marketing plan, benchmarked against best practices locally and nationally.

Using Various Marketing Tools

Facebook Ads

Scott demonstrates how to create Facebook ads targeting your custom audiences. You can run these ads for as low as $1 a day, putting your marketing plan in front of your database regularly.

Google Ads

Google Ads are a premium service with Listings to Leads, costing an extra $30 a month. Scott recommends a budget of at least $20 a day for these ads. While more expensive, they can be very effective in generating high-quality leads.

Short Form Video Scripts

Listings to Leads provides short form video scripts that you can use to create engaging content for social media. Scott suggests doing a minimum of five short form videos a week to gain traction.

Database and Cold Calling Scripts

Scott advises calling your database using the provided scripts. If you don’t have a large database, you can use programs like MyPlusLeads or REDX to get a list of homeowners in your area to cold call.

Social Media Posts and E-Flyers

Scott shows how to post on social media and send e-flyers through your CRM. He suggests sending e-flyers to both seller and buyer leads, as many buyers may also have homes to sell.

Print Flyers

Print flyers can be used at events like open houses. Scott shows a print flyer that can be placed in a plexiglass flyer box at open houses for attendees to scan and download the 26-page marketing plan.

Postcards and Door Hangers

Direct mail is another effective strategy. Scott recommends starting with 100 homes and building on that. Combining direct mail with cold calling can generate high-quality listing leads.

Leveraging Listings to Leads for Seller Seminars

Scott discusses how to use the tools for a seller seminar. You can use the pre-listing packet or the 26-page marketing plan as handouts. Recording a video of yourself presenting the marketing plan can also be effective.


Scott has provided a comprehensive overview of how to use Listings to Leads to generate listing appointments. Whether you’re running Facebook ads, sending e-flyers, or using print flyers at open houses, there are many ways to leverage this platform to grow your business.

Call to Action

If you’re excited about generating more listing appointments and growing your real estate business, sign up for a free trial of Listings to Leads today! Visit and start using these powerful tools to take your marketing to the next level.

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