Who Do You Know Text Script + Renter Postcard & RPR | Wake Up Real Estate Show 11/28/23

Introduction and Tech Tips

Welcome to another episode of “Wake Up Real Estate”! It’s Texting Tuesday, and today is jam-packed with useful tips for real estate professionals. First off, there’s a cool, free tool called RPR (Realtors Property Resource) that can help create content and strategies. Also, Ryan has designed a new postcard template for renters, following our discussion on down payment assistance from yesterday’s episode.

Creating Social Posts Quickly

House Hacking Discussion

Today, we’re looking at a quick way to create social posts. For example, sharing an article from CNBC about house hackingβ€”where you buy a house, live in one room, and rent out the others to help pay the mortgage. This idea is a smart move for young buyers or small families. Let us know what you think about this in the comments!

Using Stories on Social Media

Here’s a reminder: if you’re not using the ‘Story’ feature on Facebook and Instagram, you’re missing out. Stories can help you get more views because these platforms show stories prominently. Sharing posts as stories is an easy way to get more people to see your content.

Renter Postcard Template

Let’s take a look at Ryan’s new postcard template for renters. The front says, “Stop making your landlord rich,” inviting renters to flip the card and learn about low down payment mortgage options for first-time homebuyers. The back of the card, however, might need a font change to make it easier to read, especially for messages that are a bit longer.

Texting Tuesday Script

Next, we dive into today’s texting script, which aims to find people interested in down payment assistance. The script uses a clever approach by asking “Who do you know…” rather than “Do you know anyone…,” which encourages people to think of someone specific who might benefit, making the message more engaging and likely to get a response.

RPR Tech Trick

Now, for a tech tip with RPR: there’s a new feature that lets you create scripts for videos or social campaigns. You choose the tone and the audience, and it generates a script for you. This tool is great for making engaging content that can really resonate with your audience.

Conclusion and Call to Action

We covered a lot today, from using RPR for content creation to how to engage more effectively on social media with stories and posts. We also discussed a practical tool for reaching out to renters with postcards. Remember, all these tools and tips are here to help you grow in your real estate career.

Why not try one of these strategies this week? Share your experiences or ask questions by joining the conversation below. Let’s make the most of these new tools together!

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