Smokin’ Hot Real Estate Deals Text & Email Script Episode #27 3/14/2023


Ryan (00:00):
I forgot you guys are going to have to see a picture of my dog.

Josh (00:03):
Good morning. And that dog is awesome by the way. Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Real Estate. It’s texting Tuesday. It’s March 14th and we are a few minutes behind because we are, I don’t know, like in the lab it out, working out, working on all kinds of stuff. Tanya says, joining via Mobile. Good morning. Good morning to you Tanya. Ernest, good morning to you. I’ve got several things that I can’t wait to share and several teases for what I’ll be sharing tomorrow because I’ve, I’ve got an idea for my Smoking hot Deals email that I’m going to be sending out later. I’ll be giving you a text script around the deals concept, but one that is a framework that has sort of universal applications or opportunities, et cetera. I know Ryan’s got great stuff, things that we’re playing around with and all in the name of getting you more leads, getting you into more conversations with those leads so you can get more appointments and ultimately more clients. That’s what this show is about. Trying to help all of you. If this is your first time or your 27th time tuning in, please like, comment, subscribe, share with other people in your office, in your brokerage, your referral partners. If your x p share this in X P workplace, if whatever

Ryan (01:30):
You got the real if at the real, share it. If you’re

Josh (01:33):
Wherever, whatever your intranet is for your company, share the love, please that we are trying to share here. And finally, sa sa smash the bell so you’re notified and you don’t miss new live sessions like this. Ryan has our question of the day and Ryan is getting fancy here. Fancy y’all fancy. So on the community tab, on the community tab on the YouTube page. So wake up real

Question Of The Day – “What’s Your Niche Biche?”

Ryan (02:02):
Go to Wakeup.RealEstate/question and if you could answer the question of the day, Josh and I are trying to figure out what niche to focus on. We want to hear what you guys are into. We’ve been talking a lot. We’ve been going back and forth about deals versus new construction land for sale. So the question is, if you were going to take on one niche focus, what’s your niche be? If you’re going to take on what one niche focus for your real estate business and you can only choose from these options, what would you choose?

Josh (02:29):
Yeah, and we’re not saying these are the only options. These are the options we’re trying to weed through and determine what we’re going to build out first as an end-to-end growth system. This is end to end. How you take this niche idea, how you drive traffic to capture more leads, and then what you do with those over time to nurture and turn them into clients. In other words, taking the five steps that I shared yesterday and doing a deep dive on those steps. What’s your offer, how you’re going to get people to the offer, what’s the short-term follow up? What’s the manual follow up that you’re going to do? What’s the long-term follow up? And then how do you sprinkle in some of that? The other things that I mentioned, dispositioning all of the leads and also retargeting all of that and building it end to end. And so please help us out by casting your vote at Wake, or you

Ryan (03:32):
Can comment down below

Josh (03:33):
Slash question or comment down below. Absolutely. Yeah, you don’t have to put it on the poll necessarily, but

Ryan (03:39):
I think they’ll all work in a coming econ economy, but definitely being strategic about what you choose in light of things makes sense.

Josh (03:46):
Yeah. I was watching a video this morning, someone in our space and he was building out a Facebook ad campaign around an offer that I’ve had a lot of success with. Just like everything else, I get freaking distracted, but the downsizing niche is what he was talking about and how one of his coaching students or someone in his organization had done 21 transactions from one, not one single ad, but that niche in 2022 using Facebook and Instagram ads. And I didn’t do that many, but I did several and I have several other clients in the pipeline from that niche as well. So I don’t know, maybe I’m talking myself into that niche, but yeah.

Ryan (04:27):
Well, yeah, and the thing with niches, guys, you’re not foregoing the other options. It’s correct. It’s just the focus of your marketing and lead gen. And then as you bring people into your fold, you can serve them however you need to within other niches or types of properties

Josh (04:39):
Or whatever. For example, the deals in investors, you’re not going to only get investors looking for cheap properties. It’s just that’s not what will happen. Everybody wants a deal, whether that’s

Ryan (04:49):
The niche that’ll get you the most listings.

