What We’re Testing NOW To Get Real Estate Leads – Wake Up Real Estate! Episode #31 3/20/2023

Josh (00:02):
Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Real Estate on this first day of spring. Oh yeah, March 20th. Tanya says, good morning and happy first day of spring, even though it’s 24 degrees here in north Atlanta, Georgia. Yeah, it was 24 when I drove my oldest son to school this morning as well. Although we’re getting up into the mid fifties today with sun shining, so it’ll at least maybe in the afternoon for a small portion of time feel a little bit like spring. If this is your first time listening or your 31st, that’s right, 31st episode, please like, comment, subscribe, share and some, although the Thema Smash Smash, Alec Baldwin, the green screen’s getting a little funky. Anyway, smash the notification bell so you’re notified of new live sessions like this. Thank you to our thank you to our new subscribers. This morning I saw Walt Walt Wenzel, our guy Walt.

Hey Walt, what’s up? Just south of me, just subscribed and there were one or two others as well. Sorry, I didn’t, not able to shout it out by name. Walt we, we’ve known Walt for a good time, a good drink. So I got excited when I see it. Saw him subscribing. The Lucas ladies say, good morning all. I’m going to give a shout out to a win that they had in a minute, but let’s go through these Janita. Good morning. I think, I hope I always get, when names are a little bit unique, I’m always worried that I’m pronouncing them right. Mark Webster says, 10 leads off a property boost on KV core. Great way to start the spring. Right on. Mike Smith is back. He’s back. Who’s that? Good morning all. Let him get caught up before you bombard him. Folks, Rob, Bob McLinn. Good morning, Ernest.

Let’s go. Good morning to you as well. Let me kick this off, Ryan, actually, because this is a topic that’s come up a couple of times, which is Tiffany Lucas in Maryland put on a home buyer workshop, but specifically for self-employed folks. Oh, and it was Saturday, she said it was awesome. Mark on our mortgage team, mark Moult. Mo, I’ve talked to Mark. Yep, he’s great. He helped Tiffany and Angie I think is going to try and get us some clips and sub examples. They had a full room, 25 registered and 16 shows. That’s a good show rate, percent show rate is phenomenal. I mean, that’s fantastic. So good on you. And what I think we should do is, now that she’s done, one is a bonus session and I’ll get Mark on and I’ll get Tiffany on and maybe Angie on, and we’ll talk about how it was promoted, why, et cetera.

But it, it’s taking an idea, something that we’ve talked about a lot on these sessions as it relates to mortgage and market conditions, et cetera. Tiffany has decided to embrace being the self-employed expert in her market, helping self-employed business owners who want to buy real estate, whether it’s for their first time purchase or they want to, they buy their first investment property and she is owning that and good on you and congrats for that. Ta. Tanya also said, sounds amazing. What kind of event? So again, it was a home buyer workshop specifically for self-employed individuals. And one, selfishly, one of the reasons why I want to do that follow up is we’d like to turn that into some evergreen content that our co-marketing partners can then leverage to create some warm referrals and hot client opportunities for them as well. So some more to come on that front, but kudos and congratulations to Tiffany and Angie and Mark. Lots of people talk about doing stuff and want to get out and do stuff. You did it, you did it. And zero to one is the hardest. Zero to one is the hardest. So now you could do these quarterly or you could even do ’em monthly and keep your pipeline full of people that are totally predisposed, predisposed, disposed to doing business with you to doing

Ryan (04:31):
So 16 people in person. I mean, you would have to really fumble that up. You got ’em in the door, you’d really have to mess up not to get some business from that. Totally 16 live bodies. Yeah,

Josh (04:40):
Totally. Laura says, good morning, been away a few weeks, had surgery, but back and ready to roll to pay off that medical deductible now. Well, welcome to have you or welcome back. Glad to have you back, hopefully a quick recovery. And yes, let’s see what we can do to help you pay off that deductible. Good morning, George, et cetera. Okay, let’s get into the topics. Oh, you,

Ryan (05:05):
Yeah. Okay. So let me put up the screen here. Question of the day. Do you think, just a simple one, do you think real estate values in your area will inflate or deflate over the next 12 months? I forgot to put it on the community tab. So just comment down below in your area, will prices go up or will they go down just a,

Josh (05:20):
You can just say up or down. We’re talking about the prices of the average priced home in your market over the next 12 months, up or down. What are your thoughts on that? How

Ryan (05:30):
You feeling today? Because there’s a lot going on out there in the world, isn’t there? And then I’ll jump in. Go ahead and comment below and I’ll jump in just to my social post. Josh, we were just talking what’s interesting about social media, I think this got ghosted or I did something wrong with the post, but I haven’t had a or a share. Not that I’m asking for it, but I think it’s an interesting phenomenon. You know, wonder because sometimes I’ll just post something real simple like a cocaine bear and you’ll get 30 likes, right? And then I put all this work into doing this, this meme with animated Jerome Powell and Bitcoin go up real estate, go up even more. And I wonder if it got ghosted because of the content. That’s what I’m worried about. A little bit of conspiracy theory stuff here.

