Weekly Bucket List Email Newsletter Template That’ll Get You More Clients

Introduction to the Weekly Email Newsletter Template

Hello there! Today I’m going to tell you about a super cool email newsletter template that can help people who sell houses get more clients. It’s a simple plan that involves writing about fun events in your town every week. Imagine you’re telling friends about the coolest places to visit over the weekend!

What’s the Weekend Bucket List?

The heart of this email is the “Weekend Bucket List.” This is a blog post that talks about all the exciting events happening around town. It could be a new movie showing, a fun fair, or even a cool new playground that just opened!

Special Triggers in the Email

Now, in the email, there are special “triggers” or buttons. These buttons are magic because when people click on them, they can find out how much their house is worth, look at other properties, or even send a message to ask more questions. It’s like having a remote control that brings the real estate agent right to them!

How Can You Get This Template?

If you think this newsletter template sounds awesome and want to use it for your business, it’s really easy to get. All you need to do is leave a comment below the video or look in the video description. There you’ll find a link to a Google document that has more information and a video tutorial to help you start using this template right away.

Don’t Forget to Subscribe!

And one last thing! If you liked hearing about this, don’t forget to subscribe to the Wake Up Real Estate Channel. That way, you won’t miss out on any other cool tips and tricks for your real estate business.


So, that’s the super simple plan to make a weekly email newsletter that can help real estate agents get more clients. By talking about fun things to do in your town, adding special buttons to your email, and making it easy for people to learn more, you can really make your email stand out. Try it out and see how it helps you connect with more people!

Ready to try making your own awesome real estate newsletter? Go ahead and get the template today, and start sharing fun things happening around your town!

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