Skip Tracing Real Estate Buyer Leads (To Get Listings) –Episode #28 3/15/2023

Josh (00:03):
Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate on this Wednesday, March 15th, episode 28. Episode 28. Hard to believe. And Ryan’s cold poor guy. It’s in the mid sixties down there, here in central pa. It’s like 34 and crazy windy. And my oldest son has his first baseball scrimmage this afternoon and the parents are basically begging to reschedule for tomorrow. And the answer was no. The team was scrimmaging, already has a scrimmage tomorrow. Suck it up buttercup. We’re playing. I’ll

Ryan (00:39):
Be thinking about you. I’ll be thinking about you while I’m in the hot tub after this episode. Warming

Josh (00:44):
Up. Yeah. Well I may just sit in my car and watch it on Game Changer. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ll run out when Caden’s about to get up so I can see that live and then run back in. Anyway, welcome to Wake Up Real Estate. We’ve, I, I’m going to do get more tactical than we often do today. So a lot of times we’re just kind of sharing what we’re doing and so forth. But I want to show something today and tie it into some results that I generated yesterday for some of the things that I was sharing. So from my social post of the day, from a YouTube short that I shared that I created and shared later in the day, it generated me some new leads. And I want to show you what I call fully disposition. A lead to identify, do they own a home or are they currently renting or just to find some additional information. For example, some of the leads that came in, they came in with name and phone number, but not, I’m sorry, with email and phone number but not their name. So we want to append data and data. I mean

Ryan (01:51):
This position that’s a long

Josh (01:53):
And it is. So the title of this was Skip Tracing Real Estate Buyer Leads to Get Listings. And the reason why I’m going with that frame is skip tracing is what we’re doing. We’re appending data, skip tracings like a fancy term for that and to get listings. Because what you’ll find is when you do this, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised how many of your leads already own a home. Yeah. And that means listing opportunity at some point for you. So anyway, you

Ryan (02:20):
Just got to ask.

Josh (02:22):
Right, exactly. Exactly. And I’ll even tie in, I wasn’t even thinking of this, but I’ll tie in. I’ll give you an example phone conversation that I had. It was yesterday or Monday. And that I very smoothly or succinctly like weed that into the conversation. So we’ll mix that in. Good morning all. Tiffany and Angie, good morning to you. Winifred. Great. Arising 52 in California. Tanya says, howdy Mark 22 in Maryland. Very frosty. How is it that much colder in Maryland? You’re south of me right now. It says 33. It’s supposed to go up to 47 today. I don’t know, it’s supposed to go up to 47, but at no point in the hourly does it show 47. Anyway. Alright, look at this.

Ryan (03:05):
Yeah, so question of the day. But you know what we’ll probably do when we do these polls? Yesterday’s poll, we only had 11 votes. People made it to the community tab, but half of them, 45% actually like the downsizing idea. Interesting. Interesting. Well,

Josh (03:19):
I don’t know. I was potentially calling myself out yesterday because I had some evidence from someone else in our niche talking about how many transactions one of his agents did with that niche. I have personal evidence of opportunities that I’ve created from that niche. So maybe I need to get back to that.

Ryan (03:40):
Well teach his own. I just don’t like boomers, so that one’s not for me. So just

Josh (03:46):
Kidding. Careful. Now careful. We’re going to have have some people yelling at us in the

Ryan (03:50):
Comments. My kids call me Boomer all the time. They just don’t get it. Yeah,

Josh (03:53):
That’s a joke.

Ryan (03:54):
Gen X baby. Yeah,

Josh (03:55):
That’s why.

Ryan (03:56):
Exactly. All right, so question of day today. Let’s move along cause I know you have a lot. How long have you been licensed as a real estate salesperson broker? You can see the poll here at Wakeup real estate slash question right there. So if you guys don’t mind, head on over to wake up dot real estate slash question. Answer the question of the day. Josh, I’m going to blast on through to the social post of the day really quick. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. This is mine. I dunno, if you have one, let me know. But I just did a little bit of a recruiting pitch here, like a subtle, okay. Recruiting. So had someone ask me about getting license as an agent the other day, I comment now is actually a pretty good time to get in. I actually believe that before, as things get worse, there’s more opportunity. Zig one, the competition’s X, here’s the school I use. So I just dropped the link to the school they renamed themselves that used to be called Real Estate Express. And then just this is what you want to get. So funny meme, this isn’t mine. This is, I found it on Google Images actually. Yeah, that’s the whole meme. I guess Facebook didn’t show the whole photo. Oh. Cause I lumped three together

Josh (05:02):
That that’s actually, it’s much funnier there.

Ryan (05:04):
Yeah, it’s much funnier. So yeah, maybe I’ll play with, I might delete the other images. Cause I have two images of just the course that I’m sending people to. So I actually think I will do that just for more effect on the joke of the image.

Josh (05:17):

Ryan (05:18):
In case you guys don’t know, that’s fairly easy to do. So yeah, basically postal link to your real estate, school of choice and your friends and people who are thinking about getting into real estate. You might have somebody reach out and be like, oh, tell me more. Yep. Something

Josh (05:32):
Thing. And so using and creating memes with a meme generator, that was a past topic for a tech tip. Thursday, I think it was two Thursdays ago. You have to go back to the channel. You can find it in there. And I’m actually going to have a call back to one that I shared a tech tip Thursday, I think it was this past Thursday on my short form video process because that’s going to be my social share of the day here in a minute. Was that, am I good to grab the screen, right? Yeah, go for

Ryan (06:03):
It. That’s what I had.

