Sending Personal Video Messages with Engaged myhomeIQ leads

Introduction to Home IQ

So I want to share something interesting I’ve been working on. This ties into what I’ve spent most of the last hour doing. Home IQ is a fantastic resource we make available to our co-marketing partners. It’s a great conversation starter and helps with nurturing sellers.

Sending Personal Video Messages

The last hour I have spent sending personal video messages to sellers interacting with their Home IQ reports. At least half of the interactions have been around how to tap into their equity. They are either asking outright how to tap into their equity or asking how to do it without refinancing.

Real World Data

This highlights real-world data about what’s going through sellers’ minds right now. We don’t have to guess because I’m telling you half of the people interacting with their Home IQ report are thinking about tapping into their equity.

Co-Marketing Partners

We have our homeowner database in Home IQ, along with our co-marketing partners’ sphere of influence and homeowner engaged database. Real-world interactions show us what people are thinking about, which is great insight.

Engagement Triggers

The Home IQ report the homeowner receives has multiple triggers or actions. When they engage with it, it fires off triggers to you. It’s similar to our weekly email newsletter, designed with trigger points to get people looking at properties or requesting an updated home valuation.

Is Now a Good Time to Sell?

One of those triggers asks if now is a good time to sell. Three of the people I sent personal video follow-ups to, and who I’m going to call this afternoon, were asking if now is a good time to sell right through their Home IQ report. Pretty cool, right?

Walking Through the Sign-Up Process

I’ll now walk you through the sign-up process on the screen to show everybody. It’s making me text to verify my contact info. This process ensures you get really good contact info because they have to verify it.

Banner Ads and Creatives

Yesterday, I noticed Home IQ had a bunch of really good banner ads. Alex, the co-founder of Home IQ, is a really good designer. For those with access to Home IQ, there are some great creatives you can post or split test in Facebook ads.

Testing Different Variations

Josh, what I was thinking is to run multiple variations with these images. It’s taking a minute to validate, probably because of my browser, but once it’s done, you get a really good report.

Monthly Engagement

Home IQ sends a monthly email to keep people engaged. This generates real cell number leads. We’ll be testing this more with cold traffic from Facebook and Google ads to see how these pages convert over the coming days.

Social Post of the Day

Today’s social post should encourage people to check their home value. One of the cool things about Home IQ is that it’s not just about home values; it’s also about equity and potential refinancing.


In conclusion, using Home IQ to send personal video messages and engage with potential sellers is an excellent way to nurture leads and understand their needs. The insights gained from real-world interactions help tailor our approach and provide valuable information to clients.

Call to Action

If you found this information helpful, consider using Home IQ for your real estate business. It’s a great tool to engage with your clients and help them make informed decisions about their homes. Start today and see the difference it can make!

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