Where Are Interest Rates Headed? CME FedWatch Tool (Follow Up Friday) | Wake Up Real Estate 3/15/24


Hey there! In this video, TG from Wake Up Real Estate talks about interest rates, the CME FedWatch tool, and other fun stuff. It’s Friday, so he’s sharing his weekly email newsletter and talking about what he’s learned. If you missed anything earlier in the week, don’t worry, TG will catch you up!

Discussion on Interest Rates

The CME FedWatch Tool

First up, TG talks about the CME FedWatch tool that Ryan mentioned. Some people think that interest rates won’t come down, but the tool had predicted a 50/50 chance they’d drop. TG thinks there’s some market manipulation going on, making it hard for rates to fall.

Interest Rates Prediction

TG dives deeper into what the FedWatch tool actually said a few months ago about March rates, highlighting the uncertainty and manipulation in the market.

Recap of the Week

Highlights from the Week’s Shows

If you missed out on this week’s episodes, TG recommends binge-watching them. There were lots of interesting things shared, like scripts and some fun moments, especially when Ryan pranked Joe. Definitely worth a rewatch!

Social Media and St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Post

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, TG and Ryan talk about a social post featuring properties near St. Patrick’s Day bars. They even share a funny story about a guy who had too much to drink during the festivities!

Weekly Email Newsletter

Creating the Newsletter

TG planned to make a video about the CME FedWatch tool, but got busy. He talks about the pressure of public commitments and how it helped him follow through with his plans. He finally made the video, showing that sometimes “done is better than perfect.”

Newsletter Content and Tips

The email newsletter had a catchy subject line to pique interest about where mortgage rates are headed, using emojis to make it fun. TG shares how he used Loom to create and edit his video, making it easy for his audience to access the content.

Technology Tools and Video Editing

Discussion on Video Tools

TG and Ryan discuss different video editing tools like Loom, ScreenPal, and Camtasia. They emphasize choosing the tool that works best for you, as the right tool can make content creation much easier and more efficient.

Final Thoughts and Call to Action

As the video wraps up, TG encourages viewers to think about how interest rate changes could affect their future plans. He mentions options like refinancing to take advantage of potential rate decreases. He also highlights the importance of staying informed and using tools like the CME FedWatch to make smart decisions.


That’s a wrap for this Friday’s follow-up! Make sure to catch up on any episodes you’ve missed, and keep an eye on those interest rates. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check back next week for more updates and insights!

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