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What’s up, good morning! Welcome to Wake Up Real Estate. It’s Wednesday, which means it’s What’s Working Wednesday. Today, I have two exciting things to share about building my pipeline and database. One of them is how I’ve generated close to 30 leads for free since yesterday morning. I’ll show you what that looks like, and if you want to see me create one of the ads I’ve been using, join us for the Mastermind Huddle at 11 AM. You can join for free!

Social Post of the Day

Technical Difficulties

Ryan: Do you have a social post for the day?

Josh: Yes, but it disappeared. Let me see…

Ryan: Also, we need to update the link for the mortgage webinar later.

Josh: Oh, I forgot to update it. Sorry about that. If you tried to register and it didn’t work, let us know. The correct link is in my morning email from about 15 minutes ago. We’ll fix the redirect link soon.

Social Post and Tech Tip

Ryan: I have a social post and a tech tip. I’ve been playing around with this ChatSonic AI tool, which is like a ChatGPT evolution thing. I asked it for a one-liner joke about buying an investment property, and it gave me this: “Buying an investment property is like playing Monopoly, except instead of passing Go and collecting $200, you’re collecting a mortgage payment!”

I turned it into a Canva post with a call to action: “If you’re looking for a cash-flowing investment property in Palos County where the rents exceed the mortgage payment and other expenses, hit me up!”

AI Tools and Fun

Ryan: ChatSonic is great because you can create images inside the stream. It’s a work in progress, but you can have fun with it. For example, you can ask it for a funny picture of a realtor.

Josh: AI tools are amazing and a little scary, but let’s have fun with them while we can!

Mortgage Updates and Appointments

Mortgage Rates

Josh: Mortgage rates are down 13 basis points from yesterday. That’s exciting news on the mortgage front!

Appointment Success

Josh: We sent out 13 applications yesterday from appointments and conversations with our partners. Mike alone scheduled seven or eight financing consults from just two or three partners. We’re now going into our partners’ CRMs and data mining directly with them, which is working really well. We’re scheduling appointments for initial buyer consults to identify the best financing programs and determine next steps.

Improving Appointment Show Rates

Josh: We’re taking a more granular approach, and it’s working great. We’re scheduling tentative appointments and doing group text handoffs to ensure a strong show rate. The key takeaway is that this stuff works, and anyone can do it. We’re just sending texts and getting business out of thin air!

Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Downsizing Campaign Success

Josh: Our Google pay-per-click downsizing campaign is working well. Ryan got one live for me in Central PA, and we got two leads within 36 hours. These leads cost about seven dollars each, and they both provided phone numbers.

Expanding Campaigns

Ryan: We have other niches that are also working. We’re starting with the downsizer audience because there’s data to back it up. Boomers make up a significant portion of both listings and buyers. We’ll build out other niches over time.

YouTube Ad Strategy

Josh: We don’t have a proven YouTube video ad strategy yet, but it’s something we might explore. For now, we’re focusing on Google pay-per-click campaigns. If you want to generate views on YouTube, we can do that, but turning those views into leads is trickier.

Facebook Marketplace Strategy

Generating Leads on Marketplace

Josh: I was banned on Facebook Marketplace since 2020, but I was recently reinstated. I’ve been using a strategy shared by Chris and Levi Jones at Gorilla Realty. I’m posting actual listings with permission and including a link to a single property website. This has generated nearly 30 leads since yesterday morning.

Sharing Listings

Josh: I’m posting listings on Marketplace and sharing them in up to three groups. I’m using Listings to Leads to create single property websites. You can get a free trial at growwithjosh.com/l2l. I’m encouraged by the early results and will continue to test and refine the strategy.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Mastermind Huddle

Josh: We’re running up on the top of the hour, so our Mastermind Huddle is about to start. I’ll create one of these ads from scratch during the huddle. I’ll grab a listing, create a single property website, and then create the actual ad.

Getting Listings

Josh: If you’re wondering where I’m getting the listings, we have an open listing policy with eXp Realty in Pennsylvania. I also have permission from two local builders to use their listings. This provides a consistent source of inventory and deals in the pipeline.

Join Us for More

Josh: If you want to explore these strategies further, join us at wakeup.realestate/mm for our Zoom room. We’ll kick off with some wins and a mindset share, then do a deep dive into the strategies. Don’t forget to join us for Tech Tip Thursday tomorrow at 10:30 and the mortgage webinar at 2 PM Eastern today.

Call to Action

If you’re interested in learning more about generating free leads and using these strategies, join our Mastermind Huddle and stay tuned for more tips and tricks. Don’t miss out on our upcoming sessions and webinars to stay ahead in the real estate game!

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