Josh (06:14):
So anyway, it may be, here’s what I can go ahead. This is not what probably happened here, but I know that I personally, sometimes for some reason if I’m posting on my phone, it will auto select to only show to friends. Or there’s even one where it’s only to you, only you can see it or something like that. And I’m not suggesting that’s what happened. Well,

Ryan (06:44):
It could be. I’ve done that before too. Well, I’m going to try to get, I’m start to get the conversation going. I’m going to tag Walt Wenzel since he’s here and we’ll tag our buddy Ernest, what you think, just to get the conversation going. So if you get a ghost, just a little tip here. If you get ghosted on a post and you want some engagement, comment a few friends and ask them to give feedback. So I’m going to do that. But anyway, all I did, this is just a current events post. You guys know I like to go here at least once a week. All the bank bailout stuff is still going on. So it’s basically Bitcoin’s flying in. I’m just grabbing a current event and spinning it into the real estate arena saying, Hey, do you think real estate will go up like Bitcoin is? And if you do get in touch with me for message me. You know what, it’s Josh. I’m remembering now the last time I said message me in a post. Yeah, I did this a month ago. I said, PM me or message me. They ghosted it.

Josh (07:40):
So I wonder what would happen if you just said, PM me,

Ryan (07:45):
I’m just going to leave it out or,

Josh (07:51):
And so some of you listening might be wondering what ghosting means. Okay, so here’s where the idea of ghosting or where I first heard the term back in the day when we were showing people how to generate tons of leads and grow their database with Craigslist, there was a phenomenon that would happen that if you did certain things in your post, it would look like to you that your post was live and available to be viewed by the public, but it was ghosted. In other words, it wasn’t actually being shown to people searching for properties on Craigslist. And that phenomenon can happen on other platforms.

Ryan (08:32):
My tinfoil hat had me thinking it was Bitcoin, but I think it was more me just appealing for people to private message me. I don’t think they like that or

Josh (08:43):
People are just grumpy because even though it’s the first day of spring and even though the sun’s shining it’s cold, who knows? It could be a number of reasons or I

Ryan (08:49):
Just saw a crappy post.

Josh (08:50):
But if you see a trend, if you notice a trend, it doesn’t hurt to try and figure out is this something, did I do something wrong? Is there something in my post that could be causing this? Or did I technically, did I do something wrong? Where again, I’ve done this before where I make a post and it’s like a picture of me and my daughters or whatever, and I only show it to myself, right? Oh yeah. So only me sometimes for some reason on the app, sometimes the only me is selected. Well not get any activity if that’s the case.

Ryan (09:29):
I always wondered if only posting the specific groups actually get you more engagement with that group if Facebook will prefer that. But there’s no way to really know without

Josh (09:38):
A lot of or really logical way to test it. Hey, keep the comments coming below. We’re getting lots of great comments. Yeah, thank you guys. Let us know below in the comments. Do you think values in your area are going to go up or down over the next 12 months, right? Over the next 12 months, obviously. What do you think over the long term they’re going to go up, but just the next 12 months or even the rest of this year, what do you think,

Ryan (10:01):
Josh? What do you think in central pa?

Josh (10:03):
I think they’ll probably be pretty flat. I’m going to take the high road and reason being when things got crazy and it was a different kind of crazy, but when things got crazy in 8, 9, 10, even 11, 12 things just pretty much flatlined because we’re in a conservative market, we don’t see, generally speaking, the huge spikes up. So my guess is they’re going to remain relatively flat. Now that said, different pockets are going to act differently. For example, seven 50 and up is probably going to come down.

Ryan (10:44):
Yeah, real estate is so local and that’s where we can provide value guys these kinds of conversations and engaging people around that. What Josh just did, Josh, what you just did for a minute there, you could make that as short on YouTube. Absolutely consumer focused talking about how different pockets will react differently. And your call to action is always just contact me direct to talk about your house

Josh (11:03):
And Ryan unknowingly teed me up for a shameless P plug. Go for it for 11 o’clock. So one, once we’re wrapped up with this show, we do our Monday marketing Mastermind and today talking about short form videos and how you can use those to get actual clients, not to put together goofy dancing stuff and things of that nature, but how to actually use short form videos to get you clients. And I’m, I’m going to tease an example, which will be my social post of the day, a video that I created while in my car yesterday waiting for my youngest daughter’s soccer game. It was 30 degrees with 20 mile an hour winds. It was idiotic. So I was like, they’re warming up for a half an hour. I was like, ah, might as well put something together real quick. I’m wearing a winter hat, I’m sitting in my car and I put together a little short form video. I was also inspired by the fact that earlier in the morning on a Sunday morning, I had another person reach out from a TikTok video. Wow. Wanting help, wanting help from wanting some mortgage advice and help with special finances. And

Ryan (12:16):
They were an adult over 18 on TikTok?

