The ULTIMATE cash offer platform for real estate agents? Join us at 11 for tech tip Thursday!

The ULTIMATE Cash Offer Platform for Real Estate Agents? Join Us at 11 for Tech Tip Thursday!


Hey there! Guess what? Today is Tech Tip Thursday, and we’ve got something super exciting to share with you. Josh here, and I’m thrilled about our special guest and the amazing topic we’re diving into today.

Meet the Guest

Who is Elliot Tomasi?

We have a very special guest joining us today. His name is Elliot Tomasi, and he is the COO at Zilio. COO stands for Chief Operating Officer, which means he helps run the company smoothly.

What’s Zilio?

Zilio is a cool company that has a special platform for real estate agents. This platform helps agents with cash offers, which is really important for getting more listings.

Why Cash Offers Are Important

Getting More Listings

Listings are like a list of houses that agents are trying to sell. The more listings an agent has, the more houses they can sell. Cash offers make it easier to get these listings because sellers like the idea of getting their money quickly.

How Zilio Helps

Zilio’s platform makes it super easy for real estate agents to make these cash offers. This means agents can get more listings and sell more houses. It’s a win-win!

Today’s Tech Tip Thursday

Today, we’re going to learn all about how Zilio’s cash offer platform works. Elliot Tomasi will explain everything and show us how agents can use it to be more successful. It’s going to be awesome, so stay tuned!


So, if you’re a real estate agent or just curious about how cash offers can help sell more houses, you don’t want to miss this. Join us at 11 for an exciting Tech Tip Thursday with Elliot Tomasi from Zilio!

Call to Action

Don’t forget to join us at 11! It’s going to be a great time, and you’ll learn a lot. See you then!

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