Josh (06:04):
Yes, I’m doing that As I’m doing that. I didn’t do my job as a host of reminding you as we do every day to saw mash, the notification, the notification bell, smash that bell please like, comment, subscribe, share, spread the love with others and make sure you subscribe to the channel, which we just had somebody subscribe. In fact, one of the notifications that popped up here when I started screen sharing, which now I can’t get back, but somebody just subscribed. So thank you. If that was your, gosh,

Ryan (06:36):
Can I tell you a funny story about my leg before you continue? Please,

Josh (06:39):

Ryan (06:39):
Do. I had the appraisal here for the refinance we’re doing together at my house, and the appraiser was walking through. She loved the house. She seemed to like the house, but she walked in my room and made the funniest face at the leg. She was like,

Josh (06:52):
Do I even want to ask?

Ryan (06:54):
Yeah, it was that kind of a look.

Josh (06:55):
So yeah, exactly. It’s my favorite

Ryan (06:57):
Toy. So

Josh (06:58):
Here’s my social share of the day. Now yesterday I shared there was a post in the morning. It was this post which actually generated a few leads, which I’m going to then go and show you in the sort of the meat and potatoes of today’s show, how I’m going to, how we disposition them. I’ll show you that in a minute. But this was a follow up to that. And also this ties into the email that I promised I would share with you today. So this is a short video that I created. I don’t know if we can hear the audio or not. Can you hear the audio on a new construction

Ryan (07:35):
Home? Little bit?

Josh (07:36):
Yeah, you’re going to little bit. It’s it just a short video. Less than 30 seconds. I even forgot to post it on my Google business listing. So actually you know what I’m going to do that. I’ll show you how simple it is if you have a video like this to post on your Google business listing. But this I shared, I uploaded it as a reel. I uploaded it as a YouTube short. I uploaded it as a reel on Facebook and Instagram. I can’t remember if I uploaded it to Twitter. If not, I’ll do that today. And that may have also generated a couple more leads. Some of the stuff I’m doing like it’s hard to directly attribute, but I’m always encouraged when I do stuff. And then there’s leads, right? In some way, shape or form, the action leads to some kind of results. So let’s show real quick and then I want to get into the motivation. Flip flop around, and then the meat and potatoes, we’re going to get to, oh, you know what, I can’t share that I want to do. I wanted to edit this, but it’s not going to let me because Oh, maybe it will. It will. Hold on. Yeah. Okay, it will. So I’ve got this video here.

I’m going to edit it by clicking on the little ibo. Oh, it’s not going to, okay, dog gone it. Well, I’m just going to go ahead and upload it to my Google business. So if you want to upload a video or pictures to your Google Business listing on your phone, you need to find Google Maps. Top right, my goofy mug. You tap on that. You choose your business profiles. I’m going to choose my business profile. I’m going to choose photos. I’m going to choose add photos, add photos. I know I’m going fast here, but you can go back and watch this a second time and then I’m going to choose that one there.

Is that the right one? Yeah, that’s the right one. I’m going to upload and publish and voila, I’ve got more content to keep my Google business listing fresh and optimized, which actually I do need to make some edits. A couple of weeks ago, I think it’s two weeks ago already now, I talked about I need to change the address on it and I need to update some other things. I need to do that. Maybe I’ll record myself doing that. I’ve been just dropping the ball on that. Too many things, too many things that we’re testing and playing around with, but I’ll get back to that. Before I switch away from the phone sharing, I want to share this my mindset tip of the day. Oh yeah, we’ve

Ryan (10:10):
Been forgetting that away

Josh (10:12):
From that, but this is a really good one. Okay, my guy, Alex Hormoze, he’s not actually my guy, but I’ve been just loving his content, his short form content, long form content, books, podcast, all of it. It’s so good. It’s so good. If you have all the information to make a perfect decision, you missed the opportunity. You have all the information to make a perfect decision, you missed the opportunity and sadly we’ve missed opportunity ourselves. But I would say that we’re also pretty good at getting after it and making decisions quickly even if we don’t have all the information. So look at this, I don’t know if you shared this on the screen already, but Daphne, I had a real blow up to a 11,000 views here. Please

Ryan (11:06):
Share the link, share the link, maybe pop it in Facebook group or something.

Josh (11:09):
Kathy, is that the one I saw on my feed with It was a barn or a farmhouse behind? Was that the one that went nuts? Because I did see that in my feed. So I was one of those views. How did I make the rolling home video? Charla, I think I’m saying it right, Charla. All I did was open the link on my phone and I turned on the screen recorder on my phone and just was literally scrolling through the listings. And then I used that video clip as the green screen behind me with my talking head. You can do some wild stuff with just cut or even just reels and that kind of stuff. And Daphne says it’s a remix. I don’t even know what that means. I, I heard somebody talking about that on remixing a YouTube short or remixing it. I don’t even, what does that even Daphne, we may have to have you as a guest to explain what that means. I don’t even know. I should know, but whatever. I guess you don’t have to know everything to get some results, but maybe we’ll do. That’ll be my homework today. I’ll figure out what that even means and we can chat tomorrow on tech. It’s probably

Ryan (12:26):
Go, it’s probably Googleable.

Josh (12:27):
Oh, I’m sure it is. I’m sure it is. I I’ll, I’ll just, I’ll go to YouTube and search how do I remix a reel or whatever. Good stuff. Good stuff. Okay, Ryan, did you want to show a couple things before I get into the skip tracing and discoing of leads?

Ryan (12:44):
Let me just update the saga of the website here. Saga, but we’re building a lot of stuff behind the scenes as we keep talking about, and I’ll just mention that you’ll notice on the homepage going to ask you to create a free account again, and I apologize for those of you who remember we switched platforms. So you, all you need to do is pop your email in there and you’ll be able to access and kind of what we’re setting the stage for. We’re just organizing all the stuff from these shows a little better. For example, yesterday’s, check this out, Josh, you don’t even know this yet. Yesterday’s show has text transcripts and we’ll be able to Oh, look

Josh (13:26):
At that.

