Free Real Estate Tech Support

As you can see from the “Live Office Webcam” below one of our geeks is always standing by waiting to help you with your Real Estate Tech/Marketing issues…

Live Office Webcam


To get free real estate tech support , just use the little “blue” icon at the bottom right of this page anytime you have an issue…


What Kind Of Stuff Can We Help With?

Well probably pretty much anything…

  • Configuring Domain Names
  • Setting Up “Zaps”
  • Troubleshooting Facebook / Google Ads
  • Thanks.io campaign issues
  • Email deliverability problems
  • CRM Stuff (especially kvCORE…)

and more…

Why Are We Doing This For FREE?

Well, yeah, there is a bit of a catch…

But it’s a good one.

We’re hoping that if we can help you get past some technical roadblocks you might be having, you might give our Mortgage team an VIP Co-Marketing services a try sometime 🙂

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