Josh (12:19):
I think so seemingly. Where’s that

Ryan (12:22):

Josh (12:23):
What’s that? Let’s, okay, let’s try

Ryan (12:25):

Josh (12:25):
Video. It should be, it’s not that one. I was going to screen share it, but if you can find it. I didn’t post it on my personal. I probably should have, but I didn’t post it on my personal Oh,

Ryan (12:37):
I saw it on YouTube. Yeah.

Josh (12:39):
What’s the buddy?

Ryan (12:40):
Yeah, was it on your Josh Shane Lee exp channel?

Josh (12:44):
It is it, yeah, if you want to grab it there, we’ll just show it there that way. But it was about a mortgage program or product, but it was more general speaking. It wasn’t about a specific product. It was just talking about if you go to shorts, there you go. There’s me in my winter hat

And this is, okay, I’m talking about mortgage. You all can do this, okay, you all can and should do this. You don’t have to be a licensed loan originator to talk about programs that your mortgage partners have available, okay? So don’t let that stop. You use that as a means and then you can make a warm handoff so that then they can warm handoff back to you. So all this is, I think it’s under 30 seconds. I think I’ve tried to keep it under 30 seconds so I could post it on Google business as well. And it’s just a simple video talking about it, basically addressing the fact that you may not need to have, oh no, what is this? Okay, I’m sorry. This is talking about the three pillars, the three pillars, and as long as you have two out of the three pillars that you probably qualify.

So I ask a question at the be beginning wondering if you can qualify for a mortgage to purchase a home or investment property question as long as you have two out of these three things you likely can qualify. Number one is verifiable income. Number two is good credit. And I address the fact that good credit can be five 80 plus and we even have programs for 500 plus and a number three assets of some kind, whether it be cash or other types of assets. And then simply the call to action is to comment below or reach out to my contact information that you’ll find in the profile. Very so you guys

Ryan (14:39):
Guys can go watch that at Josh Chanley exp on that channel. I’ll give Josh a few likes to help spread it. If you guys comment, Josh, we got to figure out a way. If you guys comment with your own shorts and stuff and you need some more on them, feel free to do that either in the Facebook group or on our YouTube channel. We’ll always go and your video and kind of seat it as well and I’m sure other people will.

Josh (14:58):
So, so at 11:00 AM Eastern, after this session, I’m going to do a deep dive and I’ll probably even create a video live there and we’re going to talk about sort of defined short form videos, talk about the different platforms that you can and should be posting to creating them, and then how to actually do all of that in a way that generates you real client opportunities. Soledad, I use, and I’m going to actually use these on that session as well. I’m going to screen share my phone. I use cap cut, which is free, however that was not what I used to generate the captions. I don’t like cap cuts caption generator and it may just be because I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to best use it for that. I use an app that’s literally just called captions. It’s a purple icon I think. Hold on. Yeah,

Ryan (15:57):
Let’s do it. Automatically.

Josh (15:58):
Icon. Yep. You literally, yeah. Now that one isn’t free. Captions isn’t free. Okay. I don’t remember what it costs. It’s not super expensive or anything. But with that you choose the video that you want, you hit process and in a minute it populates it and it is spot on and you can do a lot of different, you can change the font and the way that it’s highlighting. So yeah. Great. Yeah,

Ryan (16:29):
There’s a comment here, need you to see, comment on my Facebook videos. That idea, you know what I’m going to do on the wake up site. I know this is very easy to implement, so it’s not a big promise. I’m going to put a little chat box, like a page where we can all, if we need more activity on our content where we can all go stuff. Remember we said extravaganza back in the day? Yes. On our Facebook page, we’ll do something like that where if you guys want to share the stuff you’re creating with other members of the community, we can get activity on it and we’ll just do it right on the website. So more about that tomorrow.

Josh (16:59):
Yeah, Soledad said is that available for Android? I would assume something

Ryan (17:03):
Like it. As

Josh (17:04):
Always. Lemme look. I know cap cut is right and I would, is that

Ryan (17:08):
Available for non boomers? Let’s check. Let’s see.

