Tech Tip Thursday | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/1/24


Welcome to a fun episode of “Wake Up Real Estate” on this bright Thursday morning! It’s February 1st, and Ryan starts with a joke that he might be frozen, but nope, he’s just playing around. It’s Tech Tip Thursday, and there might be a bit of chat about conversion too. They’ll clear up some stuff next week, but for now, it’s all about tech tips.

Recap of the Week

If you missed the earlier episodes this week, don’t worry! There was a cool deep dive with Jordan about how people who work for themselves can get a mortgage. They talked about different ways you can prove you can pay for a house, like using bank statements or tax forms. You can find all this info on their YouTube channel or their website.

Exciting Guest and Tech Tips

Last Thursday, Josh was a guest on a mastermind event, where he showed how to follow up with people using automatic mail. If you’re curious about how that works, it’s all set up and tidy on their website. They also mentioned that Ryan and Mike are planning something big, and they want Josh’s help with it.

Surprising Home Prices

Josh checked out some housing data on a big charting platform called Trading View. He found out that the average home price in the US is around $487k, which was a shock to him! He thinks maybe he’s just getting older and prices seem higher. He shared a post about this, talking about how home prices usually go up over time, so it might be a good time to buy if prices dip a bit.

Boosting Social Media Posts

Josh boosted a post on Facebook, hoping to get more people to see it. He chose a special category for the boost to make sure it targets the right people. Boosting posts helps more of his friends and their friends see what he’s sharing, which could be really helpful for his real estate business.

Happy Moments and Birthday Tips

It’s Josh’s birthday, and they’re using this moment for a fun promotion. They talked about sending automated birthday cards to friends and clients, which can be a sweet way to show you care and remember them. This helps in staying connected and making each birthday special.

Boosting Posts and Special Tips

They discussed the technical side of boosting posts on Facebook, focusing on how choosing a special category affects who sees the post. This helps in making sure the right people see the right content, especially for real estate updates.


Today’s episode covered a lot of ground, from home financing for self-employed folks to boosting posts on social media. They shared lots of tech tips that can help you understand real estate better and maybe even make smart moves in buying a home.

Call to Action

If you found today’s tips helpful and want to learn more about real estate or get more tech tips, don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel and subscribe for more awesome content!

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