Texts.com, Photo Videos & MORE “Tech Tip Thursday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 1/4/24

Welcome to Tech Tip Thursday!

The episode kicks off with a bit of a hiccup as the hosts, Josh and Ryan, struggle with some technical difficulties. Josh is having trouble with his internet connection, which is causing video and audio issues. Despite being prepared with a strong Wi-Fi connection, the broadcasting software, Streamyard, isn’t cooperating. They humorously blame it on the technology and ask viewers to let them know in the comments if they can see and hear them.

Starting with a Positive Mindset

Ryan begins by sharing a mindset tip: start your day thinking “I get to” instead of “I have to.” He suggests this approach turns daily obligations into blessings, helping reduce stress and change perceptions of daily tasks.

Social Media and Home Searching

Ryan then discusses a social media post he crafted to encourage people to start their home search now, ahead of others, to avoid the stress of multiple offers. He explains how he used design tools like Canva to edit images for the post, which he has shared on their Wake Up Real Estate Facebook page.

Troubleshooting Live

As technical issues persist, Josh attempts switching Wi-Fi networks and even suggests logging out and back into Streamyard. During this time, Ryan fills the air by showcasing a Google Ad he created that morning. The ad is designed to help community members check their home’s value through a simple and straightforward online form.

Improvising Content

With Josh still off-air trying to resolve his issues, Ryan dives deeper into the Google Ad, explaining how it uses keyword insertion to personalize content for viewers based on their search terms. He emphasizes the effectiveness of this approach in targeted advertising.

Josh Returns

Finally, Josh returns, hopefully with better connectivity. He jokes about having a “face for radio,” echoing a viewer’s comment, and then transitions back into the tech tips they had planned for the day.

Unified Messaging with Texts.com

Josh introduces a new tool he discovered, texts.com, which aggregates messages from various platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more into one unified inbox. He shares his own experience with the tool, noting how it helped him catch messages he would have otherwise missed, potentially losing business opportunities.

Effective Google Ads and Video Content Strategies

Josh discusses strategies for creating effective Google Ads and short-form video content, which are essential for staying top-of-mind with potential clients. He provides practical tips on using Canva for creating engaging visuals and discusses the importance of video captions to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Conclusion: Embracing New Technologies

The episode wraps up with a reminder of the power of new technologies and tools in enhancing business operations and marketing. Josh and Ryan encourage their audience to not be afraid of trying out new platforms and techniques, especially those that can integrate multiple functions into one streamlined process.

Call to Action

If you’re curious about any of the tools or strategies discussed today, why not give them a try? And don’t forget to tune in next week for more helpful tips and insights on Tech Tip Thursday!

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