Weekly Email Saga Part 2? Wake Up Real Estate Weekly Mastermind


For those of you who have been following along with my weekly email newsletter saga, I have some updates. A couple of weeks ago, I shared how I was switching to MailChimp, but they shut me down in a matter of days. This was partly my fault for two reasons. First, Ryan informed me that MailChimp doesn’t like real estate businesses using their platform. Second, my first message was about buying a home with zero down payment, which is a surefire way to trigger spam filters. So, I pivoted to GetResponse.

Switching to GetResponse

Why GetResponse?

I first used GetResponse back in 2006 and had referred hundreds of people to it since then. We use GetResponse for our WakeUp Real Estate reminders, and it’s a great platform with good deliverability. While it might not be the very best, it’s good enough and familiar to me. It also has some interesting additional functionalities.

Initial Data and Results

Since switching, I’ve sent two newsletters. I split the first one, sending half on Thursday and the other half on Friday to warm up the list. The second one was sent on Wednesday due to Thanksgiving. For example, 1,100 of 5,500 people opened the email, which is encouraging. There were only 17 clicks, but the click counting isn’t perfectly accurate. At least it’s something to go on.

Email Format

The format of my emails is simple and standard. They include a video on top, some text, and links to different resources like searching for homes or checking home values. Here’s an example of one of the emails I sent:

  • Video on top
  • Text content
  • Links to resources
  • Signature and social media links

Content Strategy

Rotating Cycle of Content

I had planned a rotating cycle of content:

  • First week: Events
  • Second week: Market update
  • Third week: Spotlighting a local business
  • Fourth week: Demonstrating expertise (answering questions, discussing programs)

New Approach

At Ryan’s recommendation and with Daphne’s devil’s advocate perspective, I considered including all four types of content in every email. This approach increases the likelihood that there’s something interesting for everyone each week. Here’s an example of how it might look:

  • Highlight events or seasonal activities
  • Market updates with facts and figures
  • Spotlight a local business or community story
  • Answer a real estate-related question or discuss a program

This way, I can create short-form content from each segment to use elsewhere. I’m leaning towards this approach as it provides more consistent and varied content.

Sharing Daphne’s Strategy

Daphne’s Newsletter

Daphne used to call her newsletter the “Fayette Five” and now calls it the “Southside Six” because she expanded her reach. Her newsletter includes:

  • Four events or news items
  • Market update
  • Something she’s doing (like an open house or YouTube video)

Her subject lines are intriguing, like “Dragons and Puppies,” to encourage open rates, which are typically around 33-36%.

List Management and Cleaning

Cleaning Email Lists

We use NeverBounce to clean our email lists before importing them into GetResponse. This ensures we’re only sending emails to valid addresses. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Upload your list to NeverBounce
  • Analyze and clean the list
  • Import the valid emails into GetResponse

This process helps maintain deliverability and keeps our email lists healthy.

Scrubbing and Importing Lists

We scrub and import lists into GetResponse by mapping over fields like name and email. You can also map over additional fields like address or tags. This helps segment the database for targeted communications.

Using GetResponse

Email Marketing Functionality

We primarily use GetResponse for its email marketing functionality, which includes creating and sending newsletters, tracking opens and clicks, and managing email lists. It’s a familiar platform with good deliverability.

Other Features

GetResponse also offers website and landing page creation tools, but we haven’t explored these features yet. Our focus remains on email marketing.

Generating Leads

Building a Database

To build a database, you can use free strategies like posting in Facebook Marketplace. This is a free platform to generate leads. Additionally, you can use paid strategies like Facebook ads through platforms like Listings to Leads or StreetText.

Free Strategy: Facebook Marketplace

Posting in Facebook Marketplace is a free way to generate leads. We recommend using a tool to enhance this strategy, but the traffic is free, making it a great starting point.

Paid Strategy: Facebook Ads

For those ready to invest, Facebook ads can be a powerful tool. Listings to Leads offers a free trial and works wonderfully for Facebook ads. StreetText is another option, though pricier.


In summary, our transition to GetResponse has been positive, with good deliverability and familiar functionality. We’ve also refined our content strategy to include a variety of content each week, making our emails more engaging. Daphne’s insights on intriguing subject lines and maintaining a healthy email list have been invaluable. For those starting out, building a database through free and paid strategies is key.

Call to Action

If you’re looking to improve your email marketing or need help generating leads, don’t hesitate to reach out! Join our community for more tips and strategies to grow your real estate business.

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