Specific City Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples & Template

Down below is a really simple FB Lead form ad that did 154 leads at $1.36 a piece recently. I’ve used this copy template for years…

Start with the area and what type of list it is. (Dunedin FL Condos and Homes for sale)
Then say “see a complete current list now”
Then in parenthesis, put a “priced from” range…

The picture is just something general from the area, in this case one of the main streets.. (found on google images)

I added the alligator at bottom left for extra effect, but i doubt many noticed it 🙂


Today, we’re going to take a quick look at a Facebook ad that’s been really successful. It’s exciting because it got 154 leads, and each one only cost $1.36! That’s super cheap, and it’s all because of a special way to write the ad that we’ve been using for a while now.

The Secret Recipe for a Great Ad

Starting With the Basics

First, you always start your ad by talking about the place and what kind of list it’s about. In our example, it’s about homes for sale in Dunedin, Florida. That’s a sunny place with beaches!

What to Say Next

After you mention the area, you should say “See a complete current list now.” This is like inviting someone to check out all the cool homes for sale right this second!

Adding a Price Range

It’s also a good idea to include a price range. This helps people know if they can afford the homes before they click. It’s like when you know how much you can spend on a toy before you go to the store.

Make It Look Nice

Choosing the Right Picture

The picture in the ad should be something pretty from the area, like a beach or a famous street. For Dunedin, you might pick a nice picture of Main Street where everyone likes to go.

A Little Surprise in the Picture

In our ad, there’s a fun little surprise – you can see a tiny alligator hiding in the picture! This isn’t super important, but it makes the ad more fun to look at, like playing a mini “find the hidden object” game.

Why This Works Especially Well for Tourist Spots

Ads like this work even better if the place is a tourist destination. People who visit like to imagine what it would be like to live there, so showing them homes for sale in that area makes them really interested.


This formula for a Facebook ad has always worked wonders, and it’s something you can try too if you’re helping to sell homes or if you work with real estate. It’s easy to copy what we did and see if it helps you get lots of people interested in what you’re offering.

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