Ryan (13:27):
And what we’re moving toward is we talk about resource every time we mention Facebook ads. So you’ll be able to search the WordPress site, our site for a keyword, and then since we’re indexing all the texts and timestamps, you’ll be able to read through things so you don’t have to listen to us ramble on. Right?

Josh (13:42):
Beautiful. I love

Ryan (13:43):
It. And then just a little sneak peek. We are working on the affiliate program for those of you who multiple streams of income. We’re going to, you’re building something cool into the site here and you’ll have links to various things you can share on the site and that that’s about it. So just create your free account, you’ll be able to log in and all the stuff will be added here very, very soon. All the templates, scripts, everything we talk about from day to day.

Josh (14:07):
Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay, so I want to share, I’m going to share two things. Number one, I’m going to share the email that I promised I would share yesterday, which was my latest variation of my smoking hot deals of the week email. So I want to share that. And then some of the leads that came in yesterday from some of my social posts of the day, dispositioning them or skip tracing or appending data to them so we can see are any of these potential sellers. So here’s the email, first subject line, your smoking hot deals of the week, and then yesterday’s date to sort of timestamp. Hey, this is new and relevant.

Ryan (14:51):
You showing your screen?

Josh (14:53):
Oh am I thought I,

Ryan (14:55):
I probably turned it off accidentally. Oh, there you go.

Josh (14:56):
Okay, hold on.

Ryan (15:01):
I wish Stream Work yard kind of told this. The tech we use guys, it’s called Streamy Yard. I wish it told us as what the other guy’s doing.

Josh (15:07):
Kind. Cool. Yeah. Anyway, you can see it now, right? Yeah. Okay, so there’s the subject line. Afternoon, Melanie, because I sent this late afternoon, it was actually like five 30 before I actually got it out. This is, so I’m using KV Corp and I’m using the advanced editor and I drug in the video box and this is the link to my YouTube short. Now we talked about this I think last week. One day you have to edit your shorts to have them populate in there. And so we may have to find out f F find that and link to that spot in there. But basically you have to turn them into a regular version or the regular YouTube version of it to get it to pull in and preview like this. Okay. So that’s just the YouTube video link. And then to check out the list mentioned above what I had been doing with the smoking hot deals the last week and the week before was I was featuring specifically three, four, or five properties this week.

I wanted to do something a little bit different. All I did was curate a list of the recently priced reduced new construction homes in the area. So my smoking hot deals were just that curated list essentially. Part of it was maybe being lazy, but I’m also just trying to figure out what’s going to work best, what gets the most activity, what creates the most opportunities. And I think a mix of featuring specific properties and sprinkling in curated lists of, for example, you can pull just fixer uppers. You can pull just foreclosures, right? Yeah. With your KV core or with your MLS or whatever your IDX is, you can curate different things. Then the thing that I was really excited about, which honestly it’s kind of just been okay, and maybe it was the execution, maybe it was the deliverability of the email, I don’t know.

But what I was all jazzed about was this idea also just curious which describe which best describes you. And I used the button. Yeah, it’s just a button. That’s what it’s called Core in the advanced editor, you just drag over a button and you can change the text and when they click on the button, they go to some of the things that Ryan’s been working on, these sort of survey paths to get longer form higher intent leads. Now we’ve gotten some, I think four or five, I was thinking we’d get more, but whatever. It’s four or five hot leads or warmer leads.

Ryan (17:51):
I’m looking at ’em now. You got about five, but a few of them are really one or two were really interesting. One was an investor with multiple properties I think I saw.

Josh (17:59):
And two of them were already on my radar. Two of them I had already been having conversations with one of ’em. I even had talked about on this, the interaction that we had. But I’m further with those that I’ve already had engagement. I’m further sort of building my fence around that relationship and that opportunity. And we’ve got some new ones that, as a matter of fact, I got to follow up with. I haven’t even had time to follow up, followed up with some other leads that came in. I got some other warm referrals and so forth. Anyway, I had these three buttons. Maybe it was the buttons that I choose or the language that I chose. But I thought this was a pretty cool way to essentially qualify, create some warmer leads from your existing database. And it worked on some level. I don’t know what I was expecting. I think I was hoping for more, but whatever. It created some initial engagement. And if you can’t see on the screen, option one is I’m a first time buyer interested in our make home affordable program. I’m interested in creative mortgages for self-employed business owners. I’m interested in investor financing, fix and flip D S C R, short-term rentals and more. And then I just have thanks in advance and if there are any properties you’d more info on or to schedule a private b i P tour, let us know. Okay, so it did, but

Ryan (19:25):
You’re consistently doing this every week. Just to remind everybody, Josh has been doing this every week and you’re sending some kind of set of deals that you curate. That’s the big.

Josh (19:33):
Exactly. Yep. And this is in addition to, I’ve been talking about and implementing a weekly email newsletter every Friday, which we’ve got in the members or the free wake up site. It’s on the community tab as well that fully documented and what that looks like. But this is in addition to that and it’s the third week of doing it. So we’ll keep playing with it until I kind of nail what the formula is for that. And maybe the formula is just to mix it up and the commitment is I’m, every Tuesday I’m sending out some kind of deals. But what that looks like every Tuesday can be different and just figure out through the activity, through just the process of taking that action, what works and what doesn’t work. So we’ll see. We’ll and we’ll continue to share here.

Ryan (20:33):
And just for anybody who thinks this sounds like a lot of work, you don’t have to, Josh is being a little creative and curating something new every week. But if you take on a niche like downsizing or new construction or fixer uppers, you could just do the fixer upper of the week and literally just pick one property. So I think the more important thing here is the consistency and the repetition. Making it a system in your business and sending some kind of interesting real estate out.