Josh (04:51):
Yeah, we

Ryan (04:51):
Ask. It’s counterintuitive.

Josh (04:53):
Yep. No, no question. But also the downsizing counterintuitively gets you tons of listings too because people downsizing most often own a home that is more expensive than the one they’re trying to downsize into in most cases. So

Ryan (05:07):
You get a cash deal on the other side because they’re selling the house. They’re Moana, they got the cash. Yeah, yeah,

Josh (05:12):
Yeah, exactly. Okay, I want to tie in one thing, Ryan from yesterday. So we talked a little bit about turning cold leads into hot clients on the Wake Up show yesterday morning I did a deeper dive on our Monday marketing Mastermind. That video is rendering. We’ve got to make a few edits and then we’ll make that live here on the channel. For those of you that missed it or want a second look, I go deeper into each of the five steps and the two additional sort of ideas or add-ons to those five core steps and we’ve got resources, et cetera. We’ll put all of that together in the description. It’ll also end up land on the wake up site as well, wakeup dot real estate. So stay tuned for, that’ll either be the later today or sometime tomorrow. That’ll be up for anyone interested.

Social Post Of The Day

Ryan (06:00):
So real quick on the social post, I got a little lazy today, hard keeping up with everything we’re doing, but I basically posted the video, oh, look at all these notifications, the video of the five creative mortgage Options for Self-employed. And so I posted that. Now what we’re doing guys, and I’m doing a lot behind the scenes with the wake up site, so in the next week or so it should be more mature, but all these assets are going to be available on there. So if you go to the site and you look under, I think it’s swipes or something like that, we’ll have this video, the raw video file, and as we create things like this available for you to just use, so you could just download it to your computer, upload it however you want to use it, add a pre-roll and end roll with your branding, whatever you want to do.

Josh (06:44):
And so for whatever it’s worth, I want to give a couple shout outs and also evidence that this idea is worth at least being aware of and incorporating. Yesterday alone, I got four warm mortgage refer referrals, two from agents in my exp organization, and two random outreach, which I still haven’t figured out where they came from yet. I’ll try to reverse engineer that. But three out of the four out of the four were looking for creative mortgage solutions. One was looking for a refi, sort of a traditional cash out refi, but the others were either looking for a D S C R loan because they were an investor or just one where they didn’t fit the non-traditional mold. And when you put that I, I’m sure in some form or fashion, that’s from putting out the idea into the marketplace that these options are available and they just will come and find you if you’re the one sharing that information. If you’re the reporter, let’s say, of the fact that these options are available, they’ll go back to the source, which is you to get help and direction with that.

Ryan (08:06):
And there’s so much stuff related to mortgage that you could share. I mean, it’s half the equation, it’s probably more than half the

Josh (08:11):
People. It’s literally endless. Yeah, it’s endless. And you don’t have to be mortgage licensed to be talking about it. Hey, here’s a program that one of our mortgage or our lender partners, our financing partners, whatever, however you want to reference to, whether it’s us, if you’re in our co-marketing partnership or whoever your local, you’re just talking about it. Hey, here’s a program that one of our lenders is offering right now that you may not have been aware of. It’s X or Y or Z, you know, can get an F H A mortgage with as low as a 500 credit score, or you can get a VA loan with as low as a 500 credit score, or you can get zero down U S D A financing with a credit score as low as five 80, whatever it is. Talking about that kind of stuff just creates those conversation opportunities inbound for you

Ryan (09:00):
And it positions you a little differently than the competition. If you can get into more of the nitty gritty around stuff instead of the generic. We share memes and we have a little fun with stuff, but you got to get a little geeky and drill down deep maybe a couple times a week. And that attracts people to you. Josh, along these lines, you

Josh (09:15):
Really want to go nuts with this. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Go right,

