What’s Working Wednesday? | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/21/24


Welcome to the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”! Today is “What’s Working Wednesday” on February 21, 2024. Our host starts the show by thanking everyone for tuning in, whether it’s their first or 250th episode. He encourages listeners to like, comment, subscribe, and share, especially on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Ryan’s Social Media Post

For Sale By Owner Fails

The host shares a funny incident about a social media post Ryan made using images created by AI. These images depicted sad clowns trying to sell their house with a “For Sale By Owner” sign. This leads to a discussion on how selling a house by yourself in the current market is challenging. They joke about the spelling errors on signs from last week’s episode, highlighting the importance of accuracy in listings.

Useful Resources

Wake Up Real Estate Website

The host talks about the Wake Up Real Estate website where users can find social posts, scripts, and templates. He mentions that previously, agents had to pay for these resources, but now they are available for free. This is part of their effort to help agents generate more business and leads.

Profile Promotion Strategy

Boosting Online Visibility

The host discusses an advertising strategy he’s been using to boost his personal profile. He explains that for just a dollar a day, he’s been able to significantly increase views on his profile, potentially attracting business opportunities. The strategy involves targeted advertising to friends and friends of friends, aiming for increased engagement and visibility.

Recruiting Techniques

Using Incentives for Recruitment

A new recruiting strategy is discussed, involving sending out postcards with QR codes that offer a $25 Starbucks gift card to agents who agree to a Zoom meeting. This approach aims to attract agents to switch real estate offices by offering immediate incentives for scheduling a meeting.

Advertising Success Stories

YouTube Advertising Insights

Ernest, a guest on the show, shares his success with YouTube ads for his real estate listings. He details how setting up targeted video ads has led to significant engagement and has even resulted in prospective buyers reaching out to him. This segment underscores the effectiveness of well-targeted online advertisements in reaching and engaging potential clients.


The show wraps up with a summary of the discussed strategies and their effectiveness in the real estate market. The hosts remind listeners about the importance of adapting to new marketing techniques and utilizing available tools to enhance their business reach and efficiency.

Remember, if you’re looking to enhance your real estate business or need some fresh marketing ideas, don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday for more insights and tips on the “Wake Up Real Estate Show”!

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