(Your Market) Home Sale Stats “Follow Up Friday” | Wake Up Real Estate Show 2/16/24


Good morning, everyone! It’s a chilly Friday here, and I’m hosting the show alone today because my friend Ryan is flying to sunny Florida. While I’m a bit envious, especially with snow in our forecast, I’m excited to spend this time with you. We’ll keep today’s show brief and focus on some updates and helpful tips.

Weekly Email Newsletter

Sharing the Template

First, I want to show you the weekly email newsletter template that I use. It’s a great tool for staying in touch with your audience. This template doubles as a social media post, so it’s super efficient. Today, I’ll walk you through how to use it and adapt it for your needs.

Home Sale Statistics Update

Every month, our local real estate association releases statistics for our area. Although last Friday the stats weren’t ready, I have them now! In today’s newsletter, I included a quick video summary of these stats, covering home sales in our main service areas. This helps keep everyone informed about the local market.

Interactive Learning and Member Resources

Recent Webinar Recap

If you missed our recent webinar with Jordan about doubling your revenue without selling more homes, don’t worry! You can still catch the replay by contacting us or visiting our website. We received great feedback and discussed opportunities to expand your business through licensing.

Video Tutorial on Short-Form Videos

For those interested in making your own short videos, we have a whole course on our website. It covers everything from creating to editing, and where to post your videos to maximize their impact.

Follow-Up Tools and Tactics

Sponsored Messages

Today, I launched a sponsored message ad, but it seems it’s not getting as much traction as expected. I shared how these messages look and gave tips on how to create effective ad campaigns. If you’re looking to target potential clients on social media, this could be a useful strategy.

Quick Tips for Real Estate Professionals

As we wrap up, I shared some simple yet powerful strategies to implement in your business for generating more opportunities. Whether it’s managing client relationships or exploring new tools, these tips are designed to help you grow your business efficiently.


That’s all for today’s “Follow Up Friday.” Remember, no matter the weather, it’s always a good time to focus on growing your business. Make sure to check out our website for more resources, and don’t forget to subscribe for more useful tips. Have a great weekend, and I look forward to catching up with you next Monday!

Call to Action

Feeling inspired? Head over to our website to check out more resources, or why not share this show with a friend who might find it helpful? Let’s make the most of our real estate journey together!

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