Get Fast Mortgage Help Page

Ryan (09:17):
Go ahead. I just want to mention along the lines of this type of mortgage stuff, I’ve built a page here. It’s going to evolve, but there’s a few things here. If you do need a mortgage for yourself or a client, you want our team to respond fast, there’s an option here. You can just fill out this quick form. The co-marketing details are here and then there’s some other resources, mortgage related, and if you need to find anything related to working with Josh or our mortgage team, you can go to the site and find that. What were you saying, Josh? Well,

Josh (09:41):
One of our most successful students over the years, he took mortgage programs that were being offered by some of the local lenders he worked with and he named them, he created his own Oh yeah. Naming for it. And he used it in all of his marking and it created a genius of conversations and client opportunities. And other agents would ask him about, wait, what’s this? And I forget what it was like Blue District special financing. He just gave it a name. You

Ryan (10:12):
Did that with the make home affordable.

Josh (10:14):
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That’s a perfect example. I took the idea that make home affordable program, which is in my marketing now, and which I realized this is just as you know, I’ll shine a light on myself here. I realized that we had generated like 55 long form leads over the last couple months with that, of which I didn’t realize like 45 of them had come in, which is just idiotic on my part anyway, but what they were filling out was a longer form survey type question about a make home affordable program. Well, I just made that up. I just made up the name. And there are numerous ways that we can make home affordable. We can negotiate with the seller to, for seller credit, to permanently buy down the rate to get a lower rate, a make home affordable program could be, I mean, whatever. There’s any number of programs that I can frame as under our make home

Ryan (11:09):
Affordable. It could be a 2 0 3 KK to get fixed money for repairs, something like that. Josh, we need to make actually that video next for our first time buyer funnel that we’re working on. So

Josh (11:18):
Totally, totally

Ryan (11:19):
More natural, which

Josh (11:20):
I’ll have to do today because I’ve got an idea that you and I offline after this I want to nail down. Then I’m going to execute and then I’ll share tomorrow, which is part of the Smoking Hot Deals email that I’ve been sending out the last couple weeks and that I’m going to continue to send on Tuesdays to my email database. Look at that.

Mortgage & Macro

Ryan (11:41):
Yeah, they’re coming down a little bit of bank

Josh (11:43):
Drama almost down a half a point, week over week, almost a half a point.

Ryan (11:48):
And the inflation numbers came in as expected this morning, the C P I stuff. So it increased 0.4%. It’s still up up. But what this means is maybe people, the stock market’s thinking maybe the Fed doesn’t need to keep raising rates, which will be good for mortgage interest rates. So that’s what’s going out there in the world. Remember guys, you can always just grab these CNBC headlines or the commentary. I wouldn’t go based on my commentary alone, but if I mention some of this stuff, go Google around and figure it out and then position that as an email or a social post. Be a little more informed than I am, I would suggest. But you can use this info

Josh (12:30):
Right on.

Ryan (12:31):
So what do you got, Josh? Well,

Josh (12:33):
I do a couple of things I want to share. So it’s texting Tuesday. I’m going to share my text script in a minute, but first I’ll share my, I also was kind of a little bit lazy when it comes to the social post of the day, so why don’t share my social post of the day. We’ll go to your popup and then I’ll come back for the text script that I sent out. So all I did this morning, because I

Ryan (12:53):
Don’t know, have your screen,

Josh (12:54):
My mornings are mornings are crazy. Here, let me share my screen. Do a little, go do a little screen mirror. We

Ryan (13:00):
Might have to change the show to Goodnight real estate so we can do this later in the day.

Josh (13:05):
No, I don’t know. On some level, I like the sense of urgency to get stuff going and out the door. I just did. I, I’m just be very honest, I haven’t been as creative even as Ryan, even on Ryan’s non-creative days. Mine are less creative, but they’ve been generating some opportunities and conversations, so why not? And it also ties into my smoking hot deals email later today that I’ll be sending out. So all I did was I went into KV COR and I curated a list of new construction also with a price reduction. So new construction price reduced.