Josh (20:58):
I think that’s a great point. It could be you feature one, it could be that you just talk about the newly listed. You could just focus on the properties that have been reduced in the last week. Here are, if it’s a downsizing niche, here are the three single story maintenance free homes that have had a price reduction in the last seven days. There’s any number of ways that you can do that and marry that to whatever the niche. And that perfectly. It’s a good tie in to the poll that we put out there yesterday,

Ryan (21:33):
Jo Josh, one of my favorite hacks in KV core, and you can do this probably with most drip email type solutions, is your KV core property links. So that deals page, if you want to show that the one I made yesterday, sure, not for you, your offer wall

Josh (21:48):
Share, my screen.

Ryan (21:49):
But anyway, any links to your IDX search are usually up to date in real time. They’re dynamic. So one of my favorite tricks is to, you can create one email on your campaign. Here’s your updated weekly links to deals in central pa, but literally send the same exact email every week, the same email template every seven days in the campaign. Yeah, it’s dynamic. And people will feel like you’re taking the time to send them this dynamic, this link, but it’s the same email every week. You could change the email a little bit, but yeah, this could be systematized in a much better way. Now what Josh, I just want to, I’ll end with saying that what you’re doing is a little better cause you’re curating and it, it’ll seem cooler and making videos and stuff, but there are simple ways to do

Josh (22:32):
It doesn’t have to be, and you should have that as a fail safe or a fallback. If your plan is to do that, to curate it and manually do the work, but you’re busy or whatever, have a sort of a fallback or a fail safe if you can’t do it, this is the template to send. If I’m just too busy, I’m just going to send this template, which is going to be dynamically updated and relevant. Right? Tanya asked, so you are sending your smoking hot deals as an email and a text on Tuesday. It just so happened that yesterday’s texting Tuesday was also sort of the same idea. I’m not suggesting that that’s what I’m going to do every week. The email though is the smoking hot deals. So for me, my follow up protocol as it stands right now is a Tuesday email and a Friday email you and the Friday email, you need to

Ryan (23:26):
Send emails

Josh (23:27):
Always the same. It’s just updated content of the weekend bucket list.

Ryan (23:31):
You need to send, start those emails with a picture of somebody smoking hot just to get more open rate because it’ll be, make it a different one every week. There. There’ll be certain people who

Josh (23:40):
That resonates with that. The interpretation of smoking hot, that could go any number of ways. Could just be someone, yeah. Anyway, so

Ryan (23:48):
You know, get rewarded for opening Josh’s email. That’s what I’m saying I I’m going to do it that way. So this is Josh’s deals page and all these links are up to date. And you got your couple of special finance Cs. This is super simple, but this is actually where the funnel redirects too on 717 deals at the end of the thing. So you guys, anybody here could create a page like this with all these dynamic links and literally email the link to this page once a week.

Josh (24:13):
And Ryan, just to be clear, that’s the link that you we’re sending people to after they go to seven 17 deals.com right now goes to sort of an opt-in and then after they opt in, they’re getting to that sort of offer wall.

Ryan (24:27):
Let’s do the funnel. So they click, it reveals this Brian test at wake up, got real estate continue to the lists. Oh yeah, it does. I wanted to make sure the parameter was in the url. It is the redirects. They click to view the requested resource. That should go, it should go. I never checked that yesterday. It should go to your deal links page, which I will fix immediately. I

Josh (24:55):
Mean listen. No, it’s

Ryan (24:57):
Funny. Somebody told me that was broken yesterday and I thought he was talking about these ones down here and I checked them all and they were fine. I never checked

Josh (25:04):
This one. Oh, that’s what Bill was talking about. Yes, yes. Okay. That’s funny.

Ryan (25:09):
But anyway,

Josh (25:10):
I’ll figure it out. Live on live

Ryan (25:13):
Tv, I can fix this in two seconds and totally when you’re working this fast, it’s a common problem in my life. Yeah, I leave a lot of broken links out there, like illegitimate children or something.

Josh (25:25):
Yeah, joking. Alright. Anyway, now to the topic that I promised at the top, which is you’re generating leads. In my opinion and experience, I believe you should invest the time and energy into how we describe or what I describe as fully dispositioning the lead. Again, the title of the session here was Skip Tracing Your Real Estate Buyer Leads to Get More Listings, whatever word you use. What we’re looking for is to append more data to every lead that’s coming into your C R M, your database, whatever, so that you have a more well-rounded picture of that contact. And data is the new gold, right? Let’s face it, there are these massive lawsuits around sharing of data or not sharing of data and things like that. So when you have more information about a prospect, a lead in your database, that is of value. So I’m going to go to my dashboard here and I’m going to choose new leads from the dashboard.

And I’m just going to show you a couple of these and I don’t know what’s going to happen because I didn’t do any, we’ll see where this goes. I didn’t do any pre-work to figure out if any of these were going to be able to find more data on, but I’ll share with you two free freeways and then one paid platform that we’re using for this. And there are other ways to do this as well. But here’s the general idea. So this person, and I could assume that his name is Dan, let’s assume that his name is Dan Eckard. Okay? Because that’s his email address. And logically speaking, it stands to reason that sometimes you get an email and it’s like prop knocks at Gmail, right? Obviously the person’s name is not Prop first name Prop, last name Knox. But in some instances like this, you’ll be able to tell immediately.

And this is someone that actually opted in on the smoking hot deals. So they actually came through something that I have out there on the Smoking hot deals. But all I have now is email and name. Let’s see if we can find out more information. Let’s see if we can find a phone number for Dan and let’s see if we can figure out, does Dan own a home or is he currently renting? In this scenario when I only have the email address, what we are using is spokeo spokeo.com. Now we do this often enough that we have to have a paid account because you have to have credits, but they have, you can search for free. So you can start with their free search. I’ve got a paid account, so I’m going to log into that so we can use that here. And then all I’m going to do, if this will log me in here, which doesn’t seem to want to, maybe I’m logging into the wrong account.

