Video Facebook Ads! (What’s Working Wednesday) | Wake Up Real Estate Show 12/13/23


Good morning! Today’s episode of the “Wake Up Real Estate” show is brought to you by Great Value Trail Mix, which Ryan seems to enjoy a lot, especially when he’s in Pennsylvania. We’re starting a bit late because the host was busy presenting some unique mortgage programs to a group of real estate agents. They also plan to share the presentation on their YouTube channel and podcast over the next couple of weeks, even though there won’t be live shows during that time.

Ryan’s Social Post of the Day

Property List Highlight

Ryan shared a funny real estate photo today, which is getting a lot of attention. It’s part of his regular updates where he shows properties that need a little fixing up. He found this photo online, and it’s meant to give everyone a good laugh, just like a funny scene from the movie “The Money Pit” with Tom Hanks.

Discussing Video Facebook Ads

Successful Ad Campaigns

The host shared some insights into his recent success with Facebook video ads. These ads are about a home equity line of credit (HELOC) program that’s been popular among homeowners. He’s been testing different ads and targeting various areas, and the results are promising with many people showing interest and even completing applications online.

Technical Oopsie

During the discussion, the host realized live that there might be a grammatical error in the ad, but it turns out it was just a false alarm! These little moments happen sometimes when you’re doing things live.

Advice on Marketing and Ad Strategies

Creating Engaging Content

The host emphasized the importance of creating engaging and relevant content that resonates with your target audience. He suggested modeling your own ads after successful examples, like the HELOC ad, by focusing on what makes those ads work and applying similar strategies to your market.

Building a Marketing Funnel

He explained the concept of a marketing funnel, where you start with a broad approach to capture interest (top of the funnel) and then narrow down to more specific offers (bottom of the funnel) to engage potential clients more deeply. This approach helps in creating more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts and Upcoming Plans

The hosts wrapped up by discussing their excitement for the upcoming holiday season and the new year. They mentioned that there will be more campaigns and strategies coming up in the new year designed to help real estate professionals build their practices.


That’s all for today’s episode of the “Wake Up Real Estate” show. Thanks for joining us this Wednesday morning, and remember to keep tuning in for more helpful tips and fun updates from the world of real estate!

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