Josh’s Social Post Of The Day

And I used a script that I’ve used in paid ads that has worked well, which is just these new construction homes here in central PA need to sell A S A P. I included something that Ryan is great at and often reminds me, which is a great marketing lesson in general. I put the priced from number when you use specific numbers in your marketing. I could have also said these 129 new construction homes here in central PA, because that’s how many were on the list that I pulled, need to sell asap. P. When you use numbers in your subject lines, in your marketing, et cetera, it grabs people’s attention. That specificity will grab their attention and get them to check it out. I used the shorter the URL shortener from KV core, and then I just took a screenshot of some of the listings. I mean, this here is just a screenshot that I grabbed and I actually grabbed that from my desktop, dropped it to my phone and shared the post on my phone. I posted that on my business page, my Josh Shaley exp Realty business page. And then I shared into a few groups. Ryan, I may have been cutting you off there for a second. There

Ryan (14:57):
You are not. I’m busy trying to make a joke with my background, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Josh (15:04):
Oh yes.

Ryan (15:06):
It’ll be a delayed joke.

Josh (15:07):
Yeah, there we go everyone. Lance says, everyone who moves to Florida brings too much stuff with them. I help them downsize when they get here. Yeah, listen, the downsizing niche, there’s massive opportunity. W and here’s one reason why. And we even have a bootcamp around catering to this niche. And if that’s something you’re interested in, just email Mike grow with josh.com. He’s on vacation, but we’ll get it squared away. Wait, you

Ryan (15:34):
Have a bootcamp about

Josh (15:37):
Baby boomers downsizing baby boomers. Now it’s not like that will probably evolve into the growth system. Okay. It’ll evolve into the growth system. Nice. Today’s podcast. Yeah. No,

Ryan (15:49):
I was trying to do the Zack Galifianakis with here. I’ll show you with the numbers, but you can’t put animated backgrounds in our

Josh (16:00):
Oh, that sucks. That sucks. That one

Ryan (16:02):
Right there.

Josh (16:03):
So anyway, we have a bootcamp around helping downsizing baby boomers and that’ll evolve into our growth system around that niche and audience. But the reason why I was bringing that up or why that popped up is every single day it’s somewhere between 10 and 15,000 people in America are turning 62, age 62. That’s a growing audience and a growing niche that you can, if you choose to make that your focus can be really limitless opportunity. All right, Ryan, I think you have a cool popup you’ve been working on that you wanted to share. Oh, there it is. Look at that.

Ryan (16:48):
I’m too busy with backgrounds.

Josh (16:50):
Cocaine, bears coming back. All right.

Ryan (16:52):
I believe him. Yeah. So let’s go to, I dunno if it’s actually, now that I think about it, I said it to not show more than once in a single day cause it was getting annoying. So I might have to show the one on my site. I just put it on your site. Did we mention the video ask at the bottom right as well?

Josh (17:12):
No, we haven’t even talked about that.

Ryan (17:14):
Yeah. Give me a second here. So that thing popping up with Josh in the video and you saw me in the video, it would help if I showed my screen, I guess

Josh (17:30):
Uhoh that this again, somebody’s calling the back phone.

Ryan (17:34):
Yeah, so down at the bottom, this is video ask, and we’re using this to tree people out to different things. There’s the make home affordable, there’s some creative mortgage stuff, and that’s video ask.com. But I want to share this popup, Josh, it’s just the issue is that I set it to not show, and I think it’s looking at my IP address.

Josh (17:53):
Sure, sure, sure.

Ryan (17:55):
So I’m going to go on to tour. I’m going to get fancy here and do the evil tour connection on Brave the Brave Browser.