Josh (17:13):
I don’t, how did, I don’t even know how we went from, yeah, sorry. What’s funny though, what’s funny is my brother who’s only a few years younger than me, he’s like, he’s total android as well, while Ryan is looking that up as an encouragement, okay, my shorts, this is my shorts feed on YouTube. Some of them have two views, four views, nine views, and then some of them have 437 and a hundred. And the one yesterday, 199. I literally didn’t do anything other than upload it. Everything I did with that, there you go. Captions for videos. Yeah,

Ryan (17:58):
That looks good.

Josh (17:59):
Yep. All I did was upload it from my phone and then go watch my daughter play where my face was literally frozen solid by halftime. I literally come hear or talk. I’m like, oh girl. Brutal.

Ryan (18:13):
We were that cold too here in Florida. I was at a soccer game too and it was pretty wild. It was

Josh (18:18):
Cold, brutal, brutal. Look at this. I didn’t even know this caption app is nine 90, I’m paying nine. No, no, no, bro, I’ve better check on that. Or 54 point 99 annually. It’s only worth it if you’re going to use it, right? And actually this, there’s a point to be made with this sometimes to get you, sometimes signing up for something like that creates the accountability to get you to do the thing. Sometimes you need to sign up for shit and buy stuff. I’m not, I’m, I’m going to have to add the explicit to the podcast on, sometimes you have to sign up for stuff.

Ryan (19:02):
I thought it would be me who did that first

Josh (19:04):
To create the accountability and the motivation to actually do the thing. So if you’ve been thinking or feeling like you’ve got to start creating and syndicating short form videos, maybe signing up for something where there’s a little bit of monetary pain is the thing you need to push you off the starting block out of the starting block. And to actually get rolling. To actually get rolling. I don’t know. Anyway, let’s take a look at mortgage rates and what’s going on there. Oh, they

Ryan (19:41):
Look about flat from where they were Friday or maybe they’re down a little bit more. 6.55. I was happy. The deal I have in progress, Josh, I got a little bit of a lower rate, which if I’m going to plug the mortgage team, I thought that was very cool that I just kind of in passing asked about it and Jordan on our team went and just did that for me. So good stuff.

Josh (19:58):
Well here’s the thing, and we can say this, but you’re have to experience this and through us working together, we really, really, really are playing the long game with the mortgage team. We’re going to do whatever we can to help best serve the client because when we do that, we know there’s more opportunity to help and serve more clients. And my point is we’re not going to lose any one deal. We’re not going to lose the forest through the trees kind of thing. We want to everyone to

Ryan (20:40):
Feel good at the end of the trans

Josh (20:42):
And happily refer more. Absolutely. A hundred percent. So Rachel, another thing I was recording this morning that I was going to share, and we’ve mentioned this briefly, but I just recorded a short video before we went live that I haven’t posted yet about a no income, no employment program, which is actually what Ryan, you’ve already mentioned it, so I’m not like, I’m not sharing, that’s fine. Business fine. But it’s what Ryan and his wife are using to take cash out to then purchase another asset. No income, no employment. Now you have to have reserves, but the cash out

Ryan (21:21):

Josh (21:21):
Score can be the reserves and you have to basically you’re qualifying on credit score and do you have cash reserves? And again, the cash reserves can be the cash that you’re pulling out with the refi. I

Ryan (21:35):
Didn’t know that detail. Yeah, because I don’t think they ever, when I say this is a no stress kind of transaction, they haven’t asked for anything. There was an, there’s an appraisal and a credit score. It’s kind of unbelievable.

Josh (21:48):
Really, really simple. And it’s just another illustration that there are so many products and programs available out there of which we have access to, but we’re not the only ones. Let’s be honest. You can find these things and if you can’t then let’s chat. But these programs exist. You just got to know where to look, how to look, how to ask good questions, et cetera. Soledad, on that particular one, the example that I was the, I actually recorded the video, the minimum is six 40 and obviously the better the lower the rate. And there are other factors there. When I

Ryan (22:24):
Did the no income qualify on the asset alone is six 40,

Josh (22:29):
Right? Yes.

Ryan (22:30):
Just goes up. Yeah,

Josh (22:31):
Yeah, yeah. Just that one in particular. Yep. Absolutely. Cool. Okay. What do you got as far as what we’re working on? What’s cooking?

Ryan (22:42):
Yeah, I know you have something. I’ve been playing around with phone call leads as some of you guys might know, and this might be small on your screens, but we do have a campaign going pretty well here in St. Pete, and I’ll show the page it’s going to. But we’ve gotten, and you might feel different about these numbers than I do, but we’ve gotten seven, it’s 15 second or more phone call connections. So people calling off a Google ad directly into the office, they’ve been 32 bucks a piece, which I’m encouraged by. I don’t want them to be 32 bucks a piece, but I think that if they hit the right person of the office, somebody on floor time and there’s an actual conversation, this could ROI nicely. Yeah, I’m encouraged because it’s early in a campaign and the way you have to approach PBC is that you’re going to optimize this down.