There we go. All I’m going to do, oh no nothing do this, doing this live here. I should have logged in ahead of time. Well, let’s just go to the free version and let’s pop in Dan’s name here or Dan’s email and hit search and see what comes up. We’ll see if we get any luck. That’ll take a little bit of time to load up the other two free platforms that we’re going to use on some of these or with some of these other leads that have come through because I have more data from them. In fact, specifically a couple of them at least gave their phone number True people search.com, true people search.com. It’s a free platform or that’s them.com, T H A T S T H E m.com. So I’ll show you both of those in a minute here. But the first one that I pulled only had only had email. And so that this is the platform that we use when we only have the email address, I think going to give me a pain here about unlocking. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to pivot, I’m going to use some of these other platforms here and show you how we’re using those because this is just, it’s being very slow to respond and taking a while. I’ll go back and dispo this one and maybe I’ll even record myself doing that for those that do you

Ryan (30:00):
This yourself or do you have somebody else do it?

Josh (30:02):
So Mike normally does it quite honestly, it’s something that we should offload to a VA at this point. Yes, because when we have a lot of leads flowing in, it’s a lot of work. So if you have more time than money, do it yourself. If you have more money than time, have someone else do it. Okay? But a

Ryan (30:21):
Good VA overseas could probably do this. It’d be very easy to give the instructions and exactly have them knock this out.

Josh (30:28):
And we have a checklist and a step-by-step tutorial on this. And because I brought it up, we’ll have to get that added to the site for everyone who’s in. Well, we

Ryan (30:38):
Should probably do an episode about outsourcing. I’m curious about this topic. Who would you hire as a va? I know there’s resources and things like that.

Josh (30:45):
Totally, totally. Sot I don’t know, but I’ve got a phone number for this one and she opted in. I don’t know what she opted in on.

Ryan (31:03):
And KV COR tries to do it as well. Isn’t there like a validation?

Josh (31:06):
Yes. Yeah. I would say in my experience it’s not super successful, but they’re at least trying. So I’m going to take that phone number. I’m going to pop it into true people search.com under the reverse phone lookup. And I’m going to Miguel Morales, Sean Mag. Brian Mag.

Ryan (31:28):
So the family was probably at that house.

Josh (31:33):
So look

Ryan (31:33):
For dad

Josh (31:34):
In California. So it’s a little bit all over the place. I’ll show you how we can look up on, that’s them.com, which is similar. Now that’s them as free. I didn’t even realize it’s got the email here. I should have go I back. I forgot that you can do the email on that’s them as well. And I forget how that’s them works it, it’ll give you a certain amount of free and then they want you to pay. True People search is a hundred percent free, but it’s also in some cases more limited. So let’s say they want you to pay

Ryan (32:08):
For an upgraded profile or something after you do it. Is that why they’re free? Something

Josh (32:12):
Like that. Or if you do more than five in a day or something like that, five lookups in a day. I haven’t. I’ve never paid. That’s them. So I just, I’ve had some folks, John, actually John Sabia in Florida, he had recommended that he uses, that’s them a lot for this time. There we go. Teresa Mag lives in Carlisle, 1129 Shannon Lane. So now the first thing I’m going to do, I’m going to go back and edit the name. So I’m clicking on that. We’re going to go, and funnily enough, I was right. It was Teresa Mag. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t actually know that. Although there’s not that many names that start with t I suppose. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is I’m going to add the address. Now, I don’t know if she owns this property yet, but I’m going to add the address regardless because that’s where she lives. So 1129 Shannon Lane

Save. And because I know where she lives, the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go to Market Reports and I’m going to add her to a market report in KB Core because again, I don’t care if she rents or owns, we’re going to figure that out here in a minute. It doesn’t matter. That’s where she lives. People are interested in what’s going on with real estate where they live. I’m going to get them at, I’m going to get her added to the market report. I’m going to put the, send the report every 21 days splitting hairs, and you can do whatever you want. I’m going to add that and I’m going to send it now. I’m going to send that information to her right now. And those market reports are actually really good through KV core. There’s good stuff in there and they’re fun to look at. I like to look at ’em. Okay, so who else

Ryan (33:58):
Reports are really good Home IQs? Well, we’ll talk,

Josh (34:01):
Yeah, well, okay, so that, I was going to weave that in depending on what we find here, and quite honestly, I could add her to Home iq, whether or not she owns the home or not. So my Home IQ is something we’re using with our co-marketing partners or realtor co-marketing partners as a seller, nurture and opportunity creator, let’s say. And the reason why I say that is this weekend we were able to bring back a warm listing referral to one of our co-marketing partners, Greg, in Ohio. Thanks in part to Home iq. One of his, the people in his database, his co-market database with us in my home IQ interacted with the report. We followed up and just by us being of service, making a service call to them, we were able to uncover the fact that he needed to list and sell his home in the very near future. So then we were able to bring that warm referral back to Greg, which is the main value proposition that we are providing our co-marketing partners, if you want information about that, go to wake up dot real estate slash, you can check that out. How’s that for weaving?

Ryan (35:15):
And the reports are, I actually have an example report. Yeah, it’s good.

Josh (35:19):

Ryan (35:19):
I’ll drop it on the community tab and YouTube, just so you can see an example report.