Josh (18:01):
Okay. So while Ryan is doing that real quick, this is going to turn into, it’ll probably just be a live training here that will turn into maybe a report or guide with ways that you can optimize your website and your lead flow to capture more opportunities. So simple things that you can do. For example, for example, well now you see the lander there, but also if Ryan scrolls to all the way to the top, I think, or maybe it disappeared because the lander popped up. Oh. So there’s a simple way a QR code in the top left where people can scan, which WA is a good reminder that you should not scan R QR code that’s over there

5 Creative Financing Ideas (Page & Video Swipe)

Ryan (18:44):
Anyway, top right. So so ways to divert and convert your traffic that you’re already getting. So if you have a lot of search alerts set up through your CRM or whatever website you use, KV core, whatever, people are coming back to your site every day and you have this opportunity to make calls to action. Now it can get a little obnoxious, you want to do it, you don’t want to popups popping up all over the place and you want ’em to be dismissible. But here’s an example of one that I built for the creative mortgage financing idea. And what this will do is it’ll take people over to that resource. Now this could be a mortgage partner, it could be a program, it could be a set up listings, a blog post, a YouTube video, you made whatever you want. Get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. But bottom line is this is something in progress and we’re going to be able to build these popups and just share them with you guys through the platform we’re using. So more on that soon. And that’s what I had Josh

Josh (19:36):
Right on. So more to come on that soon. And also Ryan is working on how would you even describe, we talked so some yesterday about bridge pages and things of that nature where you can more easily swipe and deploy some of these ideas where you don’t have to be a tech wizard or you know, don’t have to know how to do a lot of this stuff, or we’re making it as plug and play as possible for folks and tune on that.

Ryan (20:08):
And if this seems a little all over the place, it is, but there’s a grand plan here. It’s just we are sharing with you guys the components being built in progress and it’s all going to come together soon. And we just think it’s fun to share. I think just masterminding like this, hopefully some of you guys out there are going, oh wait, yeah, there’s an idea and you take it and spin it however you will

Josh (20:28):
And it’ll evolve into working. Here’s the flow, but we can’t get to that. What you’re seeing is day to day real time, how we’re muddling through that to get clarity around this is the way, and in many cases, as we muddle through it, we’re still getting results. It’s about dialing it in and systematizing that into something that, a framework that each of you can then take and run on your own. So Johanna Jo, Johanna, I hope I’m saying that right. We’ll share that real soon. It’ll get added to the wake up site and maybe even tomorrow we’ll talk about that. But we, Ryan just, we’re still playing around with it. Okay, so before we, yeah, we go sharing that, we’re still playing around mind map. I’m not sure what that was referencing to or maybe, yeah, maybe let’s

Ryan (21:29):
Probably create a mind map.

Josh (21:30):
What’s that?

Ryan (21:31):
That’s not a bad idea. We should create one with all these little extensions because really what’s going on is I’m sitting at the computer all day and we’re just, oh, let’s work on that next. It’s like a d d Paradise. Yeah.

Josh (21:41):
Yep. Mark, where’s the ilist on the front page so that it’s confusing that Ryan was on my personal KV core site. Ilist is on my teen site. And those of you wondering about Ilist, we did a session with their founder last week. Ilist is a seller lead generation and conversion technology that will help you take more listings from for sale and owners, expired home valuation leads, et cetera. You can go back and find that video on the wake up channel. There’s good stuff in there and it’s all things considered very affordable. Cindy asked the pop-ups in KV core or another crm, so that was on KV core, but it will work on just about any

Ryan (22:25):

Josh (22:26):
Yeah, I mean it’s just code you’re putting into the body or the header.

Ryan (22:30):
Yeah. KV core doesn’t do this stuff. Most real estate websites. So we’re kind of using third party solutions to enhance the conversion ability of your site

Josh (22:42):
With these ideas. Yep. And we’ll come together in a checklist. Do 1, 2, 3. Absolutely. Lance, that’s the idea is we’re figuring out in real time daily here what the exact checklist and process is. And then not only that, the general framework, but then we’ll create that specific checklist and framework for the different niches that we were asking for feedback at the beginning of the show. Which of these five are most interest to you as far as niche opportunities? Yeah, Ryan and I are pretty good at this concept. Maybe

Ryan (23:24):
Here’s what we’re up to,

Texting Tuesday

Ryan (24:57):
One of those on 83.