When you have bigger budgets, they go down, Google kind of rewards you after time if you keep it going. So I’m expecting this to trend down toward the $20 a phone call range. So just an update on that. I’ve been talking about this. I’ll show the ad real quick and then I’ll let you show your stuff here Josh. Let’s look here. So all it is is it’s a call optimized campaign and it’s literally just says call the number and the ad looks like this on Google Chat with a great agent from forever Florida Real estate now specialize in St. Pete. So basically when they call, they know they’re talking to an agent. And the keywords I’m running this for are very minimal. I think it’s just a handful of keywords right here around St. Pete.

Josh (24:10):
Yeah, the St.

Ryan (24:11):
Pete area.

Josh (24:12):
So were those interested? Just hold your horses. Yeah, we are doing two things. Number one, we’re working on putting technology in place so we can better track everything so we can make sure that we’re optimizing the actual calls themselves better than I’m going to test in my market. And we may have the ability for us to do some of this work for those who are interested, but for now, let us get it dialed in. Here’s what’s exciting. Go ahead Brian.

Ryan (24:46):
Well, I said I like to share this because I like to get feedback as we do it. So if you’ve tried this or you’re doing it, let us know. The only thing Ill mention Josh, is that you do need to have a R URL that has the same phone number on it somewhere. And I didn’t want to have the R URL drive traffic to our KV core homepage because it they’ll, they’re going to get lost there. So this landing page that you’re looking at here, we will be ready for everybody to use in the next week or two. And it’s meant to just be real simple and have the numbers. So if it get click, Google knows. And before you go again, Josh, just know that you’re going to want to have a real call tracking system in place. Correct. And we do not have that yet forever Florida. This is just the office line. Yeah.

Josh (25:24):
So we’re working on some of the pieces to the puzzle here and we’ll have more information how we roll maybe later this week, maybe early next week, where we have more data and we’ve got better technology in place to maximize those calls. And the ad spend. Here’s the exciting thing for me from my experience, is those calls you should at least be getting one out of five into a client at least. And with what we’re going to put in place with that, it might be one out of three, one out of three. It’s not like cold lead generation on Facebook and Instagram. They’re

Ryan (26:09):
Calling you.

Josh (26:10):
Yeah, there is significant intent. They’ve seen an ad where that showed up when they were searching for you, not maybe you directly, but they might have been searching for you directly even. And they’re calling directly,

Ryan (26:26):
It says, talk to an agent. Now they know in the ad. I explicitly put that language in there cause I wanted them to know what to expect. Yeah. Tanya, a call tracker. There’s services out there that will kind of track different sources up of your ads to specific numbers. You can even swap out the numbers dynamically on your website. We’re getting a little geeky here based on the source. So if it sees it’s a Google call, it’ll swap, or if it’s a Facebook ad, it’ll swap. And then there are dashboards that will tell you, Hey, your calls are coming from these different sources. So that’s the next step is to put that infrastructure in

Josh (26:57):
Place. Yeah, I mean, just letting you see under the hood that that’s what we’re working on for ourselves first and then for our co-marketing partners and others interested, but we’ve got to get it figured out for ourselves first.

Ryan (27:10):
Just know it is possible to pay to have people call your office. That’s exciting.

Josh (27:16):
Now that’s pretty cool. I want to say though, I don’t think it makes sense to only do that even if or when we get this totally dialed in, it shouldn’t be your only means of growing your database and nurturing your database, et cetera. You don’t want it to be a one-legged stool stool because ultimately Google could change that and it could disappear. So I think it’s always incredibly important to have multiple sources of clients and multiple ways to be growing your database on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. So

Ryan (27:54):
What do you have?

Josh (27:55):
Yeah, I just wanted to hit on, I don’t have anything super granular that I wanted to dig into. What I wanted to talk about were two things. Number one on Saturday morning, we teased last week, I think on Friday when we were talking about QR codes. Episode 30, go check that out. There was lots of good stuff in there. Ryan showed a postcard that he had sent in his local market that generated, they sent out a hundred postcards, they got eight QR scans and one come list me lead. And so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to r and d that in my market, so Ryan and I had been talking late last week, how do we want to build the list to deploy this marketing campaign too? And so Saturday morning I recorded several tutorials on how we’re doing that and I’m teasing that to let you know that that’s going to be, I think it’s going to be a free mini course once we have it end to end for all of you. So stay tuned for that. But just to get your mind thinking about all of the crazy stuff that we can do nowadays. So here’s how I’m deploying that campaign in my market, and I want to let you see the thinking behind this. And I’m

Ryan (29:24):
Just showing on the screen what it is for those who weren’t here Friday. This is just kind of what we did local. And Josh is going to talk about what he’s doing there.

