Talking Macro! | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/9/24

Introduction and Overview

Welcome to today’s episode of Wake Up Real Estate! Unfortunately, Josh is away today, so I’m hosting alone, but we have a special guest, Brandon from the Homes in Orlando team. Brandon is currently working with Next Home Neighborhood Realty and has been using Real Geeks for over a decade to manage his real estate needs.

Why We’re Talking Macro

Today, we’re diving into something a bit more complex than our usual topics—macroeconomics. We often think about how mortgage rates affect our day-to-day business in real estate, but there’s a whole world of economics behind these numbers. Brandon has been sharing a lot about this, so we’re going to peel back the layers a bit and see what’s behind the curtain.

The Role of Mortgage Rates

Brandon shares his insight on how mortgage rates are affecting the real estate market. He points out that rates peaked back in October and since then, the market has slowed significantly. In Orlando, the average number of sales for condos and houses has dropped dramatically, signaling a tough market.

Real Estate Market Trends in Orlando

Brandon gives a detailed account of the current state of the Orlando real estate market. It’s not just about the numbers slowing down; it’s about understanding why. The key takeaway is that mortgage rates are at a point where many people are hesitant to commit, with affordability being a major concern.

Exploring Behind the Headlines

We also touch on how misleading headlines can be when it comes to understanding the real economic situation. Brandon mentions a recent jobs report that seemed inaccurate and discusses the adjustments in economic calculations that can obscure the true state of affairs.

Deep Dive into Macroeconomic Factors

The conversation shifts to a broader discussion of macroeconomic issues affecting the real estate market. Brandon discusses layoffs across various industries, the impact of inflation and deflation, and the overall job market conditions that influence real estate.

The Influence of Commercial Real Estate and Banking Issues

Brandon highlights the problems facing commercial real estate and the banking sector, with major bank failures and the ripple effects on the economy. This part of the discussion reveals how interconnected the financial systems are and how they impact each other and the broader economy.

Final Thoughts and Advice for Real Estate Professionals

As we wrap up, Brandon shares his final thoughts on the current state and future of the real estate market. He emphasizes the need for real estate professionals to stay informed and adapt to changing market conditions. He also stresses the importance of understanding economic indicators and trends to better navigate the challenges ahead.


Today’s discussion with Brandon provided a deep dive into the macroeconomic factors affecting real estate. Understanding these broader economic issues can help professionals make more informed decisions and prepare for future market shifts.

Remember to tune into Brandon’s weekly podcast for more insights, and don’t forget to check out other resources he recommends for staying updated on real estate and economic trends.

Call to Action

If you’re interested in learning more about how macroeconomics influences real estate and want to stay ahead in your market, be sure to follow Brandon’s podcast and keep exploring related resources. Knowledge is power, especially in a field as dynamic as real estate!

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