Josh (24:59):
We should, that would be, I know exactly where to put it too. Anyway, I used rebrand to do that. I used rebrand, but you can use whatever you want. And honestly, you don’t have to do this. I’m just talking you through how I got to the text that I sent that I’ll show here in a minute. I’ll give you the script, we’ll put the script in the description, we’ll get it added to the swipe file on the site, all of that. So don’t worry about trying to write it down or whatever. We’ll get it to you so you can easily swipe and deploy. So I made that and then I simply texted it out with the following message and I should have brought one up here, but let me see if I can find one on my, I don’t just try and avoid this is what, okay, so this person said stop, but you can see the script anyway if I bring it up here.

So I’m going to add that. Here we go. Okay, so Paula here, I think it was Paula, she doesn’t want these emails or these text messages anymore or Patricia, but it’s all good. That’s going to happen when you do this kind of stuff. And that’s a good thing. That cleans out your list. Here’s the script. Ignore my flashing head at the beginning or at the top. The script is down lower morning, Patricia, check out all the recently priced reduced and I, I got a misspelling here. I put price reduced new homes here in central pa in parenthesis, who knows? You might find a great deal. And just a link to the deals, which is josh vips.com/new home deals. And I made that shortened URL with rebranding. And so again, we’ll give you this so you can swipe and deploy it. This is what I call a one step marketing communication versus a two-step. Here’s what I mean.

In a two-step, you would typically ask a question. So I could use this same idea, but make it a two-step. So I, here’s how you would two-step it and then I’ll give you the reason why I didn’t two-step it in a minute here. Okay. But you could two-step this by saying I, Hey, morning Patricia. I just put together a list of all the recently priced, reduced homes, new homes, all the recently priced reduced new homes here in central pa. Would you like me to send you the list? Question mark? Let me know. Thanks. That framework is a wonderful framework for opening a conversation and opening communication. I have so much on my plate today and Mike is on vacation, et cetera. I decided I’m just going to one step it, which is I’m just going to give ’em the list. Instead of teasing them and making them reply to get it, I’m just going to give it to them. So if they’re interested, they can go check out the list and if they want more information, if they want to request a showing right on the site, if they want to do whatever there, and at least, even though I’m not two stepping them, I see in my KV core dashboard that they’re looking at properties again or if they favored in a property or if they look at, looked at one five times or 10 times or whatever.

But I would do a mix If I were you and you were implementing these, I would include both of those methodologies. The sort of the one step push versus the two-step pull. Okay. Josh,

Ryan (28:46):
I took a look at your activity stream of property views and it did spike. Did you send that this morning?

Josh (28:52):
I sent again busy. I sent it to about 500 this morning. Yeah, I want to send it to another 2000 probably.

Ryan (29:00):
Yeah. You had a spike in views.

Josh (29:02):

Ryan (29:03):
Yeah. And I can tell just looking

Josh (29:05):
At this 10 minutes before we went live. Yeah,

Ryan (29:08):
And I can tell just looking at this just really quick. These are new construction. Yeah, totally, totally,

Josh (29:14):
Totally. And some of that says I’ve been using rebrand since you introduced, it’s so easy to use. Plus it gives you analytics and you can use your own custom URLs like josh vips.com or grow with josh.com. I have those both on rebrand and I can very easily do those. And I can also see, and maybe I’ll even, I’ll pull it up here since we’re talking about it. I’ll pull it up on my actual laptop here.