Josh (29:31):
So Ryan threw this idea out, Hey, we need to test this. What would be a good area for us to test it? And I was trying to figure out what makes the most sense. I live in a weird scenario where my city and zip code, the township that I live, there are people that live in this city and zip code that aren’t in the same township, that are in a different school district. And then there are people that live in a different city and zip code in the same township. It’s just a weird conglomeration. And Hamden Township is the township I live in, and I would like to get some more business there. So what I determined or decided is twofold for the audience, the transactions list that we’re going to offer is for Hamden Township. That’s the township I live in. But if we were to send it to the entire township, all of the residences in the township, the actual residential homes, it’d be like 10,500 or 11,000. And we don’t have that kind of budget to test with. So what I decided was, instead of that, I sort of melded together two audiences. Number one is my direct neighborhood.

And one of the reasons, quite honestly is I know somebody in my neighborhood is selling and they haven’t picked an agent and I have a listing in my neighborhood that I already have the listing. We’re just, we’re on hold. She’s building a new home. So we’re waiting for that to get far enough along. Then it makes sense to put hers on the market. So that’s part of the audience. And I’m like, it’s easy right now. That’s a small audience, that’s 170 homes. And in talking through this with Ryan, there are 12 month rolling periods where it’s zero home cell and then there are 12 month rolling periods in here where it’s six to eight. But I want to optimize that. But the other piece that I wanted to do is try to identify the low-hanging fruit throughout the township. So the second piece of the puzzle or the second piece of that audience that I created, and again, these tutorials, we’ve already got them for you and we’re going to give them to you and we can even offer you an easy button once we have some of this in place for you.

But the other piece was I did homes in the township with a high likely sell score in Rein, huh? So I went into Rein and there are other ways that you can replicate this if you don’t have access to Rein. I used Rein because it’s free to me in Bright. Okay, those two lists combined, it was like 650 or so in thanks.io. So we’ve got a mailing list now that we’re going to deploy this idea to, and it will, we’ll probably get it sent out this week and then we’ll start to have results and feedback later this week or early next week. Next week about the scan rate, the number of leads generated, the type of activity. And again, we’re going to make this an end-to-end minicourse for you all and offer the easy button with the expectation that if you use the easy button you’re going to be sending through thanks to io because we’ve got to be able to integrate all that together.

We need the QR code technology to maximize and optimize the responses and so forth. So that’s the first thing that I was working on and wanted to mention. The second thing is just to continue to encourage you to stay at it. To stay at it. And I’ll weave in the mindset post today. This is what I posted this morning is, oh, where is it? Here we go. The successful have failed many more times than the Spectator has even tried. The successful have failed more times than the Spectator has even tried. It reminds me of the man in the arena, I think, which is Teddy Roosevelt, or maybe I’m misattributing that quote or that story. And here, here’s the point of what I’m saying. We’re doing all this stuff and some of it works and some of it doesn’t, but you’re not going to know until you actually do stuff.

And from the stuff I’ve been doing, okay this weekend, I did less work than I have been doing. In other words, the last couple Saturdays, I had been sending text blasts and I had been sending follow ups. I did none of that this weekend. It was a busy weekend in the Shane Lee household. We had kids running event to event just all, which is many weekends, but even then sometimes I can weave that in. I did none of that. And yet still, I had numerous warm inbound emails and texts because I just keep putting stuff out into the market. Just keep putting stuff out into the market. And if you do enough of that and if you focus on growing your database and nurturing it, just those two things like business is going to find its way to you and it only keep at it.

Ryan (34:54):
You’re only spending an hour a day on that side of things at tops, right? You’re not,

Josh (34:59):
Oh yeah,

Ryan (35:00):
Yeah, you’re on these episodes with me actually serving clients. But this can be a routine where you just, how can I get more business and how can I convert existing? That’s an hour every morning, right? It’s not a lot.

Josh (35:12):
And some mornings it’s 20 minutes. It’s not even an hour all the time. George, going back to the postcard conversation, I’d like to send the same postcard and retarget a hundred percent. So that’s how we’re going to some of the things that we’re going to build into that campaign is, number one, the ability to have it be, this isn’t the way to win with this strategy is not sending one postcard, is to send that a direct mail, whether it’s quarterly or every month, or if you want to get crazy twice a month, send messaging is that. And then also having a campaign for the responders, which is the retargeting component, so that when someone scans the QR code, when they opt in, you have a trigger or a retargeting process that happens with that. Now, in my opinion and experience, some of that needs to be manual work.

