Wake Up Real Estate Marketing Strategy Update | Whats Working Wednesday 6/7/23

Introduction to the Meeting

Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate’s “What’s Working Wednesday”! Today, Ryan and George are here to share some exciting updates about real estate marketing strategies. They’re both really busy, but they’ve taken some time to discuss what’s working well in their marketing efforts.

Starting with Social Media Insights

Ryan kicks off the discussion with a fresh idea about creating a “Motivated Sellers List” using their real estate tools. By searching for the word “motivated” in their database, Ryan has found 32 potential sellers in Pinellas County who might be more willing to negotiate. This is a clever way to find good deals!

Mindset and Motivation Posts

George then shifts the conversation to a motivation and mindset post he has shared, aimed at inspiring their team and followers. He hints at the importance of staying positive and focused, even when things get busy or challenging.

Marketing Campaign Success Stories

The conversation moves on to discussing specific marketing campaigns that are performing well.

Catalog Ads on Facebook

Ryan shares an update on a successful Facebook catalog ad they’ve been running. It automatically showcases all new listings and has been generating leads at a cost-effective price. He mentions how this not only saves money but also provides great exposure for the listings.

Problems with Facebook Ads Manager

However, not everything is smooth as George encounters delays with Facebook Ads Manager, making it hard to pull up the ads they want to discuss. This brings a bit of frustration into the conversation.

Effective Mortgage Campaigns

They dive into the specifics of mortgage-related marketing campaigns that have been effective.

Mortgage Lead Generation Insights

Ryan details a lead generation campaign for mortgage financing that targets people further down the sales funnel. They discuss the strategy behind targeting high-intent customers and the encouraging early results they’re seeing.

Down Payment Assistance Campaign

Another successful campaign is focused on down payment assistance, which has been generating leads at a very low cost. They explain how the campaign works, including a short form video that helps educate potential buyers about their options.

Shameless Plugs and Future Plans

As the meeting winds down, they promote their co-marketing platform, Vqualifier, and invite real estate agents to join their upcoming sessions to learn more about their marketing strategies.

Observations on Google Ads Trends

Before closing, they briefly discuss trends they’ve observed with Google Ads costs, speculating about market conditions and competition.


The meeting ends with a reminder about tomorrow’s Tech Tip Thursday and a friendly call to action for viewers to engage with their content, subscribe, and share their updates.

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