Josh (35:23):
So Teresa and Sean both live at this address, but it’s not clear here if they own it. So there are any number of ways that I can then determine if they own the home. What I’m going to do is I’m going to open up Rein. I’m going to open up Rein because Bright MLS with bright mls, I’m part of Bright mls. We get reined for free. Now, there are other ways that you could figure this out. You could just use in your mls, you may have tax records and you could pull up the property and see who is, who’s the owner of record on that property. So there’s any number of ways that you can do this. What you need to figure out is the process that works for you, given whatever set of resources or tools you have. I could even, oh, here’s one that everyone can use.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. Okay, so I’m actually, I’ll do it in Remind, but I’m also going to do it on one that everybody, at least I think everybody on here, if you’re part of NAR r, you’re paying for nar, you also have access to RPR R. Yeah and ar rrp r.com. And there are lots of really cool things that you could do with this. At least we get something valuable for our dues that we pay to the National Association of Realtors. But there are lots of cool things that you can do on here. You can even pull expired listings and stuff. I actually use these, well man, this may, yeah, I’ll give you an example. If Teresa and Sean own this home, I’ll give you an example of how we use the RPR reports to send direct mail using thanks.io to get something physical in their hand and increase the opportunity, the likelihood that they’ll work with us if or when the time is right. So 1129 Shannon Lane, 1129. Shannon Lane, I told you I was going to get, this is more tactical than these sessions tend to be, but hopefully this is helpful. So hey guys, let

Ryan (37:31):
Us know. Let us know what you think about the tactics. Josh and I have been talking, we might split off some afternoon sessions where we get real deep on specific things. But do you like this stuff? Let us know in the comments.

Josh (37:42):
So Teresa does own this home. She’s one of the owners of this home. So now I can, number one, I can go back to KV Corp and I can note do, where do I note that they are a homeowner? I always forget this. It might be profile details. Maybe we don’t even do this homeowner status. Here we go. Homeowner status. If I go, where do I edit that? Edit details, homeowner status, and I can say homeowner. Okay, because I know that she owns that home. I can also go back to here and I can add under listing valuation the address. And since I teased my home iq, I’m going to do that as well. I’m going to log into my home iq, by the way, for our co-marketing partners, this costs nothing. We actually pay for it on the our mortgage. We do. Yeah, our mortgage partners, our mortgage team pays for this, but it’s free for agents and they get co-branded. The communications come from you, the realtor partner, but they’re with us. And

Ryan (39:04):
My example on the community tab and YouTube is a really good example. You’ll see my picture with Josh’s and everything. It’s really cool.

Josh (39:10):
Beautiful, beautiful. So I’m going to create a report here. I’m going to choose create a report. I’m going to enter 1129 Shannon Lane, Carlisle. It’s Teresa Ag. You might be wondering, is this worth all the time and effort? I don’t know. Yes. I just determined that they own a home. They own a home that is valued at approximately 400,000. And she was looking at homes on my site that were like six to 800,000. I don’t know. You tell me. Is that work worth doing? I think so. Whether it’s you doing it or if you don’t have the time paying for someone to do it to me that that’s work worth doing. So I’ve created the report. Now I can switch to selling or cash out refi and I can share the report. I can email the net sheet over to her as well. So I’ve updated her contact record in kv cor. I’ve added her to a market report. I’ve added her to Mo my Home iq. But I teased the fact that when we do this, I want to show you exactly what we do when we do this. We also send them physical mail. And so the way that we’re doing that is number one, I’m going to go back to R P R. We’re going to select create report.

I’m just doing a chime check here. We don’t want this to go too long and quite honestly on my huddle at the top of the hour, but I choose mini report. I don’t know why we lost the options there. I choose mini report and run report, and that’ll take, depending on how, what’s going on and so forth. It’ll take a minute or two and then it’s going to sound like a doorbell ringing. It’ll say Ding dong. And while I’m waiting for that, while I’m waiting for that, I’m going to log into thanks.io. Hey, grab your free account and play around with it. It is, there’s so many cool things that you can do with thanks.io. I mean, just so many cool things. But I’m going to log into my account.

Ryan (41:24):
The founders are jerks, but it’s all right.

Josh (41:27):
And Ryan is saying that tongue in cheek because he’s one of them. So maybe tongue in cheek, maybe not. I’m still waiting for, well, I wasn’t talking

Ryan (41:36):
About me. I got partners.

Josh (41:38):
Oh, okay.

Ryan (41:40):
I hope they’re watching.

Josh (41:41):
Yeah. So I’m logged in here and I’m just going to start the process. All I’m going to do is I’m going to click send now and I have a template that I use in situations like this. Okay. So I’m going to click send. Now I’m going to choose the windowed letter. Yeah, I’m going to choose the windowed letter because I’m going to add additional pages.

Ryan (42:06):
I think you can do it with windowless now. I pretty sure. Or that’s coming close, just so you know.

Josh (42:11):
Okay, cool. I’m going to choose this template that I have, that I have here. Okay. I’m going to click continue. I’m going to, wow, look at that. Have AI write your message for free. I know we’ve talked about that, but that’s pretty freaking cool.

Ryan (42:26):
Yeah. Type something in there.

Josh (42:28):
Did I not hold on though? Did I not? How do I get to the QR code? Am I missing something?

Ryan (42:36):
Did you have one attach

Josh (42:38):
Template at QR code? So I’m going to go, I’m going to choose my seller valuation page on KV core so that if she scans this, she can instantly be taken to a cell evaluation page. I’m just keeping it simple here. I want to send this person a free home valuation report. Is that going to do it? I’ve never used it. Oh, let’s

Ryan (43:16):
See. Let’s see. I always think it’s not going to do it. This AI stuff and it, it’s kind of wild what it comes up with. So it should just take a second. You should get a pop up.

Josh (43:27):
And I think because we’re streaming and yeah, also, I know in my neighborhood when it’s crazy windy, my, well, my internet gets wonky. Okay, you’re

Ryan (43:38):
Also on a Mac, right? So that’s going to be slow.