Ryan (29:38):
You can retarget those links as well,

Josh (29:40):
Which is pretty, you can retarget those links and you can see, so if you just used the URL shortener in KV core, for example, or maybe the platform you’re using has it, you may not be able to see those analytics, but you may not. Where I can, I can go to rebrand Lee and I can at least see how many people have gone to that url, have clicked that url. And it’s taken a long time to load up here to give me the answer. But can, it’s been about 45 minutes since I texted that out to about 500 people and the suspense is killing me. Come on, rebrand. Where we got here. We’ve got 11 clicks so far. 11 clicks so far. And I did not use that URL in my social post. So the only people that could have seen that URL so far are the people that I texted that to. That’s it. That’s

Ryan (30:31):
One. That’s the only one of the biggest feature requests at KV core is more analytics with that stuff and with emails and texts. And the reality is the providers Apple more and more, they’re not even giving you the accurate data on opens True be because of the data stuff. So the only way to really know for sure is to your own proprietary first party. They would call it links. And rebranding is a great way to measure. So Josh, you had 11 people interact with those links who wouldn’t have otherwise? That’s 11 quality touches. And then you have, of the 500 others, I mean it’s a text, probably 400 of them saw the text and your name again.

Josh (31:08):
And some of them, like Patricia are going to say stop or unsubscribe. And that’s fine. That cleans up the list. And just because they unsubscribe from text does not mean this is a topic that has come up in the comments and questions does not mean that they’re unsubscribed from email. And it doesn’t mean you should do anything else with them unless they ask you to.

Ryan (31:31):
I stopped Frank Kern last night. He sent me a picture. Did you get it? I was in his feed. He did some webinar. He sent a picture of himself. It was cute as hell. Like, Hey, this is me waiting for you to come on my webinar. It was genius. Oh, it was

Josh (31:40):
A text, okay. Yeah, it

Ryan (31:41):
Was a text. And I just said stop, because I don’t, don’t feel like it. Frank, I read your emails every day, but I’m not Right, exactly. I’m by all means I’m going to buy more stuff from him. I’m going to read his emails every day.

Josh (31:51):
Along these lines, along the lines, tying in what Ryan’s saying, I’m going to do my smoking hot email a little different this week. I’m still going to send it through KB core, but instead of using a core video, I’m going to record a short, a YouTube short. I’m going to put it on my Josh Chanley X P YouTube channel. And then I’m going to include that. And why I’m tying that in is I can see, I’ll be able to see at least on some level how many views where Ryan was saying the clicks. Okay. Tracking the clicks with rebrand, I’m doing the same idea, but with a YouTube video instead of you with a core video, I can’t necessarily see how many views on that video specifically. Whereas on the YouTube short, I may be able

Ryan (32:48):
To, let me show the frank text in the spirit of texting Tuesday. Cause I think this is, you should try this, Josh. Yeah, you might get some more stops and then you can answer. So you can see the picture and he says, here’s a picture of me wondering if you’ll be attending today’s meeting.

Josh (33:05):
Can you, I know kb COR will send images, but could I send something like that through kb cor where I choose the picture? The only pictures I’ve ever seen it send are pictures of properties. Like the main

Ryan (33:17):
Picture. Yeah. I actually don’t know. What you could do is you could just link to the picture,

Josh (33:24):

Ryan (33:25):
This is

Josh (33:25):
Click, this is me wondering if you’re going to be joining us later for our free home buyer workshop.

Ryan (33:30):
Click, click to see my wondering picture.

Josh (33:32):
Yeah, click. Yeah. Yeah. And actually you could even make that, oh, there’s so many ideas with that. You can make that image, the picture that you send people to the Eventbrite for the workshop, let’s say, right? And yeah.

Ryan (33:50):
Yeah. It’ll be at the top of the banner. Can you be

Josh (33:51):
Attending? I have some fun with it.

Ryan (33:55):
And you can do all this via email too. He had sent it via email at the same time. And I’m sure it was all automated. I registered for some webinar. He auto registered me cause I clicked something. But

Josh (34:03):
Yeah, Tanya asked, is there any difference for rebrand versus Bitly? Any reason to switch from Bitly? I don’t know. I, there’s probably,

Ryan (34:12):

Josh (34:13):
Biley let you use custom domains? I don’t even know. Yeah,

Ryan (34:17):
They do. You’re probably going to see some pricing differences, but yeah, shortener is a shortener. I don’t know how they are on retargeting. I’m looking now

Josh (34:27):
And I’m sure if you Google rebrand versus Bitly, I’m sure you’re going to get a thing where they’re comparing feature. If

Ryan (34:33):
You’re already using something heavily, it’s kind of like the squirrel effect. You see a squirrel and you chase after something. That can be really expensive if you’re using something just for time’s sake, insanity sake. Just stick with the shortener you use.

