What’s Working Wednesday with Daphne B! | Wake Up Real Estate Show 11/29/23


Good morning everyone! It’s Wednesday, and on Wake Up Real Estate, that means it’s “What’s Working Wednesday”. Today, we have a special guest who will share what’s working for her in the real estate world. Before we dive in, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share if you find our content valuable.

Social Post of the Day


Ryan introduces the social post of the day while Josh talks about the importance of down payment assistance programs. They discuss how these programs can help buyers purchase homes before the end of the year.

Social Post Example

Ryan shares a humorous social post idea: a list of homes with basements in St. Pete, Florida, even though there aren’t any. This post is meant to make people smile and engage with the audience in a light-hearted way.

Special Guest: Daphne B.

Introduction to Daphne

Our special guest today is Daphne B., who primarily serves the Fayette County, Georgia area. Daphne has been a part of the EXP organization for several years and has been a licensed real estate agent for seven years. Fun fact: Daphne has represented her country in the Olympics!

What’s Working for Daphne

Daphne shares that her main strategy is YouTube. She started her YouTube channel in 2020 and, although she doesn’t have a massive number of subscribers, she regularly gets calls from people who have been watching her videos for a long time. These viewers often become clients.

YouTube Strategy

Daphne emphasizes the importance of being authentic in her videos. She shares that her videos act as little marketing robots that work for her 24/7. This helps her reach people who are genuinely interested in her services.

Creating Effective YouTube Content

Types of Videos

Daphne shares that videos about the pros and cons of living in specific areas, cost of living, and neighborhood tours are particularly effective. These videos target buyers who are researching different places to live.

Tools and Resources

Daphne uses her iPhone, a ring light, and a gimbal for filming. She edits her videos with WeVideo and uses BigVu for talking head videos. Canva is her go-to for creating thumbnails.

Learning Resources

Daphne recommends courses by Karen Carr, Malcolm Lawson, Christina Smallhorn, and the Business Video School for those interested in building a YouTube channel.

Consistency is Key

Daphne emphasizes the importance of consistency in posting videos. She admits that she’s not perfect but stresses that progress is more important than perfection. She also advises not to be afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

Weekly Email Newsletters

Importance of Weekly Newsletters

Josh and Daphne discuss the significance of sending a weekly email newsletter. Daphne has been doing this consistently for almost six years, and it has helped her stay top of mind with her clients and prospects.

Content of the Newsletter

Daphne’s newsletter includes local events, market updates, and personal updates such as new listings or open houses. This mix of content keeps her audience engaged and informed.


Thank you for joining us on this episode of Wake Up Real Estate! We hope you found Daphne’s insights valuable. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to building a successful real estate business. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more tips and insights.

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