There are things you can automate once they respond, but some of it needs to be manual. And I’ll tie in it, I’ll, the conversation that Ryan had last week, the come list me seller lead that came from that. There was a manual piece of that without, that may not have been the come list me, which was someone in the office hand delivering a C M A. Now you don’t have to hand deliver it, you can mail it, okay? You can mail it through thanks.io, or you can literally print it out a packet and hand write the whatever. But there is going to be a manual component of that. The good news is that’s work worth doing. These are, yeah, the hand

Ryan (36:51):
Deliver, I’d almost say the hand delivers a must if you have that. That’s just my, and maybe because of the market I’m in, everything’s within two miles. So it’s easy for me to say, but if you can do it

Josh (37:02):
Well, so that was the other reason why I wanted to figure out how to build a targeted list in Hamden Township because it’s the same for me. Everybo all of the homes on the farthest home away that is on that list is two and a half miles. And not only that, I’m driving around Hamden Township taking kids this way and that all the time, I can just add it to my root. You just kind of plan out, okay, I’m going to be here Tuesday night dropping Tegan off for soccer. I can just drop it off at so-and-so’s house, right? You’ll

Ryan (37:32):
Be one of the only one, you’re the of the only ones in your market doing it.

Josh (37:35):
And if you drop it off in something like this, yeah, right? I mean you are going to get attention when you do that.

Ryan (37:42):
Wait, you drop it off. Wait, wait, what was that you? Is that like a special envelopes you bought or is that,

Josh (37:47):
Oh, you can buy these on Amazon, right? They look like they’re important.

Ryan (37:52):
I love it.

Josh (37:53):
I mean, buy ’em on Amazon. You get box on Amazon for not that much. If you literally on Amazon search for ru rush, priority express envelopes or

Ryan (38:05):
Devil’s Advocate does not look like it was dropped off by a delivery guy if you do it like that.

Josh (38:10):
Yeah. But why, Hey, if this shows up on your front step, you’re not opening

Ryan (38:14):
Open it

Josh (38:16):
Even. And in that scenario, I mean, I don’t know.

Ryan (38:19):
I guess you’re going to show up on the ring camera. Yeah, either way. And you’ll get people at home sometimes. Yeah.

Josh (38:26):
So David says, and what are you putting in? And by the way, I want to keep harking back to this, and this isn’t like to drive you guys crazy, whatever. We just haven’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together. But the part of the point of this show is we’re letting you under the hood as we do this stuff. Yeah. So we’re going to document all of this and it, it’s going to be available to all of you. What are you putting in the envelope? What I do? And you, it’s totally up to you. Well, okay, hold on. I’m sorry. So I was going to go someplace, but here’s the easiest thing. If you’re offering the postcard that we showed, which is the transactions list, it can literally be an MLS printout with the transactions for the last 30 days or the last 90 days.

You might also include in there an R P R mini report. And when I do that, I include two sort of marketing components. Number one is a pdf, a one page PDF that I’ve created with screenshots of Google Reviews saying nice things about me. And number two, when I’m sending to homeowners like this, I’ve got a flyer that has three alternate options to a traditional listing that we offer. So again, we’re going to document all of this for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but the simplest thing is a cover letter and the printouts transactions. And you could use the little thumbnail view, so it could end up being 3, 4, 5 pages. The client thumbnail view, that’s what I choose anyway in bright mls when I’m printing those out.

Ryan (40:10):
Josh, going back to our QR QR session on Friday. Have you tried a QR code with a welcome video like scan QR for welcome video about this? Or some kind of interactive,

Josh (40:20):
That’s a great idea, but I have

Ryan (40:22):
Make it a full page QR scan for, and just right up top scan for a welcome message from Josh

Josh (40:28):
Or something. That’s a great idea. So now that will add that to the two test with this process, right? Because when you make that, I mentioned this at some point recently, we’ve talked about the fact that 75 to 80% of consumers are only going to talk to one real estate agent when they decide to buy or sell real estate. And that video from you is like they’re having a conversation with you. Even though it is one way, it still is like that. Now, that doesn’t mean that maybe that number holds exactly true if they watch one video from you, but it certainly is stacking the deck in your favor that when they decide to buy or sell, that it’s you that they’re going to do that with.

Ryan (41:18):
So Josh, you’re your 11:00 AM huddle is at that

Josh (41:21):
Link. It’s always, yeah, it’s always the same link. Always the same link. Grow with josh.com/huddle. Grow with josh.com/huddle. That’s my zoom room. And that’s how we do the Monday marketing Masterminds. And today, just like last week, so last week’s, we did a deep dive on five steps for turning cold leads into hot clients and warm referrals. We clipped that and added that to the YouTube, the Wake Up Real Estate YouTube channel. I think it was made public or live this weekend. You can check that out. We’ll do that. The same with today’s session. So if you can’t make it or you want a second look after the session, we’ll clip it. In other words, we’ll just clip the witty banter at the beginning and at the end we typically will, we’ll open it up for any topics, we’ll clip it so that it’s on the topic at hand, and we’ll add that available. Ryan, you were about to say something though.