Josh (43:40):
Oh, here we go. Here we go. Look at this. Holy smokes.

Ryan (43:50):
Oh, did it give you some?

Josh (43:51):
But it’s talking about evaluations and so forth. I mean, it’s worth playing around. Yeah, I have a message template for this that I’m going to use. It’s the way

Ryan (43:58):
You worded it, but yes, yes.

Josh (44:00):
Yeah, the AI chat, G P T, and that kind of AI is only as good as the prompts you give it. And that prompt wasn’t very good.

Ryan (44:06):
If you try it again, it would, you have to change the beginning phrase. But

Josh (44:10):
So I have this template that I already have created. I’m going to change it to normal print. And even though technically Teresa didn’t request a free home valuation, I don’t care. Just taking the presumption that, yeah, she owns a home, she wants a free home valuation. Why would she not? Right? So I’ve got that.

Ryan (44:32):
And the reality is most people don’t remember. They’re like, oh, I guess I

Josh (44:35):
Did. Oh yeah, I wonder. I must have, right? So I’m going to go back to here. Why am I still waiting on my report here?

Ryan (44:42):
My dogs aren’t barking yet, so I haven’t heard the bell hasn’t rung there in rpr, Tanya. That’s so true. I’ve had that happen too.

Josh (44:51):
Well, I don’t know why the report’s not populating for me. It’s still finalizing.

Ryan (44:57):
Yeah, it’s taken longer than usual.

Josh (44:59):
Yeah. I mean, normally it would come up in 30 to 60 seconds. But once I have that report, I actually, for some reason R P R puts in a couple of pages that are just random fluff that really have nothing. So I end up making it. I create a PDF version that doesn’t have those just nonsensical fluff. It usually ends up being nine or 10 pages. And then I upload that PDF as additional pages here and send through thanks.io. I really wanted this to pop up

Ryan (45:29):
Here. So Josh, everything you just did as you talked live probably took 15 minutes on one person, but you’re, and

Josh (45:36):
It took longer because I’m talking through it and my computer, because we’re live streaming and apparently because I’m on a Mac, it’s taking longer. It wouldn’t even have to take that long. But

Ryan (45:45):
If you had a system for generating a lot, I’m just saying you could probably pay a VA 500 bucks a month overseas to only do this. And if you could generate 10 20 of these a day, which you can kind of can, right? Or five.

Josh (46:02):
Even Five. If you’re just going five a day that you could have someone an hour a day, or five hours per week.

Ryan (46:10):

Josh (46:12):
20 hours per month. And this is their job. And if you have any database existing, if there’s a day where there aren’t any, they can go back to old leads and dispo them. There’s always work that they could be doing. For some reason this just doesn’t want to finalize.

Ryan (46:27):
Yeah, no, it loaded. Tanya said, it looks like your report loaded up there. Cause it was, oh,

Josh (46:31):
Alright, hold on. No, it still says finalizing.

Ryan (46:34):

Josh (46:35):
I’ll refresh it and see if it pops up because I did want to put a bow on that for anybody wondering how.

Ryan (46:41):
Yeah. And on rpr, just a little tidbit I built, hopefully it’s still there, but if you have a broker account for some reason, you can’t do it as an agent. But if you’re a broker level with rpr, you, they give you widgets and you can actually build a pretty cool instant home valuation tool by redirecting and loading the widget prefilled with an address. I’ll have to play with that again, but anybody who’s got broker RPR might be interested in that. Just message me on Facebook or something,

Josh (47:07):
Huh? Yeah, that’s wild.

Ryan (47:11):
Interesting. Yeah, you could redirect after an address is entered into a form, it’ll prefill and basically give an AV an automated value based on rpr on a page. Yeah.

Josh (47:21):
Yeah. Well, the PDF still hasn’t printed, but let me at least show you how simple it is to do the next steps in. Thanks. So let’s assume the PDF had downloaded. All I do is choose the file and upload it. It’ll upload almost instantaneously. You’re going to click save and continue. You’re going to add address. And I’m just going to put Teresa bag and 1129 Shannon Lane, and I could include her email and phone number here, which actually I’m going to do because we will often trigger other actions from someone scanning, and if we have that data also appended in KV court, it makes all of that easier. So I’m going to put in that information and I have it. So why not? I’m going to save that. I’m going to continue and that will cost me with 2010 pages. Ryan, what does that end up being? 3 0 7?

Ryan (48:23):
Yeah, I think it’s 10 cents aside. So it should only be

Josh (48:27):
2 0 7, 2 0 7. Somewhere between two and three bucks. I can send, essentially for those of you familiar with direct mail, kind of lumpy mail, it’s a thick, valuable piece of content. And I, I think I have an example. You

Ryan (48:42):
Probably get, so you probably get returns every now and then when the addresses are wrong or something. Yeah, it’s like a package.

Josh (48:49):
Yeah, I mean it’s good. It’s good stuff. It’s good stuff. And what

Ryan (48:56):
What’ll happen is people will keep that at their house. And I’m sure you’ve had people calling you exact

Josh (48:59):
Thing. Couple of weeks ago I shared how I got a listing that is coming soon from a postcard that the guy got from me in September and he’s like, man, I’m glad I held another that postcard because I don’t know anybody else. I don’t know how I would’ve found help. He doesn’t even have internet, so that’s not normal necessarily. But direct mail done has shelf life. People may stick it to their refrigerator, they may stick it in their junk drawer if they’ve got a pile of stuff. And I, I’ve done direct mail for years and years and years and I got calls from sellers 3, 4, 5 years after I sent a postcard in the mid two thousands, people will hang onto that stuff and reach back out. Never. I

Ryan (49:51):
Used to used pop my business card in an envelope. I’ve told you the story before. One a day. I was probably 22 years old. One very consistently one a day. Hey, if you still want to sell your house, let me know. Handwritten on the back of my business card just popped into an envelope and got listings that way. So doesn’t need to be complicated now. Thanks. Makes it easier than having to hand write and do all that stuff.

