What’s Working Now (PPC + Mail) 12/6/23

What’s Working Now (PPC + Mail) 12/6/23


Yeah, just gonna uh do the Wake Up Real Estate Show this morning. Uh, in about a minute, we’ll get going live. Um, yeah. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh. Yeah, the fake phone call thing again. Yeah. Uh, welcome to the Wake Up Real Estate Show, guys. Uh, smash the like button. No Josh today, so we’ll just make it a quick one. We’ll do a quick What’s Working Wednesday. I’m just going to take a look at some of the pay-per-click campaigns that we’ve got going. Maybe take a peek inside some thanks.io cards that have been going out and share with you guys what’s been working, mostly in Josh’s business, the ads that we’re running, and for a few of our community members who are running some ads with us that we help to run ads. I’ll show you some of those. We’ll jump into the social post of the day. This will probably be a short 10-minute show as always. Do smash the like button, subscribe if you’re not already subscribed, share this with people at your office, and comment down below. Let us know what’s working for you today or how you’re doing today. If you have any questions, just drop them in the comments and I’ll get to them.

Social Post of the Day

So, how do we bring up the screen here? Check out the social post of the day. There we go. So, what I did this morning, I’m a fairly active day trader before I come on the show. I kind of hang out trades and Futures and stuff, and I’ve been watching the last month. It’s a little weird and frustrating in some respects, but the stock market has been zooming like this, like going straight up. With that, interest rates have been going down for sort of correlated reasons, but that’s not what’s important here.

Market Trends

Basically, the post I did today was to talk about the fact that the stock market has been going up, interest rates have been falling, and that this might be a great time to cash out some stocks and buy a nice warm Pinellas County second home or investment property. So, you could take that same idea, you know, plug in your market if you want to grab this graphic, you can just grab it off my Facebook, facebook.com/houseyourmom, or we’ll get it on the Wake Up site. Basically, just showing the stock market going up, interest rates going down, and this could be, you know, an interesting thing to email people about. If they are seeing gains in their stock portfolio and they want to diversify a little bit and they’ve been thinking about buying an investment property, the real estate market has softened with what rates have done, but this month, right now, we’re about a percent lower than we were, like 0.9% lower than we were on the 30-year, you know, a month ago. So, it could be a good time to pull the trigger on that sort of an idea.

Reminding Clients

And at the very least, as with all our social posts of the day, you’re just reminding people that you’re in the market and that maybe you think a little differently and creatively. You know, I don’t think too many other agents are talking about the stock market as it relates to buying real estate. So, go ahead and swipe that one if you want to, guys, or do some variation on that theme as always. And, as always, I’ll just remind you, we do post most of these social posts of the day or templates and all that stuff on the Wake Up Real Estate site, which you can find at wakeup.realestate. Just go to scripts and templates, social post ideas, and you’ll have a running list of all this stuff in addition to our lead capture tools and whatnot.

Working Ads

Okay, moving on. I’m just going to jump through a few of the ads that are working. We haven’t, I haven’t innovated much because what’s been working has been working for a while. The main thing that’s been running in the local market here in St Pete where I am today has still been the company listing catalog ads, where the ads that are running for new listings in the area. And I’m now realizing you can’t see my screen, let me bring that up. So, it’s just simply been set up, Ernest Enrique as my friend down there in Texas helped set it up so that all the listings that the office gets automatically run in a catalog ad. I haven’t really touched this since we launched it, but this has been the main thing that has fed new leads into that KV core database for that office for the past say three months or so, maybe even longer, going back a little longer.


You can see the last 30 days it’s generated 232 leads for $3.25 a lead. The price did kind of trend up a little bit, just some seasonality going on there. They have actually been better the last week than they were over the last month, so I don’t know what that means. Maybe in my particular market, we might be getting more interest as things get colder up north. I’m just guessing, but anyway, we’ve been at $1.65 a lead. Bottom line is, if you want to get local people, homeowners, and renters into your database, the property boost idea where you’re just using a Facebook listing form lead ad with a Facebook ad is still very, very sound. And as most of you guys know, if you use KV core, there is a product called property boost in their Marketplace that you can just go and have this sort of done for you on a case by case, listing by listing basis.

Catalog Ads

The catalog ads, if you do have a lot of listing inventory, you work at an office and you have a lot of listing inventory, is a little more tricky to set up. I don’t know if Ernest is still doing that. You know, I paid him a small fee just to help me get it done. But if you want to know more about that and you’re a team leader with a lot of inventory or an office, you can reach out to me and I’ll try to hook you up with him or figure out how to get that done for you. But this is still, to me, a very sound way to get fresh people into your database. Again, homeowners and renters, these aren’t high intent people who are like, “I’m going to buy tomorrow.” A certain percentage will be, maybe 1% or half a percent will be ready to go, but it’s a good way to just get local people into your database so that you can incubate them and follow up.

Additional Campaigns

The other campaign that’s been running there is for an agent. I haven’t looked in on this. It’s been expensive the last month or two, but overall, the overall price per lead on this has been good, pretty good, $6 a lead. And this is just a simple, as I bring it up here, it’s a simple “See listings in a specific area” ad, right? So, this also works. Just kind of as a refresher, if you need a way to get people in your database, just pick one of the areas like where your farm is or, you know, the hot area in your market that people might be interested in and just say, “Hey, see a complete current list of properties.” In this case, we did condos, we did price from the low 200k to 1 million. I realize this might be small on your screens, guys, but just a simple ad like this doesn’t need to be overthought. It can just keep your database primed and full of new people coming into your database. And this has gotten good engagement. It’s got 45 likes. It’s just a good ad you can kind of just let run.

Josh’s Campaigns

You’ll also notice the video there that was built using Facebook’s inbuilt video makers. So, just a reminder, maybe a nudge to use that. Let’s hop over into Josh’s account. Hope he doesn’t mind, he usually shares everything anyway. I noticed this morning looking in there that his Christmas lights post, which he’s talked about, it’s killing it. He’s getting 15 cents for a landing page view, which on Facebook is really, really cheap to get somebody to actually show up on the landing page that you have. And I haven’t even looked at this ad yet to see what the heck he’s doing to get that done. I can only guess that it’s because it’s Christmas, it’s something local, that it’s just getting great, great engagement for him.

Christmas Campaign

And for some reason, oh no, for some reason Facebook doesn’t want to show me the ad, possibly because I am not an admin on whatever page he used for that and it doesn’t want to show me even though I’m on his ad account. So, sorry about that, guys. He’s doing a Christmas tree lighting thing and maybe we’ll ask him tomorrow to show us that particular ad. So, a little bit of a cliffhanger there.

Home Value Campaigns

Let’s look at some of the other stuff he’s got going in his account ad-wise. The iList home value campaigns, he’s got $6 per lead and $4 per lead going, so that’s pretty good. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that Facebook allows me to see these ads

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