Ryan (42:15):
Yeah, and I’ll plug too, you don’t know this yet, Josh, but for thanks.io, which I’m a co-founder of, I’ll be doing office hours starting this week at 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday for now, for this week. So if you’re using thanks and you’re just kind of stuck or you don’t, don’t what to do, I’ll be live. That’s at go.thanks.io/office hours. If you want to check that out or just email me, ryan@thanks.io if you have any questions there.

Josh (42:37):
Yep. It’s grow with josh.com/huddle. One second here. We’ll add that as scrolling on the bottom. And I want to tie, I meant to do this while I was on this topic, but I’ll tie it back. I had a call, somebody called me on Friday, or actually, no, he emailed and asked me to call him, and I was running around. So I called him back. And this ties to the real estate transactions idea or specifically filming. It’s an agent in my market, in my general market that wants some help with this stuff. So your office hours, your thanks office hours is great. But he was wondering, he wanted to target a specific community, and he had no idea. This is an agent. He was very transparent and uncomfortable with the fact that he’s using Outlook. He has no c r M, he does have a website, but he was, admittedly, he was very self-deprecating.

Like he knew that he needed to do something different and then get out of his comfort zone. And so in the Minicourse, I showed how he wanted to target an 80 home little community with a geo-targeting campaign. And so we’ll document that as well. But there’s any number of ways that you can slice this up. But the most important thing that you have to think through that we can help you think through. But ultimately you have to decide what is the audience that, whether it’s a direct mail campaign or something, some other type of marketing campaign, like the audience is the first place to start. Who am I marketing to? And what we’ve found for many years is quite often people go way too broad. But in this scenario with Brian, one of the things that I told him was, we can absolutely help with this. And also, if you’re expecting to dominate your market by targeting an 80 home geo farm, there also needs to be the reality of you. There’s too small and there’s too broad and finding a happy medium. And he totally understood that this, he wanted to use it as sort of a beta test and then to be able to deploy the same thing into other communities as well, which yeah,

Ryan (45:03):
We’re going to learn. Part of the reason we’re doing a test, Josh, I sent it to about a hundred people local. We’re going to resend to about 500 local. Yeah, there’s probably a sweet spot. You don’t want to go too big because the budget constraints, but also a hundred’s probably too small.

Josh (45:20):
And the critical key in there, and I don’t know if it’s my internet or Ryan’s lagging, but a critical component

Ryan (45:27):
Range to get an idea how a direct were yet.

Josh (45:30):
So a critical component with any marketing is being able to keep it congruent to the audience. And if you go too big, you can’t make the messaging congruent. And I’m sure one of the reasons why it worked in Ryan’s scenario is they targeted Gulfport, which is just a very specific little town. And so finding that happy medium between too big and too small is that’s part of the game. That’s part of the game. All right. It’s probably me, but the bandwidth seems to be amiss here. So let’s go ahead, ahead. We’ll come in for a landing. Some of the things that we talked about today, we’re going to continue to iterate, test and share results, and we’ll be sharing them here live on these shows every day at 10:00 AM Eastern number two, tomorrow is texting Tuesday. So I’ll have a text script and email script that you can r and d and send out to your database to create some conversation opportunities and hopefully appointment opportunities.

We’ve got the Monday Marketing Mastermind, which is now just over 10 minutes away on short form videos and how to use those to get more clients. You can check out all the latest stuff at wakeup real estate wakeup dot real estate. Ryan has been working really hard to make the platform easy to navigate. Yes, and to find the stuff that we talk about and that we’re sharing, et cetera. So check that out. Thank you to those who have been subscribing to the channel. We had one or two people subscribe while we were live. Brian Beck, thank you for subscribing. Please subscribe, rate, and review. If you listen on your favorite podcast medium. If you watch these live, please like, comment, subscribe, share with others in your office, in your brokerage, and some mash. The bell will be back tomorrow if you need anything, if you have questions, if you want to chat about our co-marketing platform, you can schedule a time@joshfifteen.com. Before you do though, check out Ryan’s video at wakeup dot real estate slash co-marketing. It’s a short little six or seven minute video. I’ll just give you some context, and actually, I’ve got to create some content to explain some of the nitty gritty of what we do with that. So I’m going to, that’s on my to-do list today as well.

So yeah, back tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the comments, all the encouragements. Let’s make it a great week and we’ll look forward to chatting again tomorrow. See you guys.

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