Josh (50:13):
Oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Anyway, that’s what I had. We did a deep dive, sorry that the R P R report never populated, but it’s pretty simple. It’s pretty simple for sure.

Ryan (50:28):
Nancy asked what the broker account, this is four brokers, what is the broker AVM widget? So they have some information about this. You need to be the broker of record, I guess, at your office. But the widget itself kind of looks like this. And if you’re a little tech and geeky, you can kind of pass addresses into the widget. Like somebody like Ernest who’s watching could do that really quick. Yeah.

Josh (50:53):
So Mike asked a great question. What about Home Bot? I love Home Bot. I used Home Bot for two years before I switched to my Home IQ in November. I switched to Home IQ for several reasons. Number one, it’s free for agents. The agents don’t pay for it. Okay? Number two, the emails, one of the big value props of Home Home Bot is like the open and engagement rate. My home iq, I’m actually getting better. Both were great, but I’m even getting greater engagement and open rate for me personally with my home iq. And then the other functionality of Home IQ for me just made it a no-brainer. For example, it will score all of the homeowners. So Mike Keen, if you had a hundred past clients and you wanted to bring them over to Home iq, you wanted to be a co-marketing partner with us.

And that was part of our onboarding process, we bring tho those a hundred over, it will score those 100 homeowners using 270 some data points, how likely they are to sell in the next six to nine months. Why is that valuable? You can go in and see the score and you may strategically invest more time, money, and energy, either in phone calls, text messages, pop buys, direct mail, whatever, to the ones that are more likely to sell. Now, you’re not going to say according to algorithmic information, you’re very likely to sell in the next six to nine months. And I would like to, while you’re home, no, you’re just going to check in. Hey, it’s

Ryan (52:24):
Laugh Josh, but I see that stuff and thanks that, I hope people send stuff like that.

Josh (52:29):
It’s crazy. So just enter the conversation already going on in their head, but not in a creepy way. Hey, it’s been a while since we chatted. Market’s changing, home values are changing. I thought you might wanted some, want some updated information about what homes are selling for in your neighborhood. Here’s a little report I put together for you, whatever it is, but just make it conversational and service based and not creepy.

Ryan (52:53):
And guys, I wasn’t aware of the fee. I don’t know how much the fee is for us, Josh, but we’ll talk. We can probably make Home IQ pretty available to people, even through the wake up site. So you’ll hear more about that soon. I have a feeling we can offer it to a lot more than just our co-marketing partners. Is that

Josh (53:11):
Pretty spot? I got to be honest, it gets expensive. Unless we can twist your buddy’s arm this afternoon. Yeah, we’ll twist his arm. It does get pretty pricey, so we’d have to figure out a way to do that so it doesn’t become cost prohibitive for us.

Ryan (53:24):
But we’ll look into that. We’ll always try to do that when we can.

Josh (53:27):
Yeah, totally. Okay, man. Marathon session today. Hopefully you got some good stuff, some good nuggets. As you know, I mentioned, I think I said this yesterday or Monday, whatever the point of these shows are not like to give you a whole bunch of stuff to do. Think of this when you go to a seminar, like the best thing to do when you leave a seminar is identify what one, two or three things am I going to implement as quickly as possible. And what I can tell you is if you are generating any number of leads, this dispositioning process, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re paying someone else to do it, it is gold if you do it. It just is, right? Because I now know that Teresa owns a home. I know the value approximately, and I know she was looking at more expensive homes. That probably means she’s thinking about trading up at least on some level. Now, am I going to be creepy and bring that up? No. I’m going to be of value and service and I may even use the script that I shared two Tuesdays ago and say, Hey, it looks like this property, this property caught your eye. Would you like more information or schedule?

Ryan (54:36):
I think you need to drive over there with flowers.

Josh (54:38):
Oh, I could do that too. Yeah. Thank you for subscribing on our website anyways. What if I said this gets me up and running every day? Well, we appreciate that

Ryan (54:51):
And shameless, shameless plugs, just to close it out. I will mention Patic again because people are starting to get, the early testers are starting to actually get interactions with conversations with owners. So it’s exciting stuff. And what else you got, Josh? Anything

Josh (55:09):
Else on the bottom here? If I can expire? matic.com. Where is it? I thought we had it as one of the banners that we can

Ryan (55:18):
Scroll. I probably changed it on you.

Josh (55:19):
Yeah, matic.com. E xp, I R O M A T I c.com. And if you can’t w well maybe we’ll, we’ll, we’ll pop it somewhere, but if you can’t find it, just hit us up. We’ll get you the right link, check it out, watch. And then tomorrow video explainer. And

Ryan (55:38):
Tomorrow hopefully we can get Ernest on, hopefully earnest if you can. Oh yeah. And we could talk about listening describer and maybe spermatic. Ernest is behind the scenes at Experi Medic too, so,

Josh (55:47):
And I’ll do some recon on the remixes so I can be more, speak more intelligently about them. And maybe we’ll even have Daphnes to share if she’s open to that and wants some more viral activity on it. Longest

Ryan (56:04):
Show ever.

Josh (56:05):
Longest show ever. We’ve just said a new record, like, comment, subscribe, please share. Most importantly, actually do some of this stuff right? Take what makes sense for you and put it into action for you. If you’re listening on the podcast, subscribe, rate, and review. We’ll be back tomorrow. Same time, same channel, same station, hot

Ryan (56:23):
Tub time. See you later.

Josh (56:25):
Take care. A great day.

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