Josh (34:46):
Yeah, yeah.

Ryan (34:47):
Unless you’re not using it that much, then maybe check out regularly. Sure. Yeah.

Josh (34:50):
Alright. So later today I will be sending out my smoking hot emails and I, I’m going to do it differently. And I think you’re going to, well, I’m excited to send it out. I’m hoping it gets some fun, exciting results that we can then share tomorrow. And I’ll share that template as well for those interested and how you can model it. Yeah, I’m excited to see how that comes out. I’m also going to be creating some shorts for my local production. I’ll share maybe some of that tomorrow as well. Ryan just posted a short this morning with some good stuff in it to the Wake Up real estate site as well. So that content will keep coming. And what other shameless plugs do we have, Ryan?

Ryan (35:38):
Oh, not many. We’re busy doing a lot of stuff, but yeah, check out. Thanks that I thank out. Check out Matic and basically don’t get too distracted by us being all over the place. That’s a little bit on my mind right now. Find

Josh (35:52):
What you find, what makes sense, resonates with you, and what you can implement now that else continue to muddle through until we’ve got the framework and the checklist that it’s like A, B, C, D, here’s what to do, right? For example, that text script I shared. Find a way to use that today to create some activities, some conversations, whether you use the one step or the two step tomorrow, find a way to use the email template that I’m going to be sharing while we muddle through some of the other tech and things that we’re playing with. We certainly appreciate all of those that are joining us live and the comments and all of that good stuff. One other shameless plug I’ll throw out there on Thursday at one Eastern Thursday at one Eastern Live on the channel, we will have a special guest talking about a unique all in one mortgage that I think you’ll all be interested to learn about.

We’ve had a number of agents themselves interested in the product and it is a great tool for you to be reaching out to existing past clients, your sphere of influence, et cetera. If they’re thinking about getting into investing, real estate investing, or just want some creative ways to manage their cash flow, it’s a great product and we’ll be doing it. It’ll be like a 20 to 30 minute sort of high level overview with q and a. So that’ll be one Eastern on Thursday. It’ll get published as an event just like these do. It’ll be live streamed. It’ll be available immediately after on demand, and we’ll make sure everybody knows

Ryan (37:36):
That. And Josh, for Tech tip Thursday, do you have anything planned? Cause I have an idea. Ernest. Ernest is on.

Josh (37:41):
Oh, you buddy.

Ryan (37:42):
Yeah. So Ernest has this thing listing Describer. Yeah, let drop the link again. And I’ve been meaning to just cause I think it’s really cool. And Ernest has been a really good supporter of us in the show and he’s got some great ideas. Ernest, come

Josh (37:53):
On and be a guest.

Ryan (37:54):
Yeah, maybe Ernest can come on Thursday and talk about the,

Josh (37:56):
See what three heads look like in here. Let’s, let’s see what three heads look like in here. And maybe by then too, we can share the tech tip of how folks can get that popup installed.

Ryan (38:08):
Yeah. Yes, yes.

Josh (38:09):
You’ll have to stay. All

Ryan (38:10):
Right guys, stay tuned. Thanks for being on today. Thanks for bearing with our all over the placeness. Hopefully you see that as a benefit feature, not a down. And

Josh (38:20):
If so, if so, like, comment, subscribe, share, smash the bell. If you’re listening on the podcast platform, please subscribe, rate, and review. And if you’re confused because you’re just listening to audio, you can always find the video, the full video in the description on there. My Ernest says my head is round. It might not fit out the screen. We’ll find a way to fit it in there, Ernest. We’ll fit it in there. Good stuff. Thank you. See you all tomorrow and make it a great day.

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